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逆さまの月 (The Inverted Moon)

This blog is inspired by some of my best insights in the book “Awakening the Master Feminine” by Yao Nyamekye Morris.

To me the female womb is a symbol of great mass and divinity, more than any other part of the body male or female. It is not just a part of the physical body but a major energy center as well. Physically it is the ovaries, tubes, cervix, vagina, the g-spot, the tail bone or coccygeal spine and the clitoris (my favorite). Energetically and spiritually it is the sacral chakra, portions of the first layer of the auric field associated with above, the nerve ganglia and Qi meridians associated with the G-spot, and the cauldron.

The physical G-spot in women is similar to the penis in a man. At its resting period it is to withdraw into the roof of the vagina. The energy womb tells the G-spot when to become aroused and the vagina to fill its lips up with fresh blood. The cauldron is at the core of the womb, located right in front of the base of the vagina. This is the generator at the core of the spirit body, kundalini is created here. The chakras take in Qi, the energy that powers the body, and turns it into kundalini. More of this to come in later articles.

There are seven layers to the human auric field. The first layer, closest to the body, is blue and fixed. Each cell in the body is anchored to a small bright blue dot in the auric field. This shows a tethered connection between the physical and energetic bodies. The physical reproductive system is the same, it is controlled by the energetic/spiritual womb. When you allow your energetic body to become dense (emotional trauma attached to cells) you can experience womb disease: fibroids, PMS, infertility so forth and so on. There are two sides to this: the physical issue we suffer from and the energy issue which caused it. To heal the energy womb should be addressed not just the physical body.

The energy womb is vastly more important than the physical womb. The physical womb can be compared to hardware, the thing that makes the hardware work is the software, the energetic womb. To have a high regard for your physical body and have no touch with the energetic body is disrespectful and ignorant. A fine ass body and a tight pussy is nothing without a connection to the energy body, a big dick and a stout body is nothing without a connection to the energy body. If you desire to master your physicality you have to tune into your energy bodies. The same thing can be said for food as well, as this is also connected to the pleasure center. Eating clean or not eating clean with only the physical body in mind (unconscious eating), it is a waste.  You cannot know what your body wants to use for energy if you are not tuned into the energy body but only the physical body.

THE WOMB IS WATER, WATER IS THE WOMB! Blood, the eggs, mucus, embryo sac etc it is all water. The energy womb is a series of subliminal sexual programs that operate the water vessels. When the womb wants to do something it uses water. Menstrual cycles use blood (water), ovulation uses mucus (water), arousal uses blood (water) so forth and so on. So the management of the energy womb is the management of the woman’s subliminal sexual programs. Tune into your womb ladies, tune into your phallus fellas (haha) listen to the programming. What do you truly desire?

The woman is resurging. She is rising back with an ancient bellowing. Can you hear her? Tune into yourself, tune into your energetic bodies. The awakening has begun hold on, keep having pleasure keep having sex and drink water! One love.

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