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トンボ効果 (Dragonfly Effect)

Today I want to talk about having awareness of pain in healing (assimilating timelines). Awareness is to have a fixed stream of energy flowing where you desire. Healing to me is assimilating timelines, I mean truly alchemizing whatever is needed in order for you to exist in a state of awareness of peace and love. You are never without peace or love etc, you just may not be aware of the capacity that you possess for these states of being. These cultivate through many ways that are unique to everyone's personal experiences i.e meditation, breathing, art forms, yoga etc, the list can go on forever really.

I heard some thought provoking lyrics weeks ago from J.Cole's “Once an Addict”:

“Sometimes I think pain is just a lack of understanding.

If we could only understand it all, would we feel no pain?

God must feel no pain.

Only joy.

Does this mean our suffering pleases him?”

A lack of understanding is a disconnect of the mind and heart to me. You cannot understand everything with the mind, but with the heart all is possible. Balancing the mind and heart is something of a huge thing in energy right now. Many are purging things through the heart that the mind cannot conceive as their spirit asks for authenticity. How many times have you heard of one trying to understand their pain? Have you ever thought to understand your own state of awareness being in pain? We tend to only understand with our minds because most of us think that the mind is what understands but the mind surrenders to the understanding of the heart.

It's something that isn't talked about enough in my personal opinion. The part about God only feeling joy was so resonate, at first it thought how can God feel no pain if we experience pain? Then it hit me “If I find pleasure/joy in it all then I will always be in a state of love, pleasure, joy, and peace with self.” To be aware of the pleasure in all things one must become aware of their INFINITE SELF, the Godself.

Where does your infinite self exist? The heart, the place of infinity and eternity. Becoming aware of my heart space and its everlasting capacity has been an invigorating experience and continues to be. The heart space is the golden compass, the alethiometer, the truth meter. The truth (word) of God is in your heart. That is where you always are, infinite. In an intuitive spoken word I did I said "I came to open my heart 1000xs wide to let humans inside" To continue to accept myself at every moment freely openly, my human self, the parts that I judge, fear, hate etc I am here to love and transform those. I meant that, that was the word of God. I will continue to expand my awareness of my heart space to exalt myself into any version of my infinite self that I choose.

The awareness of your infinite self nourishes every part of your being. Being aware of your unique experience connects you to your quantum self, your infinite timelines, your space to create any and everything here and now. Everything that we are is now, which is all, One. “Balance of the heart.” Now that I say that it makes me think “awareness in healing is just awareness of the balance of the heart.” Heart AND mind, the mind cannot conceive the things the heart can transform so make the mind surrender to the power of the heart through unconditional love for self. The paradigm has shifted we now know our infinite capacities and we are healing, loving, and creating a new world. One love.

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