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Nekhbet (Virgo♍︎) Full Moon 3/9/2020

Nekhbet is the mother crone, the wise one. She is the keeper of wisdom, an alchemist who knows what it is that needs to happen on Earth in order for us to connect to the Divine and open our hearts. She is the gatekeeper between the Heart and Crown chakra. As the high priestess, mother superior, it is her approval that must be sought in order for safe passage into the mysteries.

“She is the elder sage clan grandmother who prepares her children for their journey into the mysteries. It is she who assesses if they’re ready for the journey, and it is she who helps them to digest the poisons along the way so that they may find out what they can truly stomach in their lives.”

When the full moon is in Nekhbet, she is shoving us toward transmuting the shadow side of Virgo. Perfectionism, nitpicking, fussiness and losing sight of our soul’s purpose is simply not tolerated. The attempt to operate out of these tendencies will SURELY cause mayhem in the inner world as well as the outer. When we’re able to do as Nekhbet requires, alchemy begins. Our task from today until the new moon in Khepera (Aries♈︎) is to purge unhealthy compulsions and expectations. We can relate to others without needing them in order to feel complete. We are working towards perfecting our individual expression without the weight of artificial aspects of self clouding our judgement.

The dharma of those with Nekhbet (Virgo) in their chart is to walk the path of responsibility. She demands nothing less than total and complete dedication to our soul’s path. She is the link to the heavens because of the groundwork she’s laid here on Earth. Follow her example with discipline and discernment, that is the road to the Gods.

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