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Full Moon in Pisces//August 26, 2018

Our theme song for this Pisces full moon is Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car by Billy Ocean (wink).

Our recipe:

  • Sun in Virgo

  • FULL Moon + Neptune in Pisces

  • Mars (rx) + Saturn (rx) + Pluto (rx) in Capricorn

  • Jupiter in Scorpio

  • Uranus (rx) in Taurus

The current energy reminds me of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The English fairy tale follows the young poor boy, Jack, into a market to sell his family's cow, who is no longer producing milk, and is therefore no longer making them any money. While at the market, Jack comes across a salesman selling magic beans, and trades his family's cow for a handful of them. When he comes home with the magic beans and no money, his mother throws them outside on the ground and Jack is punished for making such a foolish mistake. Magic beans? Magic? Ha. A joke... Is magic going to pay the bills and put food on the table? Well...

Literally overnight the magic beans sprout through the soil, and from them grow a giant green beanstalk that reaches up to the sky, way past the clouds. The magic beans actually delivered. Jack's own personal ladder to Heaven. The Jackpot.

Now... the story really should just stop right here. Instead of a happy ending for all parties involved, we are left with a dead giant who was only trying to protect his home and family from being burglarized again by a poor and desperate Jack. Jack robbed the giant THREE times... he stole his golden coins, a golden-egg bearing goose, and a magical self-playing harp. When the giant finally caught Jack, he chased him down the beanstalk. Jack was too fast for the lumbering giant, and cut the beanstalk down with an axe before he could make it down. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after with their stolen riches, while the giant's widow lived alone and (probably) poor.

So here's the takeaway;

Right now, we're in Jack's position. We took a risk, a leap of faith. We made a sacrifice and have been rewarded. We have rich fertile soil beneath our feet, ready and willing to bear the most magnificent fruits we could ever imagine, and we have magical beans... let's say, mustard seeds... so very small and seemingly insignificant, yet full of unlimited potential. These seeds have the potential to grow into everything we could ever want for or need. That's the foundation, this is the starting line.

Where YOU go from this point forward is up to you.

There is the potential here to get greedy. Everything feels and looks and tastes and smells and sounds so good... why not, right?

When the strength of your faith and the power of your love combine, and all of your wishes come true, what will you do?

The grand earth trine between the sun, Saturn, and Uranus is our fertile soil, the support and structure needed to hold up something so great. The full moon and Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Scorpio, are our "magic beans", our deep faith that grows a ladder to Heaven, to higher realms and dimensions of consciousness. The miracle is already done, we are in it right now. We don't have to go looking for more because everything we could possibly need is available to us, right here. Conscious awareness and attention is what makes this magic visible to the human eye. Jack wasn't able to see the vast abundance that opened up for him in this world above the clouds... he was only able to focus on his lack, and he took harmful actions against others out of fear and desperation.

We must not move or take action from a place of fear or insecurity right now, as the choices we make during such a fertile time can have extreme consequences.

There's a lot of lust and greed and desire in the cosmos. Check yourself and your intentions. Check your impulses and compulsions. Are you receptive and open from a place of wholeness? Or are you taking and consuming from a place of lack?


Power Over Seven Scorpions//Queen of Wands rx

We are encouraged to use the power of our will (solar plexus) and our word (throat) to transform our lives, and to support us in our healing at this time. Allow VIRGO to help you integrate strong and accurate discernment, and PISCES to keep you compassionate and in your heart space. The grand earth trine provides the strength and support we need to take ownership of our current situation, to take responsibility for ourselves and for our healing, and to finally establish real and lasting inner change. Saturn and Pluto can help us transform through death's door, while the sun and Uranus can teleport us from the problem or obstacle altogether.

This is not forceful work, surrender is the only key that will unlock this gate(way). You can't release something that you have not or cannot acknowledge. You can't move forward, toward your dreams and goals, without non-judgmental honesty. See the truth. See yourself, others, and the world exactly how they are (Virgo), and test this truth against the truth you find within your own heart (Pisces). See how, through the heart, everything is truth. Seeing through the heart shows you that everything is true, because everything is Love. This is the most ultimate power.

Healing is here now. We close the gap by remembering, realizing, relearning, that there is no gap. The gap was an illusion, imaginary. Dissolve it.

There is nothing to fear if you would just move your hands away from your eyes...

Lady of the Stars//Two of Cups


I bet you can't wait to see what happens when you surrender to your heart and soul... well guess what?

You don't have to.

"I'll be the sun shining on you Hey Cinderella step in your shoe I'll be your non-stop lover Get it while you can Your non-stop miracle I'm your man."

- Billy Ocean

I'll leave it at that, lol

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