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"Mrs. Obama, Madame President" - Feb 2019 Love Forecast

Welcome back to The Waystation!

Bonjour les amis! So, let's get right to it shall we?

January sucked.

That's it.

That's the reading.

But no seriously, with the Eclipses in both Capricorn and Leo to kick off the year, once again we were placed into a position where we were made to do some serious re-evaluation of our priorities while the eclipse energy was washing away anything and anyone that honestly didn't fit anymore, harsh I know. I'll be the first to say that the refreshing bitch slap of reality really illuminated where all the loose threads and holes in the fabric of life were, and allowed for me to do a complete 180' and get my shit together for lack of a better term. Now, coming into February with Venus moving into Capricorn on the 3rd, there's still work to be done before we step into Aries SZN and really get moving on making our manifestations more concrete, so it would behoove us as a collective to utilize the blend of Capricorn's ambition and Aquarius' innovative nature and ability to see 10 steps ahead to map out our destiny and just follow the spiral upwards into our best life.

This Reading is going to be a bit different in structure from previous forecasts in that instead of doing one large spread on the collective energy, instead I'll be giving sign specific descriptions based on the house Venus will transit as it moves into Capricorn. I'll still be incorporating the tarot aspect, but it'll be in video form on my YT channel which I'll link below at a later date.

Without further adieu, I present to you Venus through the houses!

Be sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign!

~ Aries

Venus in the 10th

Venus will be transiting through your 10th house this month and for you that means that now would be a good time to really direct that spotlight on your business ventures and your more professional-based relationships. Make sure that you aren't letting the Halo Effect of Venus cause you to slip up due to naivety and you miss out on some really good opportunities. Pay attention to everything and put yourself out there! Your new content will be well received at this time so embrace it and let your natural "FLEX" factor bring in the abundance.

~ Taurus

Venus in the 9th

So, Venus being in your 9th house is opening a window of opportunity in regards to travel this month, especially if it revolves around expanding your business or even gathering new ideas to help take yourself to the next level. Since Venus will be positively aspecting your Sun and illuminating your higher learning sector through the Capricorn lens, this is a ripe period for business trips with colleagues that'll open your mind to all that you're capable of. This will also be a crash course in learning how to navigate the realm of the American Gods, prepare yourself accordingly.

(p.s, also a good time to make buddy buddy with friends in high places. aka, The Architect, Neo. ;)

~ Gemini

Venus in the 8th

While meditating on Venus in Capricorn in the 8th, "WTP' by Teyana Taylor came to mind. This is a period in which you can really play into that 'femme fatale' role and make some serious bank/profit. Alluring is this name of the game and with Venus in your 8th you got in in Spades this month. If you've been craving something a little more intense with a bite to it in regards to love and romance, you may just get that wish granted with this transit. This time is also potent for any of my wannabe Sugar Babies out there looking to get chose, you feel me? In regards to business, be careful that you aren't being shady and that the people you're working with aren't making any backdoor deals either to your benefit or your detriment. Be careful with your money as well, it may be a tad bit harder for you to accumulate wealth on your own this month so partnering up with someone you trust can be extremely beneficial when trying to find ways on how to move forward.

~ Cancer

Venus in the 7th

So, although a Venus in 7th transit is usually the Holy Grail of placements when it comes to manifesting love and Union between fated lovers, it's going to be directly opposing your Sun. This means, at a glance, that this is going to be a period in which there may be a strain on your interpersonal relationships. Any underlying issues or breaks in intimacy are being put in the spotlight to be dealt with. Also, just a side note, for all of my more vindictive and emotionally reactive Cancerians out there, if you've been moving sideways in regards to your loved ones or even if you've been getting in the way of someone else's relationship..this transit smells like serious karmic retribution. With Venus joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn...it's time for that crab to boil. Get ready for trial, Cancer, because Judgement day is upon you.

~ Leo

Venus in the 6th

With Venus moving through your 6th, this is going to be a period in which your work and family life are going to become very if not more important to you. You may even be pushing yourself to Do + Be the best or the most useful, but we just had a full moon/eclipse in your sign so make sure you're taking it easy and not overworking yourself. Another thing, while you may be desiring to have all of the praise and attention on you for how well you're performing, be sure that you aren't letting yourself be clouded by the Capricorn energy and neglect or shut down a budding relationship or offer that speaks to your heart due to you feeling like it isn't practical.

Baby steps, Leo.

~ Virgo

Venus in the 5th

Virgo, the last few months with Neptune going direct in Pisces and it directly opposing you, forcing your to air out the Hotbox that is Neptune Rx and really see yourself on the comedown, it's been rough to say the least. With Venus transiting through your 5th, I feel that you're about to walk into a time where life is getting easier. The self-imposed binds and restraints you placed around your heart are beginning to fall away as you allow yourself to explore the softer side of You. Indulge in this refreshing Vensuian energy and allow your creative side to flourish in whatever way it manifests, most importantly without judgement of the authentic self. You'll be feeling this Valentine's Day energy heavy but instead of for a person, which probably is for the best, you'll be feeling this towards yourself and your direction in life. Recalibrate yourself to be attuned to your heart's frequency. Create from that space. Love from that space. Live from that space. Relax into you this month and rest, you deserve it.

~ Libra

Venus in the 4th

Venus in Cap transiting through your 4th house sounds like, "I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit", Libra. I feel that this transit is for one going to help you get back in touch with that part of yourself that allows you to create and beautify all that's in your immediate vicinity. Take this time to sit back and be a bit easier on yourself in regards to being the natural born socialite, and really do the inner work to set a foundation based in loving what you do while being rooted in love and harmony. Easier said than done right? January taught you how to drown, February is reteaching you how to ride the wave, so ride. You got some big things coming and already going on with Saturn and Pluto still decomposing the rotten foundations of your old life and you may feel the need to isolate in order to make sense of it all, which is fine. Lay low and grind if need be and let Aqaurius SZN be the come-up to the Acid Trip that is Pisces SZN.

(p.s if you're dealing with a Cancer, stay out of the line of fire. Don't wanna be the water that's getting thrown out with the baby, and yes I know what I just said, we're getting rid of the baby.)

~ Scorpio

Venus in the 3rd

With Venus transiting through your 3rd house, you're going to want to talk, a lot. One of the main functions of the 3rd house is communication and with Venus there in Capricorn, you'll be wanting to say all of the things to all of the people, but since it's not in a sign that usually facilitates a smoother transition of messages, your tongue is razor sharp and you may end up doing more damage than anything. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Father of the Zodiac. With this energy coloring your speech sector, little things may stir you into a frenzy and in the heat of the moment you may say things that'll you'll regret later. For the love of all that is holy and pure in this world Scorpio, please shut your fucking mouth. Find other ways to express your frustrations like working out or writing (and not texting, emailing, IMing, etc) those who inspire that stinger of yours to poison some relationships that you'll need in the future. Let. It. The Fuck. Go.

Let karma and the Universe do her thing and lay low, it's only three weeks we can do this. Take those L's in silence and watch how you make them work for you come Pisces SZN.

(p.s no seriously keep a lid on it, we're at the finish line, don't screw it up now just because you're irritated and wanna lash out, it's not worth it.)

~ Sagittarius

Venus in the 2nd

With Venus transiting through your 2nd house, there's going to be a pretty bright light being directed at your value sector and following the "who do you love" trope. Having Venus in the 2nd house can bring about a vacillating or a seesaw effect in regards to you clinging to the things you love, or the people you love. This month, you may be feeling a bit more attached than you're used to Sag and I can already feel how uncomfortable that makes you. If you do it right, this month will allow to you to really prioritize what's important and what you can do without. It'll be beneficial when it comes to business because you'll have mastered the art of amputating what doesn't work and keeping what does. As mutable fire, grass doesn't grow long under your hooves, but Venus in Capricorn is grounding that fire and turning it into magma, still mobile but slower, more calculated and all encompassing. If you feel suffocated, stop holding your breath. Having roots in something won't kill you, it'll actually allow you to grow bigger and branch out farther if you let it.

~ Capricorn

Venus in the 1st

With Venus transiting your 1st house and conjunct your Sun Cap, if you aren't serving face and blasting BIG BANK by YG, then you're doing February wrong. Venus transits in the first house are akin to sleeping for 10 hours and waking up fully rested and already prepped for the day with the hair, the fit, the plan, already laid out and done for you. This is your time to indulge in all that is you Capricorn. You get the month off, enjoy yourself okay? Who said you can't mix business and pleasure every now and then? I know you won't wild out too bad but just as a reminder, Saturn and Pluto are still in your 1st house of self so don't party too much. Drink responsibly, shake a lil ass and throw a lil cash, you're allowed. 😉

~ Aquarius

Venus in the 12th

Well Aquarius, this transit is a little bit rougher than the rest and if you were expecting a break in regards to love and romance for your birthday, it's not your time just yet. Venus in the 12th is a placement that speaks on the shadow aspects of love. If you've been feeling like there's a curse on your love life, you're about to get the chance to really figure out why. Venus in the 12th is the hidden and almost forgotten love. It's the partner who is out of touch with the heart and therefore it manifests as secret love affairs, hidden or often unrequited feelings, as well as the inability to express how you truly feel. This month, tis' time to address the elephant in the room and really acknowledge how you show up in relationships. Detaching and utilizing the God Complex to push people away only hurts you, Aquarius. Take the time to figure out where you fall short and catch up with yourself. You may want to isolate this month like Libra and that's fine, just don't spend this time blissfully ignorant to your issues when it comes to romance, and then come Pisces SZN pointing the finger at everyone except yourself or acting like you don't know what's going on when another relationship inevitably fails. This is your chance to heal, are you gonna act like you're above it? Or are you gonna let the light in through the cracks and love yourself there? Dealer's Choice.

~ Pisces

Venus in the 11th

So Pisces, with Venus transiting through your 11th house, I feel like the main emphasis for you this month is going to be on how your friendships and your more concrete morals and values really affect your ability to manifest work opportunities for yourself, while also taking a look at how you may navigate through the realm of higher thinking. More importantly this period will really attract and manifest some friendships and possible relationships that will endow you with a genuine healing that you've been craving for a while now. If you've been really wanting a genuine friend who not only is there for you through thick and thin, but also wants to grow with you in regards to business and personal advancement, the ethers are fertile with the energy needed to ground this energy and indulge in it. Take a break from traversing the vast unknown of the Unconscious mind and allow these Divine Friendships to show you what everything looks like from lightyears away, bird's eye view tings.

Well that's all I have for you this month! I hope you enjoyed your Love and Romance February 2019 Forecast and I'll see you next month.

Also, Venus in Capricorn mood lol.

À bientôt 💙


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