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iChing message for Aug.13th-19th: From dissolution to unification

#59 Huan/Dispersion (Dissolution) – This transformation hexagram combines the energies of Sun (wind) and K’an (abysmal water) to paint an image of letting go for positive gain. “At the dissolution he hurries to that which supports him. Remorse disappears. He dissolves his blood, departing, keeping at a distance, going out is without blame”. This hexagram informs us that this week begins with the removal of an energy and the isolation of self. Many of us have purged during this past Leo eclipse and this hexagram acknowledges your willful separation. If you have not purged, now is the time for action. All that is willfully removed will be replaced with the support that is needed and was requested from your highest self. This hexagram tells us that the universe will not remove blockages forcefully at this time. This is the time for you to make the boss decisions and reap the benefit of your power.

#8 Pi/ Holding together (Union)- This hexagram combines the energies of K’an (abysmal water) and K’un (Earth) to paint an image of unification, the coming together of emotional waters and intellectual earth in self. “On the earth is water: The image of holding together. Thus the kings of antiquity bestowed the different states as fiefs (a place of control) and cultivated friendly relations with the feudal lords”. This hexagram tells us that control has been gained, outdated and opposing forces are working in harmony. The androgynous energy is at a high. This week will end with revelations on the power of self through witnessing your own greatness. This energy is ideal for unification work, unifying the masculine and feminine aspects of self. Finding the personal power of androgyny will be available for you. If you haven’t already, take time to work towards such unification. For those who put in the work, this week will end with profound understanding of self; peace and power will be gained through unification.

If you're struggling with unifying your masculine and feminine, feel free to shoot me an email at KosmicKaos33@gmail.com for some tips, techniques and advice. I'll post responses to the KaosKlan club page.


-Mama Kali

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