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How To Live With Empathy by Daddy Shiva

If you identify as an "empath", the worst part of that job is that no one ever stops to check and see how you feel. Today I'm gonna drop 11 tips that helped me with my empathic abilities. With the right amount of discipline, these tips should be able to help you master your own empathy as well. 

1. It's ok to demand better treatment from people, with as much love as you give out, you have the right to. If they can't do it, fuck em.

2. When you get up in the morning, don't text nobody. Instead give that attention to yourself and check up on your own feelings.

3. "No" (work that into your vocabulary).

4. Don't force yourself to be social. Time alone is very key for organizing your thoughts and emotions.

5. When you are being social, don't isolate yourself. Try to be in the mix and enjoy it. It'll keep your mind off other people's thoughts.

6. Use your empathy for what it was designed to do, healing. First on yourself. (Don't think I don't know about those 3am thoughts you have).

7. Stop expecting people to understand why you're mad at them. If it's that deep, cut em off and dead the hype. If not, let it the fuck go.

8. You should start talking to yourself more. Poetry, journaling, meditation, something. The more in tune you are, the less the world sucks. 

9. IF THEY DONT WANNA BE SAVED... DONT SAVE EM.  Give your advice and leave it at that. Saying "I told you so, dumbass" is actually fun.

10. It's not the end of the world when someone fucks you over. Most people are assholes. Your nature is very forgiving for a reason.

11. I said FORGIVING not FORGETFUL.  Letting go of the past doesn't mean you can't tell them to stay the fuck away from you.

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