• Lyryk Parvati

A Word from Mama Luna (9/24- 9/28): Aries Full Moon

This Full Moon's Focus: Manifesting Abundance, Releasing The Past/Coming Full Circle, Embracing your Power & Taking Steps in The Right Direction i.e. Making Each Step Count


How is everyone feeling?! This past weekend has been such a deeply reflective & transitional period for me. Truths are being revealed left & right, and everything no longer serving our highest good is now being prompted to leave with the quickness. Opportunities to clean house have been presenting themselves to us all week long - I certainly hope you've been paying attention! Going into this Full Moon tonight, we are being asked to fully release that which is no longer beneficial for our paths moving forward. This could mean past grudges, toxic/outdated belief systems or ways of being, stale feelings, codependency within our relationships, habits, etc. I'm hearing "Get your head in the game! It's now or never." You have been primped & prepared for 'Game Day' your entire life. How passionate are you about your goals, dreams & ideas? How deeply have you integrated the lessons this life (& prior lifetimes) have given you? We are coming full circle. This moon is lighting the fire under our asses this month!

"How deep is your Love?" Though there is definitely a focus on love & relationships this month, Mama Luna is saying Do NOT Neglect YOURSELF! I'm hearing "don't get lost in the sauce". The foundation of all of your relationships, be it friendships, Lovers, familial connections, or business relationships, is YOURSELF. How invested are you in your relationship with self? How deeply are you aware of your needs, desires, and the energies you surround yourself with? I'm hearing 'energy-gauging'. There's a need to become extremely self-aware due to the new energies that will be making their way into your existence here. What drains your energy? What adds on to or revitalizes it? Invest your time, attention & efforts more into situations, connections and endeavors (as well as THOUGHT processes) that encourages your energy to flourish. "Patience is a virtue"...I am hearing that anything worth your time will be slow-moving yet long-lasting. You will begin creating & investing in personal connections, partnerships, business endeavors & experiences that have the potential to be ever-lasting (long-term). Definitely take your time with these & operate from your heart-space (silence/tame your ego!). No rush! These are fated...destined experiences that will be drawn to you starting this month, moving forward. Landmarks (a YES you're on the right path), if you will. Everything up until this point has been preparing you for this next big phase/chapter in your life! I am seeing rainbows, glitter & sparkles and just...a wide open sky full of infinite possibilities. Wow wow wow. Our abilities to manifest this month are IMMACULATE. We really have all of the tools we need to ground the reality of our DREAMS here. & it is already done! It's timeee for Heart-Based Living for sure! Anything else simply will not stand. Do not allow your focus to wander off into anything you don't wish to experience, because by the end of the week, you'll be experiencing insta-manifestations. Your perception becomes your reality effortlessly. Good vibes only! I also feel the need to reiterate PATIENCE. Certain connections or situations may feel ordinary or like they aren't a big deal in the beginning, but all phenomenal blessings must begin somewhere, and it is ultimately up to you to see them through. Open your heart-space & don't be so quick to judge, close up or scrutinize the newness. Trust the unknown (& use your discernment). Your blessings depend upon it. I am seeing a seed that has been planted & takes months to finally sprout, and once it does it's only a small little leaf...but over time, with nurterance, patience and a bit of love (& faith), it grows into a wiiiillllddddd, colorful plant that extends far beyond what your eyes can see. This plant also disperses other seeds far beyond your awareness that takes root in other places within not only the planet but The Universe as well. I'm hearing "Admiring with your mind's eye view"...Infinite Blessings are upon us now & are simply waiting to be claimed. Please have patience & faith in everything you decide to invest your energy into moving forward, and also understand that you are truly a limitless being. Your projects, desires, wishes & goals are fully supported by Source at this time, all you're being called to do is SHOW UP for yourself, Choose LOVE (unapologetically), and live your best life! I love you & I am rooting for you. Manifest away!

Love Always,


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