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Light-Code Lottery for September 2018 by Daddy Shiva

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

The Light-Code Lottery is based on the 13 harmonic tones of the Tzolk’in calendar and are used as a way to tune the mind, body, and soul into harmonic resonance with the subconscious energy of abundance and prosperity. Using a mix of 3 specific tones in a specific arrangement, we can begin to more easily attain abundance as a part of our conscious experience. Remember that “currency” isn’t “money” but a flow of energy made visible. A millionaire is simply a person with a million ions in their aura. Through the intense charge of the air around themselves, they are able to manifest prosperous people, events, and opportunities using the power of magnetic attraction and repulsion. 

These light-codes are used to synchronize the aura to the invisible energetic streams of abundance. Because of this, we naturally become more attracted/attractive to environments that promote the growth and realization of our inherent state of prosperity, fulfillment, and self sufficiency. These light-code keys are also intended to breakdown the limitations of poverty consciousness that have been programmed into the collective human consciousness. Anytime that these codes make themselves apparent to us throughout our daily lives for the next month, they open up a space in time where we can re-evaluate/reorient ourselves to make sure that whatever it is that we are currently doing is actually leading us toward deeper feelings of internal and external wealth. 

As stated the light-code is broken into 3 sections. The first number represents “the roots”, which are the unconscious factors that are in resistance to the natural flow of currency. The second number represents “the trunk”, which is the central core and a strong spiritual support that you may not be aware of. The third number represents “the branches”, which is the highest and most far reaching advice from your soul/ancestors. 

September 2018 Light-Code 11-1-5

•11 Dissonance (the Roots)

Qualities: Change, disintegration, letting go, stripping away, complexity moving to simplicity

11 is the harmonic tone of dissonance, which can be looked at as disintegration, the breaking down of structures, or the stripping away of all unnecessary aspects/programs within the self until only the core essence remains. In the position of the roots it deals with the unconscious energies that are currently in resistance to the natural flow of abundance that is available to all of humanity at all times. This combination makes it easy to see that what’s holding us back this month is the inability to let go of the deeply embedded ideals and beliefs that we’ve been trained to accept as “normal”, no matter how false or complicated they make our existence here on Earth. At the roots of the Tree of Life is the root chakra. This energetic center deals directly with physical stability/safety, routines/habits, and our basic survival instincts. As a society, humanity is used to the concepts of poverty lack and scarcity. This leads to a foundational structuring of our conscious experience in which the energy of abundance is unimaginable and also extremely terrifying. This is due to the fact that these concepts are so foreign to us in our current state. As it stands now we are much more comfortable making decisions that are based purely on survival than we are making decisions that are based on thriving. Survival is what our egos are familiar with in our day to day experience, and thus anything outside of that repetitive routine of only doing what it takes to make it to the next day doesn’t feel safe. We would much rather cling to the stress, tension, and emotional drama that poverty consciousness creates within the psyche, than to completely abandon the systems/institutions that create it. Taking the risk of stepping outside of the nest in the hopes of flying into a new reality beyond our limitations is an investment we aren’t willing to make. Regardless of this, harmonic tone 11 is being activated within the unconscious mind in order to completely obliterate all of the programs related to poverty consciousness. On the surface this will appear as a total break down of everything we know as reality, and a push into a vast wilderness of unexplored territory within our own hearts.

•1 Unity (the Trunk)

Qualities: Unconditional love, the one heart, indivisible essence, core vibration, chalice of the infinite

1 is the harmonic tone of unity, which can be looked at as the infinite chalice of unconditional love. This is the cup that is always running over with blessings and sustenance. In the position of the trunk it represents the core vibration of the spiritual support that is being offered to us that we may not be completely aware of. This combination shows us that once the dissonance of tone 11 is allowed to run its course, it will strip us down to a state of consciousness in which we can actually understand that at all times we are a chalice of infinite potential that can create (from within the heart) anything we need or desire. The notion that we are somehow separated from the unlimited creative ability of Mama Gawd is nothing more than a mere illusion. Poverty, lack, and scarcity are false concepts that we as a human collective have fed into with our time energy and attention to the point where they appear to hold real weight and power. Once we understand that love is ultimate currency of the universe and that we are intrinsically connected to love, all the abundance we need will make itself manifest. Be willing to look at how the programming of separation of Self from Source may be stopping you from becoming fully conscious of just how supported you truly are on your journey toward physical and spiritual fulfillment. Be mindful of the language you use that subconsciously pushes concepts like divinity, love, and wealth outside of yourself. Every word you use should be spoken from a place of unity with the energies you wish to manifest because they are already apart of you.

•5 Center (the Branches) 

Qualities: Core purpose, central intent, foundation, simplicity, acceptance of your humanity.

5 is the harmonic tone of center, which represents the core purpose and foundation of our human experience. In the position of the branches, it represents the most far reaching advice that is given to us from our soul, our crystalline core essence. This combination shows us that the central intent of this human experience is not lack and pure survival. Our purpose here is to rise above the consciousness of the root chakra and reach back to the stars in which we descended from. The only way to do this is by making sure that our physical foundation is stable enough for us to stand upon while reaching for our highest heights. The advice given here is to not be ashamed of wanting to fulfill our physical needs and desires because in the end that is the only way for us to actually be able to think beyond survival. If we don’t have everything we need to feel comfortable within this material reality, then finding and hunting down those things become all we will be able to focus on. Your ancestors venerated the concepts of physical abundance, prosperity, creativity, and fertility just as much as they venerated the spiritual aspects of these same things. They knew that we didn’t come here to ignore our physical needs in any shape or fashion, we came here to create a sublime balance between the “as above” and the “so below”. It is from this place of centered balance with their own nature that they were able to rise above it to become super-natural. We are the ones that make our existence here more complicated and difficult than it truly needs to be. We refuse to accept our humanity and it’s needs as apart of our soul journey toward wholeness. It’s is only by burning thru these “lower desires” that we can truly detach from them to become one with our “higher self”.

In conclusion, it’s the dissonance and disintegration of the deeply embedded programming of poverty consciousness that is bringing us into unity with the central intent of this human experience. In the words of Christ “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Be blessed,

Daddy Shiva

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