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Let That Shit Go

Release. This word can be considered one of the most popular terms floating through the "woke" community......well second most popular, to the term "ego death". I've read many tales of people releasing all that does not serve them or of them constantly killing their ego. Of the many tales I've heard on the topics of "release" and "ego deaths", I've always had the same question arise. How does something return if its been released or killed? I thought the goal of death and release was to be completely removed from whatever's being purged. If this is true, why is it that we find ourselves having multiple ego deaths instead of one death? or rereleasing the same issues? I have a theory, but we must first examine what ego is and why we release from it.

In my opinion, the ego is nothing more than the conscious mind. It is what keeps your human body floating above the waves in the sea of mediocrity. It is the 10% of the brain that science claims as our full usage capacity. The ego is what keeps your human body alive by telling you to get a job so that food can be afforded. The ego is needed for the human body to survive, but as a spiritualist, only the light body needs to thrive and its ego acts as a healing compass. Pointing only at what needs to be evolved. To kill and release from the human ego, is to be freed from its shackles and become its master. It is you making the decision to swim away from the sea of mediocrity that you once floated in. Kill the human ego and birth a new light body ego. So why is this change of power so difficult? Why isn't the ego killed and rebirthed in one battle? Because you never fully killed it.

The ego must be killed on every dimension, and in order for that to happen you must know yourself on every dimension. Do you watch "Rick and Morty"? If you do, then you know that the Rickest Rick always wins because he knows himself on every dimension. When the Rickest Rick kills any other Rick, they're completely wiped from existence. You have to know yourself as a multidimensional being to prevent a zombie ego. This goes for the release or death of anything, it all must be multidimensional. Childhood trauma? release it on every dimension or it will resurface in a new wig with sunglasses. But again, in order to work in other dimensions you must first know yourself on those planes. You may be wondering what techniques can be used to learn and heal yourself on a multidimensional level. I'd love to share that knowledge but it comes with a price tag Lol

This is just one Gods theory on release and ego death, Id love to hear yours! Drop a comment and share your thoughts, opinions, or experiences. 'Till next time, stay magickal.

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