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Akashic Arcade 2018: The Quantum Leap Year

During the last New Moon in Libra (10/20/17) I spoke about how the planet Earth was upgrading from a state of binary computing into a state of quantum computing. The universal binary code is feminine energy (0) and masculine energy (1). Existing in a state between those two extremes is androgyny. Binary coding is slow at computing because it can only be in one of the two possible states, 0 or 1, on or off. But with a qubit (a qubit or quantum bit is a unit of quantum information—the quantum analogue of the classical binary bit), because it can exist in both states simultaneously, it can compute all possible outcomes at once. This property of the qubit is called "super positioning". While quantum computing is based on binary (0/1), the line between the two is now a lot more fluid to allow for the fastest processing. The ultimate blueprint for humanity was always androgyny because that's what the soul is, but humanity has to upgrade its hardware (the body) before the new software (androgynous christ consciousness) can actually be installed. Fluidic reference points are needed in the quantum field. Stop thinking of everything as static and linear. That's not how it works here. The quantum field is literally just a watery mass of infinite potential that gets woven into "reality" upon your observation (the same way an electron can exists as a wave until you look at it and then it appears as a particle). This literally means you can change your entire state of existence by changing the perspective you use to observe it, but that's the issue, you're brain is stuck in binary computing and thus can only look at things from 1 dimension at a time. Quantum computing allows you to see reality from all dimension at once thus allowing you to pick the path of least resistance, because the fluidity of perspective is what ultimately overcomes the fixed nature of the ego thus creating an open system where anything is possible. This open system is also called "chaos".

Now mind you thus far we've only touched on the concept of "super positioning". There's also "quantum entanglement". Scientists used to call quantum entanglement "spooky action at a distance" when they first discovered it. Simply put, if two particles are quantumly entangled then any change in one creates a change in the other instantly no matter how far apart. Quantum entanglement is how the new heaven is going to be anchored down to Earth. By drawing in more light from your soul you pull Heaven and Earth closer to one another (vibrationally) using your threads of entanglement, weaving a bridge to heaven like Anansi the spider. There is also the phenomenon of "quantum tunneling" to factor in as well. Quantum tunneling has to do with the fact that an electron can disappear from one location and reappear in another instantly. And allow me to clarify, when I say "instantly" I mean "speeds well and far beyond the speed of light". Inter-dimensional travel... Time travel... Need I say more?

The Libra New Moon was the start of the download/installation process for the new foundation coding of this planet, which will be coming to completion during the Capricorn New Moon of Jan 16, 2018. Following this will be a month long "beta testing period" that will culminate with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of Feb 15, 2018. All of this ties directly into the Winter Solstice and the Purple Flood: 0point Purification ritual we did to activate our genetic powers. And once again, don't ask me what your powers are. You know what they are. Every time you imagine yourself as a super hero/villain you know exactly what powers would suit you best. Hold that intention in your mind. I would love for you to spend the next month really thinking out how your "quantum-cosmic comic book" as a new gawd on Earth would play out, because that's the story we are all about to thrust into regardless of if you're prepared or not. This is why I decided to title this post "Akashic Arcade 2018: The Quantum Leap Year", this year is the year when the call to all the villains, heroes, anti heroes and vigilantes is made... The Infinity Wars are officially on, and only the GOATs will survive.  

For more information on the basics of quantum mechanics/computing: 


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