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Check In w/ You.

Over the last few weeks or so i’ve been dealing with a lot to say the least and if i’m being honest, all of the things that have brought about struggle in one form or another have a common denominator, me.

In the grand scheme, most of my problems can and are being solved with a quick re-evaluation of the self and what i’ve actually been doing this whole time. I’ve come to realize that my default setting for navigating through this wormhole of an experience we call life has been dialed to auto-pilot for the majority of the trip so far, and making the switch from automatic to manual has not been an easy one. There’s a great deal of accountability and a refreshing dose of self-inflicted shame that comes with having to look yourself in the face and admitting that you’ve been neglecting your star player, You. But i digress, this tower moment as i like to call these moments of intense and unexpected self analysis, was a very much so needed wakeup call.

To quantify this process for you, i’ll break it down in terms of astrological transits to kind of “set the scene” yea? So, with the North Node moving into the sign of Cancer which is conjunct my natal Cancer moon, i’d say this is akin to my soul being put through the wash cycle and then tied to a rollercoaster so that it can dry.

Needless to say, “emotional rollercoaster” doesn’t quite encapsulate the experience but it does the job. Basically, I’ve been on the fast track to a brand new life but in order to have the space for it, everything. must. go. And everything is going, très vite. So if your Cancer friends seem to be off the shit at the moment? Cut em’ some slack, we’re going through the ringer lol.

I say all that to say this, make sure that you’re checking in with yourself. We have a tendency to get in a routine and skim over the more important things like doing something that brings us joy for the simple act of doing so, working out regularly, making sure we’re doing things to stay mentally and spiritually healthy, etc.

Save some You for You yea? You deserve most of your time so let’s prioritize, chop chop!

I love you.

À bientôt


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