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New Moon in Ma’at - “As within, so without…”

Saturday September 28th we will be experiencing the energy of Ma'at (Libra ♎︎) New Moon. In the Kemetic pantheon, Ma’at is the archetypal principle representing the unifying cosmic force of ancient Egypt — truth, justice, balance, and order. It is within Ma’at that we find the balance of opposites. “The experience of duality is an essential aspect of our humanity, and the resolution of opposites within is a key step toward the realization of our divinity.” She IS the principle of divine order upon which a healthy society must be built - the representation of necessary ebbs and flows of balance, the fluid dance between two opposites.

During this lunar transit it is the “You & I” exchange between two whole and complete individuals being highlighted. Both light and darkness must be treated with respect, love and truth - for one cannot exist without the other. Peace is not the absence of chaos or war, but the understanding found within compassion that brings us to balance with our inner and outer worlds. Just as Ma’at places the heart of the recently deceased on her scale, against a single ostrich feather - it is only the heart of those who come into balance on the sale that are granted access to continue their journey into the Duat. You see, it isn’t about the “good” or “bad” within yourself or others - it’s how we choose to walk in alignment between both the light and the dark that balance the scales. Fear of conflict, of action all lead to static codependency, an environment in which balance cannot thrive.

When Ma’at emanates through planets, society experiences lessons that surround the nature of truth, balance and right action within their inner world, and the world around them.

During this new moon we are being asked to acknowledge areas in our lives that are imbalanced. To take responsibility for those actions and to consciously transform those imbalances into a place of compassion and understanding. These imbalances may feel abundantly clear to some individuals who’ve been squirming with discomfort and aggravation this past week. Allow yourself the time and space to reflect upon your thoughts, your choices. Reflect upon the messages of Sepdet, what have you carried over from the past full moon to present day?

Grab a fresh unused notebook dedicated to New Moon practices and work off of the intentions I’ve created. Summon the compassion and understanding within you to transform all aspects of self doubt and fear into the motivation to not only do better, but to be better.

— I am receptive to wealth, health and expansion

— True balance is my present reality.

— I attract the tools & connections I need to manifest a prosperous life.

— I transform all outdated mindsets & beliefs that are no longer in alignment with my highest good.

— My relationships honor and support my alignment with the highest good for all.

— I acknowledge any imbalances in my relationship with ___ & consciously make the necessary changes to restore balance & harmony.

— I have the strength to overcome any blockages that cross my path.

— Creative energy naturally flows through me.

— I identify and take responsibility for meeting my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

— I have the power to change my life for the better.

— I am receptive to constructive criticism.

— I identify & take responsibility for any of my words or actions that have caused disharmony or an imbalance within my relationships.

— I transform all traces of psycho-emotional immaturity into self reflection.

— I am humble and receptive enough to view issues from another’s point of view in order to come to an understanding or resolution.

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