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Full Moon in Sepdet Ritual

Find a quiet place outside under the light of the full moon, or next to a window with a view of the moon and give yourself a few moments to be still and take deep meaningful breaths. As you inhale imagine the loving motherly energy of Sepdet fill your lungs and body. Upon exhaling, release any tension or stagnancy you may have felt throughout the day.

As previously discussed this particular full moon embodies the following energies:

— Fluidity

— Sensitivity

— Psychic awareness

— Community

— Compassion

— Boundaries

— Codependency

— Creativity

— Rebirth

Taking your pen and paper, write down a series of intentions focused on RELEASE. They should always begin with “I release” or “I remove”. Once you’re satisfied with the list of intentions you’ve created, it’s time to write the clause. This guarantees that the energies you are asking to leave your being do just that. 

It should go something like this: “I asked that all of these energies, mindsets and habits leave my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body in the name of Sepdet. You do not belong here.”


— I release all mindsets and habits that cause me to remain stagnant in my life and relationships.

— I release all habits and urges of control that cause me to interfere or manipulate ____ 's path.

— I release all mindsets and forms of self talk that cause me to believe my sensitivities are a burden or curse.

— I remove all thought forms that disable my ability to connect with my Higher Self.

— I remove all habits and urges of control that disable me from discovering my Higher Self.

— I remove all habits and mindsets that enable co dependent or manipulative behavior.

— I release all habits, mindsets, relationships and thought forms that cause me to ignore or deny messages from my Higher Self.

Standing under the light of the full moon, read the entire passage out loud. When you’ve finished set your paper on fire and repeat the deep breaths you took at the beginning of the ritual, thanking Sepdet for her love and support.

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