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January 2019 Horoscope


Eye of Horus: Awakening Divine Perception

“The Eye of Horus brings Divine perception, protection and insight. You are gifted with certain spiritual abilities including Divine Sight that are awakening and growing now. You have much Divine support and protection so that you may grow your abilities and serve others with your Divine Gifts. Trust your perception and know that you are divinely protected.”

Capricorn, the fog is being cleared away this month. Through all of the chaos, confusion and delusion in the air leading up to the new year, you have succeeded in staying true to yourself and your mission. This has been far from easy. You have been tested time and time again, and you have proven to yourself and everyone else exactly what you’re made of. Your faith and belief in yourself never wavered, even in your weakest moments… even when you wanted to buckle and break under the pressure. Your divine path and the work you came here to do is more clear to you now than ever.

You are indestructible… invincible… immortal.

Finally, you have gotten out of your own way.

Finally, you have surrendered to the will of your Soul and have allowed your small self, your ego, to take a back seat to your Higher Mind.

This is the first time in your life that you have been this confident and self assured, and it only gets better from here. Nothing will ever be the same from this point on. You see yourself in a new light which is based in Divine Truth and in pure, unconditional Love. You have reached the top of the mountain. Sit back and revel in this. Enjoy the view and the fresh, crisp air. It only gets better from here, and yes… there is more; but for now, celebrate all that you have accomplished and overcome. The light that shines from your So(u)l is illuminating your destined path. Trust that you are equipped with every tool, resource and insight necessary to get you to the finish line. Anything that is not based in Love and Truth will be destroyed by your very presence, all you must do is be your most pure and authentic self. Speak, act, move and live in your truth and your success will be guaranteed every time… no exceptions. Life won’t get easier any time soon, but you are getting stronger in the face of every opposition. The things that used to hold you back and keep you down no longer have the same hold on you, and they never will again. You have completed yet another cycle of evolution and you will continue to do so eternally. This is the path and work of a Master, and you can look forward to being truly seen and acknowledged as such.


Ancient Power Mysteries: Hear the Rattle of Isis Playing

“The Rattle of Isis, the Sistrum, is playing in the hand of the goddess now. Can you sense it with your inner hearing? Its vibration reaches through your crown chakra and enters your body, initiating you into great ancient power mysteries of sound, creativity, and healing. This is a time when words and music will become increasingly important on your spiritual path and healing journey.”

Aquarius, this month you are being asked to lose yourself in the rhythm of the Universe. All of the answers you need exist in sacred sounds and intonations. Consider taking a vow of silence so that you may learn to listen more closely to the intricacies and subtle movements of the Divine. There is guidance and wisdom in every lyric, in every key, in every string, drum and beat. Quiet the chatter of your ego-mind so that you may be able to hear God’s voice more clearly.

You will notice your body starting to move, your hips shake, your arms sway… and before you know it you are taken over by Universal Sound. Surrender to its pull.

Music is the most advanced form of communication that transcends all language barriers, and you are fluent in it. Listen not to the words of others, but to their vibrations; listen to the wavelengths that emanate from their hearts. If you must use words, if you must speak, do it with purpose and pure intention. Do not tolerate words or thoughts, from yourself or from others, that do not align with Truth and Love.

First, there was the Mind, pure consciousness… then, there was sound, music and vibration. God said, “Let there be light”, and there was.

Say “thank you” more often, a few times a day at least. You are the creator of entire worlds and galaxies; do not forget that you are here to be of service, and that the words you say carry more weight than you may be able to perceive from your point of view. There is something stirring inside you, waiting to be birthed. Contemplate on the name(s) of your creation, it will come to life soon enough. Use singing bowls, chimes, cymbals, tuning forks and/or solfeggio frequencies as a part of your regular practice this month. Listen to the birds sing, to the sound of the wind, and to the sound of your own vibration that emanates from you eternally.

When you can recognize the sound of your authentic Soul Song, you will be able to better identify to vibrations of others that resonate and harmonize with your own.


Life Restored: Priestess of the Phoenix

“Spiritual resurrection is gifted to you now. Whatever part of you or your life you thought to be dead is being revived and will flourish back into life. Just as the Phoenix rises from the fire, transitioning from death into life, so too will you rise again, healed and renewed.”

Pisces, you have spent more than enough time healing alone and in isolation. This month, you are being asked to open yourself up again to your community, to your friends and your loved ones. You did not come here to awaken to your healing gifts and abilities to not put them to use in your community. You will be given many important opportunities to be of service in bigger and better ways now. Stop doubting your power. You have a distorted view of what you are capable of because you have not been channeling that energy in the right directions. You are simply underestimating yourself because you’re not stepping up to the challenge, to any challenge. You cannot see how effective you really are and can be until you go out in the field, until you put your power to real, practical, tangible use. Stop waiting for opportunities to heal to just fall in your lap… it’s time for you to get up, go outside and broadcast who you are and what you can do to the world at large. Only then will you be able to see the full breadth of your power. When you throw yourself into chaos and disorder you will innately tap into your ability to embody order, peace and unconditional Love. The supply to the rest of your magic only becomes available to you when there is a demand for it, so ask for more. Ask for more opportunities to be of service, and your power will surely grow. The speed and intensity of this transformation may shock you, but are you really that surprised? Didn’t you know this was possible all along? It has been a long time coming… you’ve had so much time to prepare, to study, to practice and to get ready for this work. You will be given newer and more significant responsibilities this month. It is now time for you to rise to the occasion.

The past is over, do not revert to old ways of thinking and doing things. Your time spent as a hermit has come to an end.

Show your face.

You are reborn.

This is your call to battle.


Mother of Life: Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother

“We can sometimes fall into existing and doing rather than truly living. We only know that this has happened when suddenly our life seems dry, depleted, filled with tasks or it feels like we are stuck in a rut or habit that may have been comfortable but is becoming stifling and suppressing. Isis, Mother of Life, holds the ability to restore even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances and people back into life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave, open your arms and receive.”

Aries, this month brings with it an extension of last month’s message.

That was just the preview for the work and responsibility you are being given now. So much is expected from you at this time… and while you innately have what it takes and more to get the job done, you may be feeling weary and insecure. You put on a strong face for the world, for your friends and family, and for the people that depend on you, but deep down you are questioning if you are truly ready for what is coming.

You have no more time to prepare.

The time to show up and step up is here, right now.

It doesn’t matter if you think or feel like you’re ready, it’s time to take action.

Trust yourself and your inner wisdom; trust that when you are faced with the inevitable, that you will always know exactly what to do. Things won’t move forward until YOU do. It’s your move, it’s your call, and the whole world is watching and waiting for your signal. This type of responsibility should not be seen or experienced as a burden that you are being forced against your will to bear. This is a true gift, a blessing that you have been honored and trusted with. Tap into the ferocity and strength of the Mother; embody the way She ruthlessly protects and cares for Her children, and apply this power to your work and cause. You came here to pave the way for the rest of us, to carve out the path, to blaze trails and to pioneer. You came here to go where no one else before you has been able to, but this work isn’t just for YOU. It starts with you, you provide the spark, but the flame you ignite will burn eternally. It’s safe for you now to accept the responsibility you have to lead the collective. No one is judging you, we trust you… and you have never lead us down the wrong path. Reclaim your position as the first of your kind, and go forth fully in your power. Yes, you are on the frontlines of this journey, but you are never alone or without support. Allow the people around you to encourage you and remind you of just how important you are if you happen to forget again.


Miracle of Isis: Miraculous Healing of the Goddess

“Isis was known as a talented practitioner of the healing arts and was capable of miraculous healings. For you beloved, She offers a miracle healing. No matter how much you have struggled with a particular matter, no matter how impossible it may seem to imagine your life without this old wound, addiction, problem, relationship issue or inner struggle being a part of it, you are guided now to accept the possibility of miraculous healing, to let go and let the Goddess be.”

Taurus, we are all very proud of you. Congratulate yourself for the work you have done. The last few months have been far from easy, and we all know that you’re no stranger to the struggle… but this month, you are ready to fall fully into allowing. You are no longer rigid and stiff, tightly clenching on to your experiences, beliefs, or old tired stories. You know how to willingly let go without being forced, without needing to have things ripped out of your hands. You have found freedom in the process of surrender. You feel lighter now; the pressure is gone, you have taken your foot off of your own neck. You can breathe now. You trust this journey you chose long ago, and are no longer interested in knocking down walls. Now, you simply choose to walk around them, or you build a bridge, or a ladder, or a trampoline.

It could all be so simple, so easy…

With less focus and energy being spent on forcing and resisting, you now have more time to spend on contemplating your dreams and deep desires.

You have the energy needed to carry those dreams and desires out fully. You are not afraid anymore, because you know you are divinely guided and supported. You don’t have to see the whole path that lay before you… you don’t need to know the details of each and every turn you’ll be taking on the way there. You are not attached to outcomes, to hopes or expectations, or to the ideas you have of yourself or others. This isn’t just a new chapter, it’s a whole new book. You’ve been to the depths of Hell and made it back whole, filled, complete, and you’ve returned with a story to tell. Spend this month sharing your story of triumph and healing with others. You are here to motivate and inspire us. You show us how to believe in ourselves. You have made your way back from the dark void, and you are ready now to share with the world the light you have been cultivating. You have a much deeper understanding now of why things were the way they were… so that you can be who you are now and today.

Your magic and healing gifts are now strong enough to touch every corner of the world… the galaxy, the whole universe.


Initiation: Spiritual Testing of Ra and the Lady Isis

“When you are being spiritually initiated into the mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of deep challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge - the learning, growth or wisdom that can be summoned to turn the challenge into an opportunity for healing. Whilst the scorching heat of Ra seeks to burn through any resistance, the Lady Isis with compassion and cleverness will protect you from burning and instead enable you to be nourished and grow from the Light of Ra. Let Isis help you pass the test of intense growth as you thrive with new life.”

Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought y’all was finished?

Gemini, last month was fun, it was cute or whatever… but this month, class is back in session. The work is far from over, so slow down and do it THOROUGHLY. You need present focus; you cannot multitask this time (you’re kind of bad at it anyway). Master ONE thing first (consistency) and then you can add more to your plate. You still have much to learn and more to practice. You have to die over and over again, each time killing off another false or distorted version of yourself. This work could be grueling or exhilarating, or both. You are in the process of a deep Soul purification. If you surrender to what’s happening and apply what you’ve learned so far, the ride might feel a little less bumpy moving forward. If you are stubborn and refuse to learn the easy way, the only way left is the hard one. You have an opportunity to birth yourself anew with every step you take, each decision and choice you make or don’t make. Are you moving with intention? Are you acting with conscious awareness? This is not a time to be impulsive or reactionary. Deeply contemplate all scenarios before making decisions. Don’t be satisfied with what you feel, think, or understand on the surface. Go deeper, think deeper; there is so much more to be unearthed.

Before making a choice or taking a particular action, take the time to ask yourself where that impulse is coming from within you. What is motivating your decisions? Is it your conditioning? Are you simply mimicking what you see other people do or say? You might find that you are unsatisfied with the core reasons for a lot of your choices, much of which are so deeply buried in your subconscious that it will likely take some time and effort to uncover. This life you’re living is a series of lessons and learning opportunities, but at some point you will be expected to show and prove what you know. In other words, put up or shut up. It’s not enough to just say that you understand… you have to embody understanding, you have to embody your knowing. Ultimately, if you weren’t inherently capable of achieving and succeeding at so much, you wouldn’t be faced with these challenges in the first place; so bite the bullet and grind. Don’t forget that pressure creates diamonds. Finally, don’t be too proud to seek help, assistance or support from others. You know a lot, and are capable of a lot, but you don’t know everything and you can’t do it all by yourself. Open yourself up more so that you can receive gifts and resources from the people around you.


The Lunar Queen: She of the Celestial Crescent

“There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential balancing to our actions of power and demonstration. You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that you are in a cycle of creation that is about to shift into a new phase. Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it.”

Cancer, this month you are being asked to trust more. You want things to go a certain way, you have all of these expectations of yourself and others that you’re not leaving any room for surprises or miracles to occur. It’s time for you now to practice submission and surrender. Do not overexert yourself. It takes a quiet mind to be able to discern the signals telling you to stop or slow down. Your close relationships are experiencing a very important shift this month, and if you’re distracted or unfocused you’ll miss the subtle signs giving you insight on the specific details of that shift.

Avoid internalizing certain relationship changes as “bad signs” or rushing to assume the worst. Don’t jump to conclusions without talking it out and communicating honestly. Take time to really sit with not just your feelings, but also with everything that you can physically/tangibly see and prove. If the feeling does not align with the reality of a situation, you’re most likely experiencing an emotional shift that will eventually pass.

Don’t make any impulsive decisions right now… take your time before you move in any direction. When it is time to move, you won’t really have to think about it too much; you’ll feel yourself being gently pulled in the direction that is most healthy for you in that moment. Your needs and desires are changing so be patient with yourself. While all of us should trust the guidance our body gives us, we have to remember that the mind controls the body, and at times the mind plays tricks on us and gives our body inaccurate signals (like being hungry for food when you’re really just bored or suppressing difficult emotions). Most times our bodies are responding to external stimuli based in traumatic holding patterns, and not in present reality. Seek guidance from the wisdom of your Soul FIRST, which won’t always make sense to the mind… or the body for that matter.

Wait until next month to make any permanent decisions, more clarity is on the way.


Pyramid of Light (Psychic Protection): Step your Vibration Deeper into Love

“As a being growing in significant light, darker energies can become more attracted to you. There is nothing to fear and only more mastery and awareness of the power and protection of Divine Love to experience. Here is guidance on the skills you have within you now to deal with any undesired interference. The Pyramid of Light confirms that energies have been causing interference with your path and it is time now to end that interference with love and compassion.”

Leo, as we settle into the winter season, you will likely experience a dampening on your energy and vitality. Your ruler, the Sun, is in Capricorn next to Saturn and Pluto, who are certainly putting you through the wringer. This month, you are expected to put forth much more effort than you may be used to to keep your Light shining as brightly and boldly as it naturally does. These are the shortest days and the longest nights of the year, so make more of an effort to nourish yourself in the Light of the Sun now. Failure is not an option, Saturn just won’t allow it… so put your Big Cat pants on and get serious. You have much work to do now and no time to waste. Establish a more effective/more consistent protection ritual practice this month to keep your aura and energy field as free and clear as possible. Negativity is quite literally being thrown at you at this time, so use your spiritual tools and protection techniques in a more routine way. Practice makes perfect and consistency breeds favorable results. Purify your spaces; detox your mind, body and spirit of all that no longer serves you. You can’t afford to play in the mud right now, you are much too vulnerable at this time. Demand that any and all discordant energies be removed from your experience immediately, and don’t be respectful about it. Take a fine toothed comb and run it through your daily activities, take your time and be thorough so that you can remove the dust and grime lurking in your corners. Then douse it all in bleach.

You’re starting over new and fresh.

Purify. Cleanse. Extract.

By the end of this month, your aura should be so squeaky clean that negative frequencies can’t even find you. You are vibrating out of those realities and into brand new ones. Give your demons the finger and keep your mind focused on the work at hand. During the purging process, you may feel symptoms of sickness and/or momentary weakness.

Do not resist this; you cannot heal what has not been revealed.

Have appreciation for any discomfort you feel as this is a sign that the cleansing is working effectively.

Push through with confidence and faith in yourself.


Divine Sisterhood: Community of the Spiritual Sisters and Brothers of the Light

“In community that is based in equality, respect, healthy boundaries and personal freedom, with a mutual desire for spiritual growth and honoring of innate wisdom, great miracles occur. You are a part of this community of light. At one time it existed only in the spiritual worlds, yet now it is being born on the Earth. It is part of your destiny to help create and nurture a conscious community that empowers all of its members and is based in truth.”

Virgo, this month you will be able to see the vast rewards of the sacrifices you’ve recently made. When you let go and give it to God, you will be repaid exponentially. Opportunities you couldn’t have ever imagined are opening up to you now through new people and the connections you are cultivating and nourishing. Last month, you were asked to create the space and to remove people and energies that no longer served you. Now, all of those empty spaces are being filled with light and pure unconditional Love. There is strength and power in numbers, and now that you are finding the missing links to your tribe, you will be able to more effectively fulfill your purpose here. Have fun with each other… enjoy each other, laugh, play, dance, sing; experience the pleasure and bliss you always deserved, but were hesitant in allowing yourself to receive in the past. You know what you are worth, and you’re no longer willing to accept any less than that into your life now.

Your relationships will reflect this revelation.

This is true kinship, these are Soul connections that require no explanation or confirmation of authenticity.

You feel it.

Your inner child is smiling again, holding hands with your friends and loved ones while you all laugh together in harmony, creating beautiful music.

You see the Divine in your own eyes, you see God in your reflection…

and so you see God in everyone else.

We are all a reflection of you, your heart and your pure, loving spirit.

You are the piece that brings the whole back together again.

Relax, and let loose. No one is judging you here, not anymore.

You are so important and valued in ways that you may not yet be able to understand. The bigger picture is being revealed now… slowly and gently, so as to allow you to really immerse yourself in the experience, and to fully enjoy the process. You don’t want to miss a second of what’s coming to you.

When you empower others, you empower yourself. This is your greatest joy and what truly fills your heart with true peace and satisfaction.

Everybody eats, everybody wins.

Laughter raises the vibration of every room.

Your only priority now is to have fun, and to do what is in your power to help others do the same.


Magick and Ritual: Crafting Sacred Practice

“Effect in the external world can be created through inner practice. Magick and Ritual can support your Divine Path now in the physical world and you are encouraged to enhance your power with regular practice. The results that you will experience will encourage you to continue with the practice as you grow in prayer, grace, love, ability and wisdom, and apply your inner beauty to transform your outer world.”

Libra, this month you are being asked to focus on creating a sacred space in your home. If you already have one, you are asked to revamp/redesign/reorganize it in a newer and fresher way. In order for your spiritual practice to be its most effective, you will need an aesthetically pleasing workspace that invites you and magnetizes you to it. Put effort, focus and intention into this work, as your workspace is truly the foundation of your entire spiritual practice. Have things in your space that remind you of your divinity; crystals, candles, statues, mandalas, etc will do the job… but personalize it, make it your own, make it sacred and intimate to you and you only.

The more personal your workspace, the more connected to your energy it will be, and the stronger and more effective your power will grow. Think of your altar or sacred space as an extension of your physical body that works magick on your behalf, even if you happen to step away from it for some time. Consistency is important this month; it’s not enough to set up your sacred space and make it look pretty… you have to actually take the time out of your daily schedule to practice there. What does your daily spiritual practice look like right now? In what ways can you make it more effective? Evaluate potential distractions and do what needs to be done to remove them from your daily life so that you can focus on the work at hand. You are establishing a more positive relationship with structural and ordered ways of practicing your magick. Confidence in yourself and in your power will grow with more consistent practice. Discipline is required now, which means you must do the work every day even if you don’t really feel like it.

On a deeper level, this work is helping you redevelop subconscious patterns and neural pathways. Reprogramming the subconscious mind requires lots of repetition, so don’t slack off.

Devote yourself to the work.


It may take some time for you to physically see the results of the work you’re putting in, but the results aren’t the goal. The goal is the growth of your spiritual and magickal strength and endurance that is being cultivated in this process. You are laying down the foundation for new traditions and spiritual practices in your lineage; what you are able to build and fortify now will live on long after your physical vessel leaves this plane. Embrace these new responsibilities as a leader for your tribe, your bloodline, your Soul family. The more work you put in for yourself, the more power and authority you’ll have in the end. You get what you give. Make a promise to yourself and to God that you will not be stopped or distracted.

You are on the path of heart-centered selfless service to the whole;

you are worth all of the blood, sweat and tears you put into this work.


Abundance of Sothis: Stellar Blessings of the Celestial Goddess of Abundance

“Abundance in many forms is flowing to you now, beloved. Intend right now to receive it. Just decide to do so in your heart this very moment. The Oracle of the Abundance of Sothis comes as guidance to expect increased flow and to continue your good works of building channels through which abundance can be delivered to you. Freely share your talents, love, wisdom and Self and enjoy the abundance responsively flowing to you, in many forms, over and over again.”

Scorpio, this month you can expect to receive more insight on how to increase the flow of abundance in your life. Money won’t just fall into your lap, rather, you’ll be getting new ideas and inspirations on how to increase your money flow. Inspiration will come in the form of epiphanies and lightbulb moments, sudden clarity and new understandings of old things. Interactions and conversations with people will reignite your creativity and give you a new sense of motivation and excitement to try new things, or to try old things in a new way. Your currency is your mental power, your ability to tap into the Void and to cultivate creative power and potential into physical form. You may need to get out more and explore your environment; go on a trip and meet new people, because potential opportunities are out there as well. You can’t always do it all by yourself, you need a network, a strong team who you can rely on where you all share a common goal/mutual purpose. Find a practical channel or container for all of the ideas coming to you this month. Most of it may not make any logical sense in the moment, so it’s important that you document your ideas now and piece them together later when you get the context for them. This month isn’t about having all of the specific details ironed out, right now just focus on the main idea/the big picture, and the details will come when it’s time to see them through. Spend time visualizing and imagining how you want abundance to flow in and out of your life now, be creative and explore all of your options. There are probably channels to abundance that you have not yet been able to see until this moment, so don’t say no to certain options just because you said no to them before. Be more open to change. An important aspect to consider about manifesting more abundance is that you cannot receive more if you are not taking care of what you already have. Be sure that you are maintaining an appreciative, grateful and positive attitude about giving and receiving abundance/money. If there are ideas or inspirations that you have started but have yet to complete, it’s time to decide whether or not to move forward with them or to move on from them and focus that energy elsewhere. You can’t afford to be careless with your energy and attention at this time, it costs you way too much. Treat your words like hundred dollar bills; be more mindful of the things you say and the intention behind them. Don’t make empty promises which will leave you in energetic debt.


Divine Guardian: Protection of the Winged Mother

“You are venturing through a time of significant spiritual growth and healing. There are many changes occurring internally and they will be reflected in your external world soon also. You are protected during these times by the love and strength of the Winged Mother, Lady Isis. You can relax and allow your transformation to happen. Let your Divine Guardian protect you now, as you learn to let go and trust in your own unfoldment for the greatest good.”

Sagittarius, this month, you are unstoppable.



With Jupiter at home in your sign, there is quite literally nothing you cannot do. You feel his strength and power surging through your body. If you ever doubted your ability before or questioned its realness, now you know without a doubt that you are a great and Divine being. You are blessed and highly favored in each and every way. Focus on cultivating your self confidence this month, as this will carry you forward and will ensure that you go even greater distances. Stay true to your values and your beliefs in the face of challenges or opposition. You will likely be tested this month in the form of doubters and naysayers. People who you looked up to may reveal that they don’t respect you. Even friends or loved ones may show their true colors, and may refuse to see you in your divinity. Do not give into the opinions and projections of others. You know who you are, you know what you are, and it shouldn’t matter if you’re the only one in the room who knows the Truth. Don’t stray from your path or get distracted from your work to please or appease anyone. Do it alone if you have to. Don’t be afraid of what you may have to let go of on the path to greatness; what you will be blessed with in return is worth so much more. The Goddess is shielding you from all harm at this time. Reality may often reflect struggle and conflict more than peace, but remember that you are safe now. The Love in your heart and the faith and belief you have in yourself are all the protection you could ever need. This is confirmation that you are on the right track; you’ve been making all of the right moves and doing all of the right things, trust that the guidance you have been receiving and following is exactly right for you at this time. Gas yourself up… all of it is true, and none of it is an exaggeration. Your Divine path is not logical or linear. Don’t waste time trying to understand the inner workings and the minor details of how all of this is happening right now.

Have faith and trust in the process without having to “know”.

Believe in the unseen.

Your angels and ancestors have your back, they are always there… listening for you to call out to them. Take advantage of their wisdom and assistance, and pay it forward by being there for others the same way in return.

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