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Kill Bill Vol. 2 "The Wrap Up"


Welcome back to the Waystation!

If you watched the clip above or you’re familiar with the Pai Mei training scene from Kill Bill 2, specifically the part where Beatrix was at his mercy, you’ll soon understand the essence of what Venus in Scorpio has had us experiencing over the last couple of months all in the name of Love Reformation. Venus went direct and our lives + finances have more or less gotten back on track, but the fight isn't over because now it's time to put everything we learned during the retrograde to the test. If you've been waiting for the chance to prove yourself, here it is. Strap on your gloves and locate your mouth guard, it's time to fight for what you believe in.

In my own life, my personal relationships with both friends and lovers have been being pushed -- more like forced into a constant state of renewal (still following the Plutonian influence of Venus in Scorpio). These Tower moments, while tear jerking and absolutely unexpected, have not only forced me to reevaluate how i look at myself and how i behave in the realm of interpersonal relations, but also aided in strengthening my discernment when it comes down to who is both deserving and open to receiving the love i have to give. I’d suggest researching “agape love” seeing as there’s a large focus on cultivating and practicing this as well. In regards to finances, on a lower octave, Saturn has paired up with Venus and they've been testing how charitable we are when we have the ability to give, and how confident you are in your capacity to manifest exactly what you want and need while learning how to work with what you have until better comes along.

Side note: The best way to handle this is by taking the High Priestess’ approach to everything; sit back, observe, gather info, follow your gut, and don’t act until you absolutely have to. Remember that Scorpio is all about patience and not acting until the perfect opportunity makes itself known. You’ll know when to jump, just listen to your heart.

Let’s move onto the cards, shall we?

So, you walked away huh? Well let me be the first to say that i’m proud of you because you did it for you, and no one else. Leaving without the proper emotional preparation or a guarantee of where to go next is always gonna present some form of challenge, but the pay off is that you lighten your load emotionally and to follow, the physical burden becomes far easier than when you actually felt the weight. Feels good doesn’t it? To finally spread your wings after hiding them for so long? You may be still be thinking about that lost connection, but it’s getting easier isn’t it? Gravity is losing its hold on us and it’s time to move upward and onward. Now, you may be wondering why things still feel as though your pushing a boulder up a hill and the best explanation for this is that you’ve gotten past the first gate. The next leg of your journey has a primary focus on retrospection, and in saying this i don’t mean nostalgia (which is a form of depression btw), but actually reviewing and learning from what you’ve been through. This seems to have two different layers to it with the first looking at the projects and investments that you didn’t or couldn’t see to the end. Whether it be dropping out, or not writing that article you wanted, or even not mastering the basics of that ritual -- it’s time to figure out why those came up short. The second layer has more to do those passionate yet fleeting relationships that have been the theme of 2018. Those 5 minute friendships and 2 week romances weren’t as pointless as you may have led yourself to believe, for they left you with a far more seasoned and profound inner knowing of how you show up ‘warts and all’ in your interpersonal relations.

During the next few weeks leading into January, you’ll be faced with more opportunities to eradicate your false self and step into the authentic You, the You that you’ve always been but now being free of false narratives. My one warning is to not be rash in making decisions or choosing what you cut out of your life based on a whim, don’t be Gemini just yet and look to their mercurial counterpart and take it like a Virgo. Utilize the methodological and deeply contemplative energy of the Knight of Pentacles and take your time. You know where you want to go and the path/road signs are starting to make themselves apparent, but before you rush into it because you’re ready for something new and mentally stimulating, think it through (ALL the way through water + fire + gemini). Last thing, if you weren’t aware by now, it’s Capricorn Szn and Saturn is at home, basically, with the 7 of swords rx closing out our spread everything is coming to light and being addressed. You can’t lie, so don’t lol. Think long and hard about where you’ve been deceiving yourself and others, or where others may have taken advantage of your confusion because to keep it a stack, it’s time to call our demons by name. This is an execration ritual; you must list out every false label, title, and role you’ve played for the last 7 or so years in order to banish this narrative of who you’re “supposed” to be from existence for good.

This it It.

This is the Endgame,

are you ready, Player One?

Address and acknowledge your issues and deal with your shit unless you want to spend all of January still experiencing this. You may have been lied to or manipulated by others so that you’d be more compliant in helping them reach their goals, a pawn, but it's time to lay that hat down for good. We’re conscious/aware creators of our reality, let’s act like it shall we?

Happy New Year, You made it.

A bientot


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