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Lunatic: Mastering the Ocean of Emotion

What we, in our egos, call lower emotions (fear, anger, jealousy) are really just the holographic seeds of a much higher expression of that same energy. KEEP THE SAME ENERGY BUT RAISE ITS VIBRATION. When we try to suppress these energies we allow no room for that seed to manifest into the greater tree of understanding contained within. If we indulge in and feed these energies without total awareness, the seed may grow but it will eventually die before it reaches maturity. You have to learn how to be in your feelings, with the intent of eventually being on top of your feelings. Gotta go thru it to get over it. This is the true power of tantra, transcendence. I don't fight my "lower self", I go with it to see where it takes me and what it has to teach me about my "higher self". In all actuality, there really isn't any gap between them. They're all apart of one being that exists on multiple levels. 

Shiva is one of the most emotional deities I've come across. Mad as shit one second, completely joyous the next. Even the Hindus themselves refer to Shiva as the wild god, but when you really look at it, he's feeling the full depth of all his emotions. Shiva doesn't surpress any of his feelings at all, wether they be anger, lust, joy, love, whatever. They all get his full attention. He's Chandrasekhar aka "crowned by the moon", the undisputed master of the ebb and flow of his own ocean of emotion. He is the purest representation of the lunatic archetype. 

A lunatic is a being that operates in accordance with Luna's tic, in other words, a being that embodies the waxing and waning qualities of the Moon. In many ancestral cultures, the lunar cycle was the first practical way of organizing time. The moon is the embodiment of chaos energy, hence why it controls the chaotic forces of water. In the Ancient Kemetic spiritual system, the moon was not regarded as negative. It was a constantly shifting flux of energies, the mirror that reflected the light of the Sun into the Earth. So while the Sun is what gives us the power of sight, it is the moon that truly helps us see and reflect upon ourselves, our feelings, and our actions. This is why the lunatic is also the genius, because by allowing the moon to draw out and reflect on the different aspects of self, we gain the understanding that we are multidimensional beings. This is what creates holistic self expression because all aspects of self are valued and given proper space to develop into maturity.

Depression is your soul-psyche telling you to depressurize. Release all the built up energies and allow them the space to move. Emotions are energy in motion. When you block their motion, the pressure builds and thus you become weighed/pressed down, which is the true etymological root of the word "depress". So go ahead and let all of your emotions flow freely. You may end up looking crazy to the world but you'll never feel more clear within yourself. Lunacy as a form of emotional intelligence is true freedom.  

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