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Letters To The 7 Witches

Through out my spiritual journey I've met many different brujas, magicians and high priestess all seeking transformation through enlightenment. Of all the women I've met, i noticed 7 different trends or types of witches that were self destructing through their practices. I've composed letters to those 7 types of witches so that you may be able to identify if you're on a self destructive path.

1. The Shit-Talker Witch

This is the woman who talks a great game but has nothing to show for it. She's the one who's on twitter calling herself a top tier goddess yet cant heal the trauma of her inner child. She's the one that claims her magick is all mighty yet cant banish unwanted energy. Lol have several seats ma'am, talk less do more. Its apparent you're using words to heal self-esteem issues; instead of constantly telling people how magickal you are, just be magickal. People will feel you once you shut up and put in work.

2. The "Me Too" Witch

This is the woman who is always on the same page as the vast majority. Shes the one that's constantly commenting "omg me too, its like you know me" under everyone's post. She tends not to have an identity of her own but instead finds ways to relate to other peoples journey and experiences. This witch tends to have acceptance issues and follows the trendy topics floating through the woke community. She could benefit from the Hermit. It seems you're not confident in your journey and seek outside validation, spend some time alone. Its ok if everyone is experiencing shakti but you're healing your root chakra. Do you, don't try to force an experience that you see is trending.

3. The Mirroring Witch

This witch is similar to the "me too" witch, only she targets an individual instead of the trendiest topic. If you tell this witch about a new oracle deck you bought, one week later she'll have the same deck. If you're studying the Celtic mythology, give her about a week until she's doing the same. Just like the "me too" witch, the mirroring witch has acceptance issues and usually lacks a deep knowledge of self. If shes mirroring a friend there's probably issues with self-esteem, and if she's mirroring a lover there's issues she has with her parents. This witch can also benefit from the Hermit, have some alone time ( not just 24hrs you lazy bitch) to really study yourself, your natal chart and all things that make you.

4. The Lazy Witch

This witch is just like her name, LAZY. Shes the witch that's always asking you to explain topics that can easily be googled. You've probably seen her under a tweet asking for a link or PDF hook up. She doesn't like researching anything so she takes whatever is given to her. Instead of studying and researching aspects of herself, she'll just get a reading and label herself by whatever was told to her. The only thing this witch needs to do is stop being lazy Lol Grab your phone and hop on Google, its annoying having you ask shit like "whats tantra" GOOGLE IT LIKE THE REST OF US BITCH

5. The Halfway Witch

This is the witch who appears to be a normal bruja but is actually only part-time. She's the one who is either scared to fully break from traditional religion, OR is the one who claims magick isn't real because her weak ass candle ritual didn't work......I have no advice for this witch, do us all a favor and go back to church. Sorry not sorry.

6. The Hyper-masculine Witch

You cant tell this witch anything about anything, she's head strong and always looking for a fight. This is the witch who's overly aggressive and sees nothing wrong with it. These woman clearly have a hormonal and spiritual imbalance. Their divine feminine energy is suppressed and they've yet to address the trauma that caused the suppression. These woman need some powerful dick and some powerful yoni work. Dive deep into yourself and find where your divine feminine was abused, start there and build her back up.

7. Hyper-Feminine Witch

These witches are the doormats of the spiritual realm. They're extremely passive, sensitive and lack logical balance. They're the ones telling you that your bullshit is ok, they're not the ones calling you on it. These witches also tend to be feminist and can be found lurking under the "men are trash" hashtag. Just like the hyper-masculine witch, there's unaddressed trauma leading to an imbalance of energy. This witch needs some time alone to identify and heal the trauma to her masculine energy. Get a solid understanding of yourself and set boundaries that SHALT NOT BE CROSSED.

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