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Holographic Universe: The Metaphysics of Mirror Magic

I thought the psychological aspects of mirror magic was basic shit but it's like speaking a foreign language to you all, so allow me to further expound on this concept. We live in a holographic universe. Holograms are created when a coherent light source (the I Am/Soul) is beamed on a mirror (spiritual reality) then onto a photographic field (physical reality), creating a 3D image (you). The only things that exist in this universe are your soul and the reflections of its projections that create your experience. Everything going on outside of you is really a direct picture of what's going on inside of you, if only you would take a step back and look. There is literally nothing outside of you, so when you take up this victim role and point fingers, you're actually dragging yourself into an illusion. This illusion is based on the notion that there is something separate from you causing all your problems and it's completely beyond your reach to stop it. May I repeat, ain't shit down here but you and your thoughts. You're not mad at anyone but yourself to be honest. What modern society has done is train you to project all that anger and trauma on to others so that no real healing ever goes on. The problem is, that's the whole reason your soul is on Earth, you came here to this isolation cell to heal and integrate your shadow self. You don't get it yet do you? THIS is the underworld. What you're seeing here is the darkness within your own heart that you must overcome. So while it may feel good to blame others for your problems in the short term, running from demons is only gonna make them chase you forever. This is why I keep stressing the energy of the OlmecMayan star glyph Etznab, the Hall of Mirrors. Archangel Micheal Jackson said it best, it all starts with the (wo)man in the mirror. Your transparency is required in order to turn the clouded mirrors in your reality into clear windows that can help you see your way out. You have to be see-thru. You have to be bold and claim all of your projections proudly in order to actually become the master of them. When you claim all of yourself in the act of transcendenttransparency, the projections of the world pass right thru you without leaving a trace. Why? Because in claiming all of your projections, you actually come into a knowing of yourself that stops you from personalizing that which isn't yours. You have nothing to hide and thus your motives and intents become very clear to you. And it is at this very point that you become unstoppable. 

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