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Head Game for Her: A Sexual Energy Technique to Help Your Man Quantum Leap to the Next Level

Sexual energy is the most potent creative and spiritual force in the universe, but sadly, it is highly unappreciated in Western society. When properly utilized, the power of sexual energy embodied within the gawdess can be used as an amazing way to heal pain/trauma and also manifest all of the ecstasy of life. Created by Lauryn Doll (@LaurynDoll on Twitter), this technique is for women in a serious relationship that are looking to infuse their men with dynamic, ambitious, and powerful divine masculine energy, while fully awakening their own divine femininity. In the quick and simple audio track, Lauryn details how to unlock the power of sexuality so that it can be transmitted into your man as a way to take him into the next level of his manhood and gawdhood.

For more info on this tantric technique and how to purchase:


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