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Full Moon in Scorpio - May 18, 2019

Every test is a sign that we are ready to move forward into more wisdom, understanding, peace, and a more pure expression of love. This is an opportunity for us to gain mastery over our reactions and responses through honest awareness of self. Do not fear, judge, or reject what you see when you remove the veil that has distorted your clear vision. Compassion and understanding of yourself and others overcome even the darkest of the dark.

Love gives us sight beyond judgment; love only and always sees more love.

Honest and loving awareness gives us the discernment to establish and enforce clearer, more firm boundaries. Be confident in and at peace with the path you are walking despite any darkness, fear or confusion.

Scorpio purifies.

This purification process, fueled by the fire and heat of Mars, brings the waters of our subconscious to a rapid boil. The speed and intensity of this purification raises the vibration of our cells, our DNA, our atoms and molecules. Energies or vibrations that are too dense and slow-moving to withstand our own rapidly moving ones will be left behind and burned away.

You must not be alarmed if the things you have been working on and moving towards slow down or come to a halt. Do not see obstacles as failures, or as signs that you are off the path.

The movement and growth we are experiencing is internal and does not yet reflect externally, and it may look and feel as if we are moving backwards or not at all.

These are not lost opportunities, mistakes or wrong moves... these are redirections, moments of illumination and realization.

Scorpio wants power and control; now, we are being shown what is truly in our power.

What do we truly have control over...?

Not as much as we thought we did, but therein lies the blessing in it all.

We can let go.

You can trust that your path and every choice you make while you walk it, is on purpose.

Life is riding shotgun on the scenic route with God at the wheel.

The energy of the Serpent is growing in power and uncoiling itself. Get familiar with this new level of power, which is reflected to us by the depths we are currently descending into. Remember to temper and moderate this new power, as more power brings more responsibility, honesty, accountability and presence. Filter this power with your awareness, compassion, love, and the intention to heal and be of service. Do not hide, deny, reject or diminish this power out of fear of possessing it, or doubts of your ability to wield it wisely and purposefully.

We must see ourselves fully, wholly, clearly... and shed these small skins that we have outgrown.

Not being able to recognize yourself right now, not knowing who you are or who you've been, means that you are in the midst of a deep metamorphosis.

Our growth is expanding past old and limited understandings and identities.

We've never been here before. Embrace the unknown within.

Open your heart and mind to the unexpected and the inevitable.

Remember that true strength and power come from the Divine, and when we acknowledge this and stop depending and relying on the power of the Ego we are limitless and unstoppable.

Be fed by the Mother. Take Her in. The limitation and restriction you experience are signs to sit back, step down, let go and let God pour into you. When you are filled with the power of the Divine, the only true power there is, you feel at peace, creative and safe.

Divine power will arm you with so much confidence that you will know no real threat or enemy.

If you feel depleted, let the Mother nourish you.

Her blood runs through your veins and will replenish you.

Tell Her exactly what you want and need, and be honest.

Help her help you better simply by getting out of the way.

This moment is bringing us closure.

Accept and embrace the present and send the past on its way.

Appreciate and be grateful for recent trials and hard times, this is just a small part of your very long and fruitful journey.

Anticipate that the more you strive for and the higher and more significant your goals are, the more difficult the path there will be.

But it will all be so worth it, so enjoy the ride.

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