• Lyryk Parvati

Birthing Pains [Post Pisces Full Moon Process]

^ Has that been your mood lately?

There's a restless energy buzzing through the collective right now. You may feel like you should be doing something, but may not know what, or may possibly be feeling like your efforts are in vein. This is normal, as the remainder of your old life is being cleared away, so that you may have the liberty of experiencing this newness in its fullest capacity. You may feel called to rest, take a break, or simply reconsider the direction you desire to go in. Outdated chapters are being closed out, and you may find yourself releasing old habits, patterns, belief systems, long-time friend/relationships or goals. The tension has been building the past few weeks, and the volcano has finally erupted. Trust in the process. Do not allow that which is leaving you to cause your energy or emotional levels to be depleted. Know within your heart and soul that everything has happened rightfully, and that you are actually being pushed further ahead of your path. You will be better because of this. Your future is finally making it's debut into your life right now. If you're looking behind you, you could miss it. If your attention remains on what has been "lost", you'll miss it. Bring your awareness into the present moment, and embrace these changes, no matter how sudden they may feel. Pause. Relax. Now breathe. The worst is behind you. And now? You have a choice to make. Imagine that you are floating above the clouds...there are two different paths ahead of you. One may seem like the logical choice to make because of what you can absolutely see..but the other, though more appealing to you, comes with a number of uncertainties. This is the moment you decide which direction you'd like your life to go. Though you may be confused on which path to take, your heart knows. What brings you a true sense of joy and fulfillment? We are stepping into a new way of being, and the only way to anchor your Heaven here on Earth is to believe in that which cannot be explained - only felt. Feel your way through this portal, and you shall enter the gates. Surrender your fears into Love's transmuting fire and watch your faith direct you towards something beautiful. To be great, you must be willing to forge your own path and trust in your own inner knowing. All is well. Do not give up...you have just stepped onto the fresh, fertile grounds of your new reality. It takes a warrior of Love and FAITH to birth something the world has never known before. More than that, it takes a village. You were never alone. It's time. For Love, Joy, Happiness, and Prosperity. You may not be able to see it, touch it, or even taste it yet, but if you tune into your very being, you can feel the excitement buzzing softly within your soul. It is time. So if you've been restless, asking "What now?!" The answer is relax. Simply rest in stillness and allow yourself to be moved by Love. There's no need to force things anymore. We are currently being asked to Let Go and Let God/Love Flow through us. We made it. We're really here. Now it's time to PUSH (yourself forward)! And breathe through the birthing pains. You made it this far..there's no going back!

Sending you Love and infinite peace,

Lyryk xo

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