If you are new to consciously playing in the Akashic Arcade, welcome!

You may have been led to believe that you have no power in this Game of Life & Death we call EARTH. You may have been conditioned to see this realm as merely a series of random events that happen to you, totally beyond your individual influence and without a deeper purpose. The goal of this Patreon is to offer a different perspective, so that you may ultimately tap into another version of this Game, and turn on what has been dormant for so long. 

Let's Play! 


The Akashic Arcade is the crowning jewel of our mission here at KosmicKaos, as it integrates the archaic wisdom of the Tzolkin, the I-Ching, the Odu and many other indigenous systems of knowledge by revealing their deep connections to quantum physics/biology, video game technology, advanced computer science, the Holographic Universe Theory, etc. Through this integration, we have created a unique user interface for consciousness to tap back into the inter-dimensional power hidden within the human genetic code that allowed our ancestors to defy logic, and push the boundaries of the imagination beyond the limitations of the Earth and the 4D space-time construct. In short, The Akashic Arcade is a shameless re-interpretation of the ancient spiritual concept of Maya, "the realm of illusions", that we see popularized by the sci-fi in movies like The Matrix, so that we can all become active players/co-creators in the eternal Game of Life & Death.

The funds generated by the Akashic Arcade patrons will go directly toward expanding the online and in-person presence of the KosmicKaos platform. This will allow us to not only sustain our material needs, but also gives us greater access to the resources that can help us improve the quality of what we offer to the greater collective. As a thank you for your consistent support of our work, we will be giving you access to exclusive content, free/discounted services and products, limited edition merch, and so much more. 

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