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December 2018 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 12, 2018


Talismans of Potency: Charging Sacred Objects of Power

"Sacred Tools and Objects can become an extension of your energy field, focusing your power and intention, helping you heal the split between spirit and matter, and learning to bring physical matter more deeply into light and life. You are encouraged to work with sacred materials in a conscious way to help your own healing and enjoyment of the material world as a part of your spiritual practice. Your love for the physical world of matter is a gift to the earth too."

The Universe is blessing you with many gifts this month, Sagittarius. You have spent much time journeying the depths of your Soul and searching for the treasures buried beneath your old traumas and outdated karmic patterns. Now is the time for you to start enjoying the fruits of your labor; start enjoying LIFE and LIVING. You've died enough times this year, this month is about playing and having FUN. You are a Soul having a human experience, so enjoy being human while you can. Surround yourself with anything and everything that brings pleasure to your physical senses. This body you're in, the house you live in, the car you drive, the office you work in, this phone/tablet/computer you are currently reading from... it's ALL sacred; treat it as such. This physical reality is just an extension, an external expression, a reflection of that which is deep within you.

So if you are God incarnate, what does that make everything else?

Honor the Earth, the mundane, the human, the physical just as you honor Heaven, the divine, the superhuman, and the spiritual. Work with physical objects and tools as your allies.

This is all here for YOU.

It all comes from YOU.

You are further integrating the full light of your Soul into this physical plane and are serving as an example for the rest of us of what divinity in action and everyday life looks like. This work is fortifying the relationship between your Soul and your body, the Earth, food and eating, your mother/mother figure(s), and with financial or physical security.

The key word for you this month is GROUND. Pay extra attention to your Root chakra.

You are not "trapped" here in this physical experience. This is a privilege... an honor and a blessing that YOU out of all of the other souls/spirits/entities in this entire universe were gifted with.

Yes, this life is your gift... the most important one you've ever received.

Celebrate and give praise for it.


Portal of Light: She Glides on Wings through Time and Space

"It is only this physical reality that is bound by time and space. You are a being conscious on levels beyond the physical world. You are guided to work with your healing powers beyond the confines of time and space and to allow your sense of Self to expand. It is safe for you to do this now. You will not become ungrounded through such spiritual growth. You are not leaving your earthly awareness, you are instead adding to it."

Capricorn, you will be time traveling with ease this month.

December is offering you the opportunity and the support to journey through past, present and future timelines and rewrite their scripts to your liking. You are learning how to project your conscious mind outside of your physical body with more purpose, intention, and awareness now.

You are further stepping into your power, but you aren't making a fuss or scene.

You're quiet, working in the shadows, rearranging spaces and freeing yourself from ancient shackles without bringing attention to yourself. Most people don't notice yet, but they will soon.

In the dark, you are able to see more than anyone else at this time.

Each passing moment is an awakening, a deepening, a remembering of your true abilities and powers. You have done the work to build a proper foundation that is strong enough to support you through these advanced spiritual techniques and practices.

The key word for you this month is INTEGRATION.

What you are feeling, seeing, and hearing now you cannot put into words.

You're not meant to explain it or even understand it... do nothing, just BE in the experience.

Your Higher Self is working in ways beyond what you are able to perceive, putting things in order and packing things up for once and for all... just sit back and watch the Magician do his work.

By the end of this month, nothing will ever be the same.

You already feel it because you're already there.

You are not "ascending", you are ascension itself...

you are perfection itself.

Listen to the silence of creation.

"By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done."


Wings of Isis: Uniting with the Angelic Self

"You have a special spiritual relationship with the angelic worlds. Part of your Soul purpose is to birth angelic consciousness and values such as fearlessness, compassion and service, into this human culture. This Oracle brings you angelic assistance and intervention, and confirmation that any impressions you may have had that you belong not only to the human kingdom but also to the angelic one, are correct."



Last month's horoscope ended with the message,

"You are an angel on Earth. A guide, a way-shower."

How true those words rang in all of your hearts.

I must thank all of you again for stepping up and embodying Truth and Love,

I honestly cannot thank you enough. Your guides and ancestors are so pleased with you.

There is no advice I have to give you... you know exactly who you are and what you are here for, you know exactly what you're doing and who you're doing it for.

The key word for you this month is PEACE.

You are clear.

You are concise.

You are focused on the collective goal and destination, and you are taking us there.

Your alignment is all of ours... we trust you.

We believe in you.

You will reunite with more of your tribe this month; they are already with you in Mind,

Heart, and Soul.

We are grateful for you, please don't allow the voices of those who do not believe in Truth and Love to make you doubt anything about yourself.

Angels look like monsters in the eyes of man...

but you are SEEN.


Flower of Life: Divine Creativity and Manifestation

"You are entering a fertile period of your life. Focus on your innate creativity and how potent this is becoming, and watch it rapidly grow! You are guided to think of yourself as a creative being and to surrender your control over how things will manifest and instead allow them to do so. Don't resist change, instead flow and let it happen. Now is the time for your blossoming."

There are many eyes on you this month, Pisces... and that's because you're in your bag.

You are the flower that's blooming.

This is your main event. This is your moment to shine your diamond white Light into the world.

There is a voice deep within you that you have kept hidden... they weren't ready for your totality.

No more waiting.

Here's your spotlight.

Turn yourself inside-out.

Don't worry... you won't get hurt this time, your Love is your shield.

You cannot even fathom what's coming next, but you feel it. Oh, do you feel it.

You've dreamt about it but your dreams can't compare to the physical sensations...

the tastes, the luxury of it all.

Does it give you chills?

Magic is dripping off of you, seeping out of your pores.



Make sure you're watering the right seeds.

The key word for you this month is CONSISTENCY.

How you do one thing is how you do every thing,

so do everything with Love, with present awareness, with intention, and with purpose.

Did you forget that you are literally a star? Aether disguising itself in a human body?

It is time now for you to make the unseen seen again.


Mother of Life: Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother

"We can sometimes fall into existing and doing rather than truly living. We only know that this has happened when suddenly our life seems dry, depleted, filled with tasks or feels like we are stuck in a rut or habit that may have been comfortable but is becoming stifling and suppressing. Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to restore even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances and people back into life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave, open your arms and receive."

Aries, this month you are getting the respect you deserve as a wise and experienced soul on this planet. The "baby" of the zodiac is a baby no more. You let the Light in last month, and now you will get to experience life with so much more depth and meaning through your work and service.

You are far from shallow.

You are the spark of life and inspiration that we have always needed.

You have just as much (if not more) responsibility as the rest of us. Be the example.

We're looking at YOU to show us how it's done, and you are coming to understand how significant you are to the bigger picture. It's more than just a personal win at this point...

this is about paving the way and lighting the torch that will illuminate the path to Heaven.

The more you discover about yourself, the more you expose and awaken yourself to, the higher/deeper you go, the more prepared you are, the more qualified you are for this position... for this level of power and influence.

You can shape the minds of many, you are our leader and teacher.

The key word for you this month is PATIENCE.

It takes time and practice, gentleness and compassion to wield this kind of ability.

Temper your passion... make it practical and channel your energy into something constructive.

None of this is comfortable but you're willing and ready to step into this experience now.

Do it for the children.

Accept that you are our role model, and remember that it's okay if you bump into things along the way.

We need something that only you can offer.


Enter the Chamber of Healing: Healing in the Divine Chamber of the Lady Isis

"A spiritual gift of healing is coming to you now. Be open, without expectation or pre-conceived notions and allow the healing from the Lady Isis, Mistress of Magick, to help you find the best solution for any situation that does not appear to be as it should be. Take your time and create space into which Her magick and energy can flow now. Expect your miracle."

Taurus, the Goddess has been taking you on such a profound journey.

This month you can expect to receive a true miracle, but it won't come without a cost.

You will have to give something up and make a sacrifice in return for this divine blessing.

What are you willing to let go of this time around?

This is an offer you simply cannot refuse, ready or not. The transformation is already underway.

Honestly, are you even surprised? You've felt this coming for a long time now.

The key word for you this month is SURRENDER.

This is an exorcism... a baptism.

The hands of the Gods reach deep down into your throat and weed out your garden.

You are being made anew. It will seem to happen almost overnight.

Be quiet and be still, and humble yourself in Her presence.

She will only tell you but once, and in such a soft whisper that a distracted mind would surely miss it. You have no control here, but what you do have is the power to achieve and the strength to endure. Force simply won't work...

so soften, melt, and allow.

Salvation will come when you learn to let go and receive it.


Divine Sisterhood: Community of the Spiritual Sisters and Brothers of the Light

"In community that is based in equality, respect, healthy boundaries and personal freedom, with a mutual desire for spiritual growth and honoring of innate wisdom, great miracles occur. You are a part of this community of light. At one time it existed only in the spiritual worlds, yet now it is being born on the Earth. It is part of your destiny to help create and nurture a conscious community that empowers all of its members and is based in truth."

Gemini, this month is a Soul family reunion. Open your heart and mind to new relationships and collaborations. You and Aquarius could be forming an alliance. There is much work that must be done, and now you see that although you have the ability and capacity to do it all alone, the lonely road is not fun, nor is it effective. You thrive in the space and presence of others.

There is power in numbers, and after going it alone for so long you can finally find some relief and support in community. You need a group of people who can hold you accountable, who expect the best of you and who hold you up when you're down. You need to allow the people who love you to do this without taking advice or suggestions as criticism and internalizing it in a negative way. You can trust the people in your life now... and if you can't, why are they around you in the first place? If you can't trust your relationships, what are you doing in them?

Get real with yourself and with the people in your life. This isn't a game anymore... it never was. The connections you form now can make or break you... you could be the missing piece to someone's puzzle so choose your people wisely, with real thought and discernment of your responsibility in the exchange.

The key word for you this month is COOPERATION. Come together towards a common goal and use your innate ingenuity to take all of your relationships to the next level.

Everybody needs you and you need them too.

The more authentic you are, the more honest with yourself and others you are willing and ready to be, the faster these connections will flow to you.


Healing the Divine Masculine: Osiris Rises

"The Divine Masculine within men and women is the energy that allows for protection, discernment, healing and a sense of deep safety and holding, even through the most uncomfortable circumstances of life. When the masculine within us is healthy and strong, we have an inner strength to hold ourselves safe through anything. Your Inner Masculine is going through healing right now, growing stronger in His ability to offer you inner protection and stability so that your Inner Feminine can blossom with creative expression."

Cancer, this month you are being asked to tend to the Father.

He needs your commitment.

He needs your devotion.

He needs you to promise that you will always hold Him down.

To heal Him, you must give Him space to exist as His empowered self.

You must respect His expression, give Him the freedom to expand, and trust in His power.

After all, He gets it from you... Sit with the male/masculine figures in your life... Spend time with your fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and sons. They need your heart, they need Her Love.

He just wants to come back Home. Look to tantric techniques and practices.

The key word for you this month is BALANCE.

You are being given a huge responsibility, but you do not have to take on this work alone.

Look for ways in which you can show up for Him, as Him, when He is weak and needs your strength. Remember... as within, so without. If you are looking for order, structure, discipline, mental focus and more concentration in your life, you need the Masculine to step up. Without Him, the Feminine has no form nor direction. Can you embrace Him now? If you wish to experience union/marriage in your external reality you must first bring all of the pieces and fragments within you back together again. Enough contemplating, enough meditation and prayer and intention setting... it's time to start DOING the work. Get your hands dirty. He just needs you to believe in Him. Give Him the time and space to do His job and fulfill His role so that your inner Feminine can focus on fulfilling Hers. This is co-creation. Shift any false ideas you have about Masculinity to those that are based in Love and Truth. The Masculine is not violent, aggressive, unfeeling, dominating or controlling; He is tender, protective, strong, discerning and stable. When you cultivate this inner harmony your relationships with others will flourish. It is the Masculine that teaches us the importance of having boundaries, which is the foundation of any healthy relationship... so please, bring Him home.


The Lunar Queen: She of the Celestial Crescent

"There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential balancing to our actions of power and demonstration. You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that you are in a cycle of creation that is about to shift into a new phase. Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it."

Leo, as the Winter Solstice approaches this month you may notice a drop in your energy levels. You're slowing down now, retreating inward to cultivate and process wisdom and insight gained from your experiences so far this year. Do not judge yourself if you feel less inspired, less active or less forceful than normal. You deserve a break... so take the opportunity while you can, and be grateful for rest. Allow the Goddess to take you into the darkness of Her womb again.

Cycles of rest are just as (if not more) important than cycles of action and activity... for it is in these rest cycles that your inspiration and creative potential are reborn and cultivated further. You're inside the cocoon again, breaking down and dissolving.

Back into the Void you go... listen to the guidance of your body.

Be quiet. Sit still.

You and Taurus may be able to help each other immensely.

The key word for you this month is RELAX. Timing is everything, so don't start something that you simply do not have the energy to finish right now.

You'll have your time in the sun again soon enough. Embrace your natural flow.

Choose to respond rather than react.

Don't be frustrated if you're not productive this month, be patient. Certain things must align behind the scenes before you can make your grand re-entrance. Treat and pamper yourself while you wait and observe your inner workings.


The Dark Mysteries: Enter the Chamber of the Dark Goddess

"The Dark Goddess calls you to Her inner chamber where She holds a test and a gift for you. The test is your willingness to meet and release the fears within that have been secretly holding you back. The gift is freedom, peace, opportunity and prosperity in all its forms. Will you accept Her call? Your time for deeper initiation is here."

Virgo, take a deep breath.

The message for you this month is a continuation of last month's advice. You are in the process of a deep soul transformation, a divine initiation. You are facing some of your greatest fears.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..."

Remember these words while you continue to look your fears in the eyes and claim your birthrights. Yes, you are being tested, but God does not give tests to those who are not ready or capable enough to pass them. This healing process you are undergoing is not just for you, it's for everyone around you; your loved ones, family and friends will all reap the rewards of the work you are doing individually... even at a distance. This is not an act of sacrifice, this is an offering of loving devotion to God. She is always with you... guiding you, and showing you the way.

You are not and never have been alone. This pain you're feeling is real, but She will offer you relief when you choose to surrender to Her. Stop resisting change. Stop running away from Death. You have to take a trip to Hell if you wish to slay your demons.

Do not be afraid of the dark... you are forever protected and shielded by Love.

The key word for you this month is ACCEPTANCE. You are being shown even more ways in which you can love yourself and others without judgement or expectation. Shadow work requires strength, courage, bravery, confidence, and devotion. You have all of these in abundance.

There is so much power inside you that you are fearful of, that you reject out of ignorance and a lack of understanding, but clarity is here now... the wait is over. You're beginning to understand on a much deeper level who you truly are and what you can do, and what you came here to do.

One of your biggest obstacles up until this point may have been your intimate relationships with loved ones and family members. Maybe they rejected you and your dreams/desires. Maybe they didn't believe in you or support you. Maybe they abandoned you in some way.

Let go of this weight you've been carrying... none of their beliefs or judgements belong to you.

Confront what needs confronting.

Speak up for yourself. Don't give in just because "this is how it has always been..."

Reclaim your name. Reclaim your time.

Reclaim your power as an authentic expression of God itself.

Spend some time with the Child and give them the attention, support, and protection they have always deserved, but maybe have not received until this moment.


Abundance of Sothis: Stellar Blessings of the Celestial Goddess of Abundance

"Abundance in many forms is flowing to you now, beloved. Intend right now to receive it. Just decide to do so in your heart this very moment. The Oracle of the Abundance of Sothis comes as guidance to expect increased flow and to continue your good works of building channels through which abundance can be delivered to you. Freely share your talents, love, wisdom and Self and enjoy the abundance responsively flowing to you, in many forms, over and over again."

Libra, you can expect some very good news this month. Your paycheck might look a little fatter, maybe your bills aren't as high as you were expecting, or maybe a friend or loved one surprises you with a gift that takes some of the load off of your shoulders. Focus on the ways in which your current relationships open you up to more abundance. Your friends, partners, and colleagues are your resources, they are your greatest assets.

So, accept the invitation.

Say "yes" to the opportunities you are offered at this time.

Go out and enjoy yourself... you've been spending a lot of time in the dark lately, allow yourself to have some fun. Blow a bag and don't let yourself feel guilty for it. You're allowed to feel this way, this state of pure bliss... abundance is your natural state of being and there is no need to feel shame or guilt for that.

You worked hard for this and you deserve everything that is coming to you now.

The key word for you this month is GRATITUDE. When you exist in a state of pure gratitude, the Universe rewards you with even more to be grateful for. As long as you stay in a state of appreciation, you need not worry about things going "wrong" or of people taking advantage of you. You see the value in it all... you see the innate divinity in everything and everyone, and your external reality has no choice but to align with and reflect that which you are experiencing within. BE the person to others that you wish to experience yourself in your relationships.

Give of yourself freely because you have so much of yourself to give. You are infinite, so you can give infinitely. Practice speaking and writing abundance mantras and intentions so that your subconscious and conscious minds can be on the same page.

Close any channels of energy to relationships/places/ideas/projects that are dead ends.

Ask for help when you need it, don't be afraid... it is safe for you to trust again.

There are people in your life who have a different perspective than you, who can bring your ideas full circle... don't be too proud to consider or accept outside help and assistance.


Initiation: Spiritual Testing of Ra and the Lady Isis

"When you are being spiritually initiated into the mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of deep challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge - the learning, growth or wisdom that can be summoned to turn the challenge into an opportunity for healing. Whilst the scorching heat of Ra seeks to burn through any resistance, the Lady Isis with compassion and cleverness will protect you from burning and instead enable you to be nourished and grow from the Light of Ra. Let Isis help you pass the test of intense growth as you thrive with new life."

This month won't be easy for you, Scorpio, but is it ever? (It could be if you let it...)

You are releasing self-limiting beliefs and purging the lies you've been telling yourself about yourself all your life. This is the climax. It's all coming to a head now, and it's far from pretty.

You may feel like you're being haunted by ghosts and phantoms at this time. Insecurities and issues of self-worth keep you up at night. It's not that you're paranoid, it's just that you've had a very distorted view of yourself for most of your life and your experience here as a soul in general. You never really believed that you were enough. You listened to everyone tell you how powerful and how amazing and how great they thought you were... but you never really received those words because you didn't believe in them.

You are growing away from this now.

The beginning is the hardest part... this is where you have to stand face to face with the antithesis of your true Self. Do your best not to identify with or attach yourself to these illusions. KNOW YOURSELF enough to be able to acknowledge that which you are not,

and then dispose of it accordingly.

Burn it all down in your fire.

Yes, you are being tested...

People and situations this month will cause you to question who you are, your worth, your essence, and your power. Do not believe those voices of doubt in your mind.

Your heart knows the Truth of who you are.

The key word for you this month is PERSEVERANCE. You are stronger than all of this, it's your job to remember that, and to move on from it all. You won't transcend the lesson until you are able to accurately describe it and have gratitude and appreciation for the experience, and this is where you access your innate power to transform yourself and your reality.

Nothing is promised and nothing is owned,

except for your success and the wealth of your Soul.

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