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Leo Solar Eclipse 2017 Androgyny Reading: the Primordial Purge & the New Myth by @DaddyShiva

The Lense of New Myth: Miracle On Earth

-Myth: A transitional metaphoric construct leading one to a more expansive, unified, and holistic truth, in which the inexhaustable energies of the universe pour into human manifestation. 

  • Thru mythology the ancestors were able to directly connect human consciousness with the quantum realm and the cosmic realm by personifying the forces that exist/operate at those levels of reality and then placing them into a storyline. Once the consciousness was able to understand and relate to the forces in the story, it could then embody them directly because afterall we call ourselves "human beings". The Lense of New Myth asks you to view your life as not just a collection of experences, but as your own personal mythology. You were seeded on Earth with a master blueprint for your return path to the stars, and it is now time to take a deeper look at all of the metaphors and symbols that are presenting themselves in your seemingly mundane life because they hold the keys to the larger plan you came to carry out. The path to understanding who/what you are and why you are here can be found by relating your personal life experiences and feelings to the mythologies of all the ancestors. DO NOT let your human ego limit you to one cultural paradigm or geographical location as you try to build up your personal myth. All mythologies contain bits and pieces of information that will help you see the larger picture of what your personal myth is all about. USE YOUR INTUITION. Trust the knowing in your heart and the instincts in your gut to guide you to the knowledge that will best help you understand your role in this new collective mythology that is being written on Earth at this time. Once this solar eclipse gateway opens, there will be no more external roadmaps to follow. No one but your Divine Child/Higher Self will be able to guide you down the path of ascension and without that deep trust in your inner most being, you will be lost. The universe only speaks in the language of the Eternal Present and from this point forward it is only going to speak to you once. So if youre not centered in the present, you wont have much of a future to look forward to.


Ruling Deity- Renenet: Good fortune, wealth, plenty. Nourishment for the body and spirit.

Divine Masculine (Conscious)- Men: Eagle. Belief in oneself. Dreams and visions. Global consciousness. Compassionate service. Hope

Divine Feminine (Subconscious)- Kan: Seed. Self-germination. Fertile ground. Creation and gestation. Confidence. Intiating creative ideas.

Bridge- Threefold Riddle: Psychological temptation. Discrimination/discernment required. Deep personal meaning. Riddle of self.

Ruling Deity: Renenet (loosely translates to "nourishment of the snake")

"Renenet is always present in the birth chamber with Meshkenet (gawdess of birth) and Shai (gawd of karma and destiny). She represents the treasure hidden in the Earth as in a womb (seed). She is the vital link providing nourishment for physical/spiritual life (umbilical cord/breast milk). She embodies fortune."

The Family of Nef: The Wind in the Womb

-In the wind lies the mystery of birth, which is the mystery of how to manifest something from the unseen realm (subconscious) into the seen realm (conscious). This is the vital breath, aka Prana, that must be blown into something in order to have an effect. In alkhemical terms, this breath is blown into the womb (belly) and generates the magical child, which is associated with Heru/Christ. 

  • This solar eclipse is going to bring forth everything from our subconscious mind, into the forefront of our conscious reality. This is goint to be a face-to-face meeting with our dark side and inner child.

-The deity of birth in ancient Egypt is Meshkenet. Her name has several origins that will help us clearly define her deepest functions as the principle of birthing.

Meska: The bulls skin that a corpse was wrapped in for its resurrection/rebirth, because heaven in its protective and generating quality was depicted as a cosmic cow. This cow is seen as the one giving birth to everything, hence why our galaxy is called "the Milky Way".

Mesq-t: The location where ressurection/rebirth took place either on Earth or in heaven.

Meskhen-t: The two bricks that ancient Egyptian women would squat upon in order to give birth. These bricks were seen as the slabs of destiny where the birth/death dates were engraved. In the ancient papyri, these two bricks were called Renenet and Shai. These deities are constantly related to one another like the 3 fates of the Greek mythology. 

  • This solar eclipse is opening the gateway to your higher galactic destiny and rebirth. Will you choose to accept this mission and rise like a phoenix, or will you choose to continue to live the life of a human and die accordingly? Your fate will be in your own hands and will be determined by your actions (aka karma). The brick (synonymous with the atom/cell) is the basic unit of construction for the sacred temple (the physical/spiritual bodies). In the womb your mother builds your sacred temple brick by brick. This eclipse is going to be the ceremonial "laying of the first brick" ritual for the Aquarian Age and the new body of light that is to be manifested from the darkness of the universal womb (Carbon 7 Crystalline Body).


-The gawdess of nursing (breast milk/breast feeding). She represents the vital link thru which energies, including stellar energies, are taken in by the child to sustain its physical/spiritual life. 

  • Renenet in this form is the connection between the heavens (Milky Way) and earth, which is why her name is related to that of the snake because she is the nourishing aspect of the kundalini serpent that links the lower chakras to the higher chakras. This solar eclipse is going to lead to some form of awakening for the higly potent and fiery kundalini energy that resides in all humans. This aspect of Renenet is also the one that feeds the inner child until it reaches maturity. That means that this eclipse will also bring about an activation of the inner child that will lead to it coming into its highest state of being. This is why the necessity to heal the inner child is at an all time high because if its wounds are not tended to and it is not given the attention it deserves, it will grow up to rebel and conspire against you. Her titles "Lady of the fertile land" and "Lady of the granaries" show her as a gawdess of fertility, agriculture, and the harvest. It is thru Renenet that the seed is brought to bare fruit. Renenet is directly related to Kan in the Divivne Feminine position of this reading in the aspect of seeding something into manifestation so that it can be used as nourishment. This solar eclipse is going to cause the seeds of potential that lay dormant in our subconscious mind to bare fruit, or fully reveal themselves, in our conscious reality regardless of what kind of seeds they are. This means that everyone will reap 10fold everything they have sown but not everyone will be able to nourish themselves with what they get out of their harvest.

Divine Feminine/Subconscious: Kan "In the potency of my realm are the seeds of your visions and dreams gently nurtured, for they awaken the sleeper and illumine the Great Mystery"

-Shadow Wisdom: Fear and lack of confidence. Limiting new possibilities with routine. Choosing to remain safe at the expense of awakening and growth. 

  • The seeds of fear and trauma, in their various forms, that have been planted in our minds throughout our journey on this planet have become like weeds in the garden of our true power. They use up all the space and nutrients availible in the fertile ground of infinite potential known as the subconscious, thus restricting the seeds of our higher nature from reaching full bloom and bearing fruit. Instead of doing the hard work to tend to this garden to bring it back into its full productivity, we assume that it is already too late or fear that our work will go unrewarded. We are also scared of what might be lurking in that garden now that its overgrown and assume that it would be much safer to leave it alone than to take the risk of clearing the land. This is why we stay locked in toxic patterns. We ignore the subconscious mind (dark side/Divine Feminine) which is what creates our conscious experience, thus letting the seeds of our own destruction persist in their growth instead of weeding them out so that we can have the harvest that we truly intended to receive when we came into this realm. In the shadow of Kan is also the thought that someone or something outside of you is going to do your work for you. These are the people that like to project onto others or leech off of them. These are the people that are too spiritually lazy to deal with their own shit and so they pass it off as someone elses responsibility. These are the people that constantly ask for help yet never actually do anything to help themselves. These are the people that think theyre too good to actually get their hands dirty with the true work that it takes to understand the seed of the soul, so they pay others to do it for them. This eclipse is going to force us to come to terms with all the ways in which we limit our power with the subconscious programming we refuse to remove. Some of us have chosen to remain blissfully ignorant of our shadows, using new age spiritual concepts like "love and light" and "positive vibes only" as justification for the fear we feel when we are confronted by our dark side. That bubble of protection that we've created in order to avoid direct confrontations with our fears/traumas will be completely torn away. Either youre gonna beat your demons or they are going to eat you. This eclipse will be the beginning of the "primordial purge" for planet Earth. Any energy or entity that is keeping the vibration of the planet stuck in the 3D will be weeded out and destroyed so that the ascension can truly begin. Before birth is always death, before creation is always destruction. Be prepared to hear the official announcement of WW3 soon. Be prepared to see an increase in the amount of natural disasters taking place. Be prepared to hear some level of disclosure in regards to Nibiru/Planet X.

-Shadow Transformation: Realize that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety. 

  • All seeds are self-germinated and contain the enitre blueprint for their path of unfoldment within them. It is time that you realize that you have all the tools and skills necessary to reach your highest potential. There should be no fear or hesitation around doing what needs to be done in order to fully heal and step into your true power because you are already in your true power. Just as the seasons naturally guide the seed along the path of unfoldment, your constant attention to/intention for healing/removing the things that hurt/restrict you, will naturally lead to the unfoldment of your soul into your conscious awareness and experience. This is the time to release the belief systems and patterns of routine that were programmed into you by the old paradigm and begin to move forward into new ways of thinking and being. We now have to move into the space of co-creators, those that can directly affect (their) reality with the seeds of intention that they choose to plant into their subconscious mind. What normalized perspectives and repetitive actions keep you away from fully embodying your co-creative abilities? This eclipse is going to shine light on those seeds of restriction so that you can release them and rise your true gawdhood. All of the energies you will experience are necessary for the seed of your soul to grow but you have to be able to turn the bullshit into fertilizer for your most divine intentions. Do not let the ego's fear of change and transformation stop you from entering into a full understanding of who you are beyond the safety net of illusions its created for you to function under. This eclipse is going to be a freefall into the abyss of the hidden self, you can either dive in with confidence or be pushed and fall in fear. We fear the unknown and thus we become trapped in the mind trying to find answers or logical reasoning before we take action. And because our ego is limited in its understanding of the universe, we often never take action at all. We fail to acknowledge that our intuitions and natural insticts were given to us as a form of tropism. Tropism is the tendency to respond to or move toward something by natural attraction, the same way a flower will follow the track of the sun thru the day. Youre being guided by your higher self in this same manner and the strength of said guidance will get much stronger and yet harder to understand after the eclipse. You must be willing to trust and follow your intuitions so that you can gain the logical understanding that will lead to your natural development. You must trust that the path youre walking is leading toward your highest state of being, not only during the good times, but also during the rough ones.



"I am the fertile ground and the self-germinating seed of possibility erupting into awakening."

-Visualization: Imagine yourself as a tiny yellow star-seed that is being planted on Earth by your higher self. The ground around you is moist and full of nutrients, ready to nourish you into the fullness of your new body of light and galatic consciousness. As you begin to envision your seed shell cracking open, your roots beginning to take hold, and your awareness sprouting up toward the sun, imagine that all the experiences of your life are the water and fertilizer that your higher self gives you in order to ensure that youre able to grow into your fullest state of being. Soak in all of these experiences and allow them to super charge your natural growth process by truly absorbing the lessons that they have to teach. As you do this, the star-seed will naturally begin to grow itself into the true vision of your ultimate form and power that was intended by your higher self. Do not force the form to develop, allow it to take whatever form it needs to take so that you can truly understand the energy of your soul without any interference by the ego. Once that form is fully developed, give birth to it as the fully bloomed fruit of your experience and then allow yourself to be consumed by your higher self, reunifying with it and thus completing the cycle.

Divine Masculine/Conscious: Men "Wing to wing the eagles soar in the gathering lavender light. In compassionate service, the spiraling light players dance, the one heart to ignite"

-Shadow Wisdom: Being obsessed with service to others, or the role of "rescuer/hero". Not being able to say no. Loss of hope and meaning.

  • This eclipse is going to awaken a lot of destrucive energies across the entire planet, specifically in America, as all of the unhealed shadows of the collective subconscious are brought into full conscious manifestation. We are going to watch as billions of people are sucked even deeper into the constructs of duality such as limitation, separation, and judgement. This may lead to a severe lose of hope in those of us that were sent to usher in the new age of consciousness on Earth. As the structures of the old (WASP) paradigm begin to collapse right before our eyes, some of us may feel as tho our lives are falling apart as well. This feeling will be most recognizable as hopelessness or an intense desire to leave the planet. This is when the lower energetic entities will be able to mount their strongest attacks against you. These attacks will come to you in the form of increased fear, depression, anxiety, and/or suicidal thoughts. Many beings were called to serve during this important transitional period in Earths history, but due to the harsh environment and difficult realities they will have to face during these next few months/years, they will completely conform to this cultural paradigm that could not fully accept them. During this time many will "fall back asleep" and lose their connection to the higher realms of reality and the deeper meaning of their existence here on this planet at this time. Many other beings will take this energy to the other extreme. In an effort to not lose the meaning behind their mission or their connection to the higher realms, they will develop a very dangerous messianic savior complex. These people will allow the worlds problems to become their job to fix, thus making them destructively self sacrificing and unable to say no to others even if it will only slow them down on their own path. They will ignore their own shadows and traumas thinking that service to others is somehow more imporant than service to self and ultimately be burned out by that which they chose to ignore.

-Shadow Transformation: Temper service to others with self care/nourishment. Believe in yourself, follow your own visions/dreams. Remember your purpose in the larger pattern. 

  • This is eclipse is the perfect time to understand the true definition of what compassion is all about. It is thru the healing of the individual self that the collective consciousness will be healed. It is not your job to save anyone but yourself. The only thing that you owe to the world is that you lead them to the higher realms, not by holding their hands, but by embodying and being a direct example of what the new evolutionary path will entail. Your awakening into cosmic consciousness is what opens the entire planet to the awakening of cosmic consciousness. The apparent destruction and disarray that will follow this solar eclipse gateway are absolutely necessary if we as individuals and as a planetary mind wish to reconnect to the larger galactic grid. Allow these energies to be purged from you so that you will be able to have a clear vision of the reality in your heart that you came to Earth to manifest. Remember that you came here knowing exactly what would happen and encoded within yourself a map with details on how to make it out alive. This is the time to discover and connect with that plan thru your meditations and visualizations. In the Mayan culture, Men is the eagle soaring above the Earth, with a power of vision that encompasses all of yet goes beyond that of the human collective. Under this definition Men is an archetype of the higher self. Understand that it is only thru a deep connection with your highest essence that you will be able to see beyond the illusions of duality into the unity of Christ consciousness that lies beyond it. With these understandings it becomes clear why it is not your job to save anyone. Just as your higher self encoded you with a map of your return to the stars, each person holds within them a map of their return, given to them by their higher self. It is their responsibility to do the work to find and utilize that map, the same way it is your responsibility to find and utilize your own. As you begin to fly higher and higher into new realms of consciousness, you become a beacon/lighthouse that reminds those around you that they have the same ability. Do not weigh yourself down trying to carry others into the next realm. This eclipse is going to be an amazing time to resurect the powers that were given to you to use on this journey to ascension. The only way to do this is by re-membering yourself. This is a process of unifying all the parts of your consciousness that were forgotten and scattered upon your incarnation into this reality. You must not only face but embrace your shadow/darkside in order to accomplish this because that is where all of the hidden parts of your greater being reside. You must believe that you have the power to turn your demons into allies.



"I feel the power of my mighty wings drawing me nearer to my ultimate vision. I dance and sing here and now for the One Heart at the crystalline core."

-Visualization: Imagine a flame of lavender fire upon your 3rd eye. From that flame, allow the essence of your soul to burst forth in the form of a phoenix with similar coloration. As you soar thru the air, climb higher and higher in altitude until the whole planet is within your field of vision, then use your enhanced sight to zoom in on different parts of the world. Vividly imagine all the destruction that is going to take place as the Earth begins to purge herself of toxic energies. Resist the urge to lower your altitude for any reason, even it is to "help". Instead use your lavender flames and the beating of your powerful wings to burn up and then blow away the toxic energies being released from the planet. Imagine that the flames are the fire of purification and that the beating of your wings is the wind that brings new life. Use them to speed up and enhance the healing and ascension of the planet while still remaining high above the apparent destruction taking place.

Bridge: Threefold Riddle "Threefold Riddle bears the number 25 signifying the cycle of psychological temptation and its resolution as direction, the highest attribute of which is the wisdom of discrimination"

-The 3 veiled figures depicted by this card represent the 3 Fates of the Greek pantheon and the gawds of the birthing chamber in Ancient Egypt. 

  • Within the Greek and Egyptian culture, these 3 deities represent the trinity of birth, life, and death. These 3 forces are what determine an individuals destiny on Earth. In this card they are veiled to represent a few different things. First they show that the nature of our fate on this planet is largedly hidden from us until we consciously choose to raise our vibration beyond the hologram of this reality into the truth of the higher self which ultimately is in control of our path. Second, these veils also represent the clothing (body) that we must put on in order to manifest and have an experience within this realm. This veil is what separates the I (the intagible self) from the me (the manifested entity) not only as protection but as a form of illusion.

-Mahamaya: The dreamer and the dreamed 

  • In the Greek mythos, the 3 Fates are weaving gawdesses. Clotho spun the thread of human fate, Lachesis dispensed it, and Atropos cut the thread. This very similar to the Hindu gawdess Mahamaya, whose name means "the Great Illusion", who weaves this reality into creation but yet exists in a space that is completely outside of it all together. The 3 figures of the Threefold Riddle represent the force that urges mankind to understand the true nature of existence while simultaneously confusing the seeker with the web of riddles that they spin out in order to do so. 

-The Ultimate Riddle of the Hidden Self

  • This card more than any other in the tantric deck will have a highly personalized meaning because it represents the questions that need to be answered, and truths that need to be faced in order to have a total knowledge of the individual hidden self. This hidden self which we normally call our shadow or dark side is actually the soul which existence far beyond the visible realm. It is the highest version of our own light but appears to us in this realm as darkness because our human egos do not understand it and thus cannot see it as it is. This card requires that we look not to the external world but to the internal world in order to truly comprehend our own unique and individual purpose for coming into this existence. This solar eclipse will be the first step on a journey toward truly embodying the full essence of the soul within the human vehicle but only if you are truly willing to probe the subconscious and unconscious mind. Whether you will be able to answer the riddle of why you were seeded onto this planet and thus cross the bridge into the next stage of consciousness evolution will be completely dependent on your own actions from here on out. There will be no more scapegoats, no more external forces to blame for whatever you lack inside and outside of yourself. Once we cross thru this eclipse gateway there will only be 3 options available to you and they go as such... Refuse to do the work and sink, begin to dive deep within yourself and learn how to swim, or completely master the lessons you came here to learn and become the captain of your ship.

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