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Full Moon in Sepdet “True Light IS Darkness”

On Friday September 13th 2019 the full moon will reside in the sign of Pisces. I have chosen to utilize the Kemetic Gods & Goddesses when writing new moon and full moon articles/rituals from now on, as these are the deities I personally worship and resonate with.

The Goddess Sepdet directly correlates to the Blue Star Sirius. The heliacal rising of Sirius coincided with the approximate time of the annual flooding of the Nile. With the flooding of the Nile, a nutrient rich mud would invade the lands. This mud, or fertilizer called “Kem” by the Kemetic people, allowed a once inhospitable land to become fertile for growth. This can be translated as Sepdet returning from the Duat (Underworld) to bestow gifts of fertility and abundance upon the Earth. Sepdet is not controlling, nor is she static. She embodies fluidity, creativity and IS the bridge to the Divine. She is the primordial darkness (subconscious) that births light (consciousness), just as the Moon’s fullness shines the Sun’s rays down on Earth in its absence. She gives love in its purest form, without asking for anything in return.

If we apply this knowledge to the energy full moon’s bring, we become aware of two things:

1) Full moons are never about receiving. They’re about what we possess that is to be given away so that we can create space for new beginnings, new blessings.

2) By honoring the energy that Sepdet embodies during this full moon, we are strengthening our connection to the Divine.

We will be experiencing glimpses of our Primordial selves - giving us a clear view of what aspects of self we need to rid ourselves of, as well as the aspects of self that are meant to be given to the world. This energy will seem intense, but trust that it is divinely nurturing us. Reminding us that it is safe to leave behind that which no longer serves us. Reminding us that it is safe to share certain aspects of ourselves with the world that we would normally leave hidden. Sepdet is fluid, she is sensitive and compassionate. The misuse of this energy can manifest into codependency and issues with boundaries. If patterns or habits of this nature arise, you are being reminded by the Goddess to release these self-destructive ways to make room for other ways of being. Remove rescuing behaviors and replace them with supporting ones, it’s about conscious redirection of thoughts and actions. Remain in tune with your feelings, no matter how intense or confusing they may become. Understand them so that their energy can be directed toward your goals come the New Moon.

You see, the key here is to dive into the unseen (subconscious) to bring light (consciousness) to the dormant, primal parts of who we are. If you are already especially intune with your subconscious you can expect to have some past life regressions. Pay close attention to what is bluntly brought to the surface by your subconscious, there are important messages to be heard. Sepdet lovingly gestures us to descend willingly, over and over again. Retreat into your own Duat, your own underworld and allow parts of yourself to die.

Let go of fear, let go of resistance, the underworld is the ONLY place where we can be united with our loving opposite, that is where we find the lost parts of Self. Allow the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you to join together to create and manifest. Honor the duty of Death so that you can be gifted with Rebirth.

Let go of the need to control while loving one another. True love is allowing another person to exist as they are, to discover who they are as they move through THEIR process of death and rebirth without interference or alteration. Simply hold the energy of love and awareness for others without interference. You can only lead by example, not by force. True love is giving yourself the gift of letting go. You cannot fix others, you can only be an example of inspiration. No longer should you delay your own progression by trying to be who you were and who you’re meant to be - it will never work. Do not reward laziness and lack of devotion with your divine essence. Reclaim your power, remember who you are at your core. You will attract true love and devotion by showing yourself and all who cross your path that your love is reserved for the highest of magick, for the most devout to their own path.

Fight tooth and claw to be aligned with your truest self. Honor the energy of Sepdet, of Shakti, of Pisces.

Come as you are.

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