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June 2nd-8th 2019 Horoscope


This week feels a lot like you’re dragging your feet through the mud. It’s pretty heavy. You may be worried that you’re almost out of the steam you need to get you through to the end of something. Push through that exhaustion… the finish line is within your reach, so you can’t afford to lose focus now. Be careful of celebrating your wins and accomplishments prematurely, as this can distract you from your goal and blur your clear vision. There will be many opportunities to slack off this week, but don’t fall for it. You’re proving to yourself how badly you want it and how hard you’re willing to work to get there. Discipline is key. There may be moments when everything just feels like it’s all too much, and you’d rather throw your hands up and move on to something else. You have a tendency to quit things and change your mind when they don’t flow as easily as you hoped or expected. Use this week as an opportunity to break that pattern.


You may feel the urge to stay at home and retreat this week. Don’t let anyone or anything pressure you into doing something you just don’t have the energy to do right now. You are encouraged to practice saying “no” as much and as often as you feel is right. Take a break, take a day (or three) off to recharge. Don’t fall into the illusion of feeling indebted to someone or something; you don’t owe anything to anyone. You are your own first and most important priority. You may experience feelings of guilt and shame, and people may even call you selfish for taking this time for yourself. Use this opportunity to sacrifice and transcend anything that doesn’t support your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. If you aren’t proactive about taking this time to retreat, your body (or other circumstances) may force you to rest against your own will and judgement… so take extra precautions to incorporate self-care into your daily routine this week.


This week may bring something significant to a very final and dramatic end. Some people who you have long since known and trusted may reveal themselves to be people you actually never knew at all. You will be shown the true intentions and motives of your relationships and connections with people. The issue is that you most likely had extremely high expectations and goals for these connections, and they unfortunately were not mutual. You will be disappointed, but deep down you won’t be surprised. You knew this end was coming… you felt it way before the climax. Don’t waste time beating yourself up or playing the blame game. Be grateful for seeing things in truth and clarity now. You weren’t deceived or lied to, you just saw what you wanted to see. You saw the best in people and situations because that’s what you bring to the table yourself, and that’s what you expect in return. The reality is that not everyone you come into contact with is going to match your energy. Chalk it up to the game and keep moving forward. Anything that is dying or falling apart right now is fertilizing the foundation for new life that is more meaningful and more aligned with your true desires. Open your arms and embrace this much needed change and transformation with excitement and enthusiasm.


You may be feeling some extra pressure and frustration this week. You want to GO GO GO, but external circumstances and situations are forcing you to slow down and stay where you’re at right now. This is just temporary, so don’t let it stress you too much. You may feel like your plans are being thwarted or like people in higher positions are out to get you or stop you from getting where you want to go. Trust in yourself that you are doing absolutely everything necessary on your part; you’re not usually one to leave a stone unturned, and these setbacks are not a reflection of lack of effort or ability. Make sure that you’ve done all that YOU can do, then leave the rest to Divine timing. You may be waiting to hear some important news this week, but it may come later than expected. There may also be some miscommunications and mixed messages swirling around. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, as some of the details you are receiving right now will likely change up by next week. Do your best to stay focused on your goals and desired direction while you experience these shifts and fluctuations in your environment. This is a good time to revaluate your plans if you notice that things aren’t flowing as smoothly as they should. Readjust when and where necessary.


Things may not turn out how you hoped or expected them to this week. You may be let down or disappointed in some way. You’re usually accustomed to getting what you want when you want it, and most of your desires come easy… but not this time. Take a moment to really sit in any anger or frustration that comes up and evaluate the true source of these emotions. It’s likely that you have recently experienced (or soon will) an intense blow to your foundation. The way you see yourself, other people, and the world has transformed as the result of some major and/or unexpected event. You’ve been seeing things through rose-tinted glasses… and this week, you’re seeing everything and everyone in cold, harsh and uncut truth. Did you put all your eggs in one basket? Is it that you saw in a situation only what you wanted to, instead of seeing things for how they actually are in reality? See this moment as a redirection, not as a setback. Perspective is everything, so be mindful of your thoughts and the things you’re telling yourself right now. Confront hidden feelings of fear which is the real source of your anger, frustration and disappointment. Fear of loss and failure is looming heavily on your heart. What will you do now that you’re seeing these fears manifest right in front of your face?


Look forward to a refreshing boost in your energy levels this week. You can expect an increase in motivation, inspiration and creativity along with the grounded stability necessary to get tangible work done. You are taking another step forward in your purpose. You are feeling empowered. You may find yourself in the company of people you look up to as teachers and mentors, and you may be seen as the teacher and mentor by others in your circle. You are no stranger to having power and influence, and you know very well the responsibility that comes with such gifts. Make sure that you’re doing what needs to be done to rise to the occasion and to meet the expectations you’ve set for yourself. Stay centered, grounded and levelheaded this week…. you’ve had more than enough practice by now to know how and when to pull back or push forward. Don’t be selfish with your guidance and wisdom. It’s easy to want to hold on to and hoard power out of fear of losing it or having it taken away. Remember that this strength you feel has always been yours… that it cannot be lost or stolen, only forgotten or ignored. Wield your power with confidence and compassion. Use it with the intention to be of service, to spread love and truth, and to bring healing energy to everything and everyone you touch. Remember that you are more powerful when you combine your strength and power with others, rather than trying to stand alone as an island. Your goals will be accomplished much faster and much more efficiently with a trusted team by your side.


If you have endured some recent challenges or hardships, this week will be the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Take a deep breath and smile knowing with full confidence that you have made it through a very difficult and trying time. Your friends and loved ones have been there every step of the way to support you through these challenges, and now that you’ve made it to the other side together, your relationships with them have grown stronger and even more authentic. You have always had the gift of vision, but now you see in even more depth and clarity your purpose in the lives of those who mean something to you, and their purpose in yours. You’ve been shown just how deep, far and wide Love can go. You have more peace now than you’ve had in a long time, like finding fresh water after a long drought. You have hope and faith again in love, life and living. There is new meaning in your world… a new purpose and new life after many deaths. You will be building on this feeling of motivation and inspiration this week. Share this magic with those who you keep close to your heart.


This week, remember that every ending is truly just another beginning. You are being asked, once again, to find the beauty and wisdom in a difficult and challenging situation or circumstance. Some bad or destructive habits of yours have been uncovered recently, and this week you are being asked to fully commit to cutting those cords for good. Take control of how this manifests in your life by being proactive and initiating this moment of closure and completion, or the universe will inevitably force your hand. A phase of your life has come to an end. There are behaviors, patterns and programs keeping you tethered to the past, and now the time has come for you to let them go permanently. Contracts have been fulfilled. You know it’s time to leave it behind when you can say confidently that you understand and have fully integrated the lesson. Walk away with confidence knowing that the work is finally done, and there is nothing left for you to do, learn or accomplish there. You may also feel as if you’re the victim of some recent wrongdoing or injustice… like someone lied to/on you, or got over on you in some way. Take nothing personally this week, as any betrayals or injustices are simply moments of truth for you about where you stand with people and relationships in your life. Keep receipts and keep it moving. It is what it is, and you can only change what is by changing/altering YOUR own actions and responses to life and what it gives you. You’ll know better moving forward.


You are being asked to take control of your impulses this week. You have an abundance of energy and resources lately, which you may feel compelled to share and enjoy without much thought or consideration. It would benefit you to take some time to think about when/where/why you’re spending that energy so freely. It’s very possible to have fun and enjoy the things you have in abundance without being unnecessarily wasteful or frivolous. Be clear about the purpose and intention behind everything you spend your energy and attention on this week. There’s nothing wrong with doing something simply for pleasure or just because it feels good, but mindfulness is key. Be AWARE of moments when your purpose and intention is pleasure, and be conscious of the consequences and results of taking those types of actions over a period of time. Is putting pleasure first getting you closer to or further away from your long-term goals? Are short-term joys and pleasures distracting you from the responsibilities of every day life? Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you’re not letting yourself have joy or pleasure at at all… maybe you’re taking yourself too seriously and not allowing yourself to have a break for fun. Remember that your inner child needs both time for play AND time for structure, order and responsibility. Be honest with yourself about where you are, and what needs are or are not being met. Take some time this week to evaluate what you spend your energy on and why and create a new, more effective plan of action.


Some buried, ignored or forgotten issues are coming to the surface this week to be dealt with. You’ve been avoiding making a difficult decision and/or have been putting off initiating a difficult conversation. You don’t have to wait until you’re backed into a corner to make your move… it will be less painful to get ahead of the issue now than to wait until you have no other choice. Don’t think that by avoiding inevitable conflict that the issue will magically disappear. You often have the “out of sight, out of mind” outlook on the world, but unfortunately this perspective will not work this time. Stop keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself. You may think it will be easier to figure everything out if you just keep it all inside, but that isn’t the case this week. You care too much about what other people might think in response to what you’ve been feeling, and this is causing you a lot of inner confusion and stress. Trust and know that there is a solution, but you won’t find it by trying to get there all alone. Make a list of pros and cons; face the issue with logic and mental power rather than allowing your emotions to take the lead for now. The issue is that your vision is clouded by repressed fears and insecurities, so it will help you more to lean on the facts versus the feelings. Conflict avoidance won’t bring you the peace and harmony you desire… the only way you will get to that place is by toughening up, biting the bullet and facing the issue head-on.


You may feel like you need to rush through something this week, but it’s in your best interest to wait a moment before making any significant or permanent decisions. Movement and transformation are ultimately encouraged, and both are inevitable, but your current circumstances are requiring that you halt progress temporarily to evaluate your situation. Things are not always as they seem, your thoughts are not always based in truth, and you can’t always believe what you hear. You may feel frustrated that your forward growth and movement are slowing down right now, but remember that this is just temporary. It will help to give yourself a break to clear your mind of any fog or confusion. Something from the past is holding you back or weighing you down in some way, and is keeping your mind trapped in old thought patterns. Take time this week to really pinpoint the source of this dead weight so that you can let it go and continue moving forward. This isn’t the time to be stubborn; be flexible and adapt to your environment, and most importantly be open minded and willing to admit what hasn’t been working.


You are fully in your power and your bag this week. If you want something you can and you will have it with ease. The secret to your magic is simple; you feel good about yourself, you know your worth, you know what you deserve and you know what you’re capable of. This knowing empowers you to be able to do and have anything you want. Your manifesting powers are expanding even more. You have every tool and resource at your disposal. As long as you keep allowing this energy in and maintain appreciation and gratitude you can expect literal miracles in your everyday life. Put this to the test by setting a simple yet specific intention within a specific timeframe to see physical/tangible results. This week is perfect for money magic in particular.

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