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November 2018 Horoscope


Temple of Black Obsidian: The Dark Healing Chamber

"Beloved Initiate, the most challenging task is not to confront an external enemy but to take courage in both hands and journey within, to meet our own dark self and begin the healing task of bringing love, acceptance and light to it. That is the sacred purpose of any enemy, within or without, to bring us more deeply into our own being as we seek to find and heal the darkness within."

Scorpio, here we are again... the beginning. Do you remember now? It has always been you and it will always be you.

Birth and Death happen simultaneously,

in union,

in dance.

This is a celebration, it's no coincidence that both Halloween and Día de los Muertos happen during YOUR season. Pour one, roll one, pat yourself on the back for doing the work.

What has died since you've last met yourself here, in this place? What have you been able to lay to rest for once and for all? This month is closing doors for you.... for good.

A termination of contracts.

Doesn't it feel good with less weight on your shoulders?

This month it will benefit you to focus on how your body is processing this purging transformation. Detox if you must, fast, cleanse... your body is the most intelligent technology, the most pure channel for what is happening in the cosmos. What is dying for you now is creating more SPACE within you, which can now be used as a container for more pure Source energy. Your only responsibility is to continue to make room, to continue to clear out the clutter. And to enjoy the process, revel in it. Sing about it. Celebrate the gateways, the initiations of life and death. There are thoughts and ideas about yourself that must be done away with now. There are identities that no longer serve you, there are stories about yourself that you've been telling for far too long.

Banish it. Burn it down. You're not new to this, you're true to this.... you know exactly what to do.

You know now who you are NOT.

So stop acting like that person, stop thinking like that person, stop responding the way the old you would respond.... you're a new person now.

Not just in theory.

But in ACTION.

Watch the Matrix try to pull you backwards... it'll happen, it's just a test.

Will you fall back into old habits, traumas, old ways of thinking and behaving?

Are you ACTUALLY ready to see this transformation through?

All is being revealed, the gunk and grime is coming up to the surface, it's showing itself, offering itself up as a sacrifice to the likeness of God within you. You must be honest with yourself and others more than ever right now. The ways that you have been sabotaging yourself and your life are clear as day. Hallelujah.

Thank GOD. You can see.

Look at yourself and say "I love you."

Thank God that you can say this and finally mean it...

Everything that you have been blocking yourself from is here now because you are showing up fully, wholly, completely.

You love yourself and all of your parts. You accept yourself and all of your aspects. Even if nobody else does, or will, you cherish EVERY SINGLE facet of your being, you honor your imperfections and are able to see them in truth as the very elements that express your Divine perfection.

Welcome, and well done.


Stay True & Be In Your Power: Osiris and Isis, Lord and Lady of Divine Authority

"You are a sovereign Divine being with spiritual authority and freedom within you. You do not need permission from anyone to be who you are and live your life as you so choose. This is your Divine birthright. Guard it as the precious treasure that it is and remember that you are a Divine being."

Jupiter is finally moving into his rulership... in other words Sagittarius,


The power you have accessed now comes from deep within your soul. Realms of wisdom not conscious to you before are opening up this month.

You have the keys, you know the secrets to the depths of the universe after Jupiter's (and Mercury's) recent transit through Scorpio. So, as I said... nobody can tell you shit.

Similar to Scorpio, the Matrix may try to test you or try you now, possibly more than usual. People will likely project their limited minds onto you and your multidimensional expression. Don't ever stop shining your light and being as big and bright as you are simply because somebody else is insecure. You lead by example. If they can't shine their own light brighter to match yours, if they burn and fizzle out, so be it. You're now willing to fully commit to your path even if you have to travel it alone, although you won't actually have to. The difference between now and then is that now you have accessed deeper levels of Truth within.

Everything is everything.

You don't need anything or anyone to validate what you know,

to confirm what you've seen and felt.

Yes, this is real.

Yes, you did see that.

Nobody else needs to recognize or acknowledge your power... in fact, they won't until YOU do.

Until you live and breathe and move like the God you know you are.

Don't involve yourself in petty battles of the Ego. If you know who and what you ARE, you will never have to worry about convincing anyone else of that fact.

You are the I Am.

It's not a discussion. It's not a compromise. Establish those boundaries and maintain them.

Your energy is precious and valuable, and worth much more than arguments.

You're so much more powerful now... you must be THAT much more discerning about how you exert and express that power. Nobody can take your truth away from you, no one can take your power, no one can override your authority. This is a lot of responsibility, yes... but you are well equipped for it.

Stop looking for permission.

No one is going to give you a green light to go.

Aim and shoot, and stop trying to play by everybody else's rules.

You don't see them going where you're going, do you?

God is Home.


Proper Burial for Freedom: Sacrifice to Osiris - Lord of the Dead

"In order for life to flow and express itself, that which belongs to the world of death must be released. There is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost by trying to hold on to that which no longer serves us, which is better left to die, though it takes great spiritual courage and trust to allow this to happen. Osiris, Lord of the Dead, guides you now to release that which no longer needs to be a part of your life so that you may be free."

Capricorn, join Scorpio for a Death Celebration this month.

It's okay if you've spent most of your time in solitude and/or silence lately.

You're mourning.

Just try not to completely detach from the world around you; you are such a positive force in the world and in the lives of others, we still need you.

As long as Pluto and your ruling planet Saturn are in your sign, life may seem pretty bleak.

This is a mass exodus of all that no longer serves your Divine path. Relationships and connections are falling away; this has nothing to do with your ability to show up for these relationships and everything to do with the natural cycles of life and death. Certain dreams and expectations that you've had for yourself for some time are dissolving now, too. Your entire foundation is being annihilated... it just wasn't strong enough to last the test of time. This month, you must be willing to ruthlessly let go of anything and everything if necessary. Don't even bother getting attached. Acceptance of death is key right now. Do not waste time feeling regret or guilt about what you must let go of. You are NOT a quitter and you have NOT abandoned your responsibilities. You are growing, evolving, expanding up and out of old identities and ways of being. Know that it is time to let go... know that you are deserving of so much better, so much more than what you've accepted until this very moment.


Honor that which is dying by feeling gratitude and appreciation for the experience, send forgiveness where it is needed, accept what is and what has been... say your peace, give your eulogy, then close the casket. Thank U, Next.

You can only afford to look forward now. Do not look back lest you turn into a pillar of salt.

Focus on what lays ahead of you, consider the vast opportunities that are available to you now that you've made the necessary room.

Trust these endings; remember that this is all part of the Divine plan. This month may look and feel like a never-ending series of unfortunate events. Evaluate your beliefs about death, dying, and endings. Go deeper, and then do it again. Acknowledge where you still may be holding some resistance toward these. Your experience of grief is your own, it belongs to you and you should not judge your process.

You deserve kindness and patience.

You deserve softness and compassion.

The tears you may be holding back now are meant to water the new life waiting for you on the other side.

Do not be afraid.



Divine Guardian: Protection of the Winged Mother

"You are venturing through a time of significant spiritual growth and healing. There are many changes occurring internally and they will be reflected in your external world soon also. You are protected during these times by the love and strength of the Winged Mother, Lady Isis. You can relax and allow your transformation to happen. Let your Divine Guardian protect you now, as you learn to let go and trust in your own unfoldment for the greatest good."

Aquarius, thank you...

Thank you for showing up for the rest of us.

Thank you for doing the work.

Thank you for leading the way.

Thank you for being an example of a real Divine Being.

This month, the people around you can and will truly see you for who you are and for what you've accomplished. You have been fighting for so long to stay true to yourself and what you believe in, and in what you stand for. It has been an uphill battle... but you haven't lost faith.

We see you.

You have had to go forward all by yourself for so long that you may have finally gotten to the point of accepting that the path back Home is meant to be a lonely one.

That was only the Initiation.

You passed... you did it all without expectation of reward or recognition,

you did it for the Love.

You took risks. You put trust in yourself and in your inner knowing.

You trusted God. You have surrendered to the will of your Soul.

You understand now that there is no such thing as not being in alignment.

You have clear vision... clear sight, clear perception.

Fresh air.

Do you remember now why you came here? It feels so natural... so familiar.

That's how you'll know.

You are an angel on Earth. A guide, a way-shower.

This month, walk us further along the path of the Divine.



High Priestess: Mysteries Revealed in the Eyes of Isis

"Beloved Isis gazes upon you now and behind Her vast eyes, mysteries are unveiled. A new clarity around your direction is unfolding. Be willing to wait for the full reveal but also recognize what is happening at this time. You will be gaining valuable insight into where you are being led and for what purpose. It is an exciting moment in your unfoldment. Have reverence and an open heart and mind and wait patiently for the grand revelation that is on its way."

Pisces, just like Sagittarius, you know and have seen everything there is to know or see.

You've seen into the past, been able to be present in the now, and have felt into the future.

You are co-creating and conspiring with the universe like never before. This is an exciting month for you. You are feeling exhilarated and optimistic, and because you have faith and trust in Divine timing, you are also patient and willing to see the perfect unfoldment of all that you know to be real and true. The big picture has been revealed to you, deeper subconscious wisdom has been made conscious and more readily available/accessible. Your intuition has never been stronger. Your power is rapidly increasing. So much of the fog has cleared, every day you understand on a deeper level why you are here and what you came here to do.

You are more motivated and inspired now than you have been in a very long time.

Wisdom is the ability to understand yourself and the events of your life on a higher/deeper level. Everything just makes sense now... everything clicks. You don't have any questions, doubts, or confusion. You know exactly what is happening for and around you, and why.

You're not looking for confirmation of what you feel in your Heart and Soul anymore.

Be open and willing to receive beyond what even you are able to imagine.

Share your vision with us, tell us what you see. Paint the picture, write the poem, sing the song... find a way to breathe life into your dreams this month. Inspire people... spread your message. You have the ability to touch the lives and sprits of so many with your presence alone.

Go out into the world and share the Word of God.

People will look to you for guidance this month... don't shy or shrink away from these opportunities to be a blessing to others and yourself.

Trust yourself the way the rest of us trust you.

Believe in yourself the way the rest of us believe in you.

Yes, you ARE this amazing. Be humble before no one but your own Highest Self. Move forward along the path to true self mastery.

It's time to really APPLY what you have learned so far along your journey.

Adventures await, seize the light of each new day that you are gifted.


Pillar of Light: Descent of the Star of Isis

"Beings of Light and Divinity are calling you now, they wish to connect with you more strongly and you are being guided to strengthen your energy field to allow more of the Divine Light that seeks you to flow through your body safely, and into expression."

Aries, what you have is directly correlated to what you are willing to give. You are being asked to make some sacrifices this month, but what you will gain in return is worth so much more than what you may be able to fathom. You have made some promises, to yourself, to others, to God... and now is the time to pay back those debts. Do so with gratitude and appreciation. You can't move forward with this unfinished business. Your words and intentions carry so much more weight now. Open yourself up, drop your defenses so that this flow of energy can occur naturally. Holding on too tightly to anything right now will only prolong the process.

Channels must be free and clear of all obstructions.

Bring your focus to the mind/body connection this month.

If you haven't already, find a physical and practical way to channel these downloads/upgrades.

You can't receive more from the Universe if you don't make use of what you have already been given. Stop hoarding your energy and resources, it's too crowded. Open the doors and windows inside yourself and let the light pour in.

Giving can be just as delicious as receiving...

and this month, you come to see how these are actually one in the same.

When you learn to appreciate and find pleasure in letting go, you create an even and flowing current of energy. What goes in must come out, as above so below.

This is the key to abundance, the secret to achieving lasting wealth.

Non attachment.

The more you are able to let go of, the more you can receive, the more you have to give, the more you have to gain... this is a process of purification and refinement.

High quality content only, no exceptions.

That's how much you're worth.


Knot of Isis: Energetic Stabilization with the Buckle of the Beloved

"Each Initiate has their own unique spiritual blueprint with particular skills, talents and higher destinies unfolding that use their unique attributes. Part of your spiritual blueprint is a special relationship to the energies of the Goddess. This means that not only do you have the important spiritual task of helping Her thrive in this world but you are afforded Her power, protection and abundance too. You are now deepening your connection to Her."

Taurus, we thank Goddess for you.

You have been doing so much work to bring Her back to Her throne.

She sees you,

She recognizes you,

She wishes to bless you with the gifts of love and true partnership. You have honored Her in your every word and action, and this month you can expect to reap the rewards of your harvest.

Union. Re-Union. Re-Membering.

Devotion to the Mother guarantees a life overflowing with milk and honey. Whatever you want, ask Her and you shall receive in abundance.

Her only desire is to serve you and love you and be loved by you.

See Her everywhere, in everything, in everyone as She is the blood that keeps us all alive...

as She is the food in our bellies that keeps us full and energized.

Commit yourself to the Goddess within and without. This is a forever thing.

Protect Her. Fight for Her.

Ride or die for Her.

All She wants is your loyalty.

All She wants is to know you'll never quit, that you'll always have faith and believe in Her,

that you'll always trust in Her because She ALWAYS delivers.

Don't be shy with your Love.

Tell the world what you feel... they need to hear it to know that it's real.

Let Her inspire you to create and act and move in Her name.

Remember the Womb. How safe and warm you felt there... remember your Home.

A feeling and a state of being that you can always return to,

for She is always with you, within you, and around you. This Love you are cultivating inside is meant to be shared, talked about, and experienced with others.

Don't be selfish! You are a walking, breathing gift from Heaven.

There is more than enough to go around.

There will always be more where that came from...

More than anything, stay in gratitude.

Say "thank you" as much as you can this month, and you will always have more to be thankful for.


Initiation: Spiritual Testing of Ra and the Lady Isis

"When you are being spiritually initiated into the mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of deep challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge - the learning, growth or wisdom that can be summoned to turn the challenge into an opportunity for healing. Whilst the scorching heat of Ra seeks to burn through any resistance, the Lady Isis with compassion and cleverness will protect you from burning and instead enable you to be nourished and grow from the Light of Ra. Let Isis help you pass the test of intense growth as you thrive with new life."

Gemini, it really doesn't have to be this difficult. You've been carrying the same heavy weight since September, and this month doesn't seem to be offering much of a reprieve. But you don't have to keep learning things the hard way... know that you have a choice in how you will experience these lessons. In fact, why not just accept the lesson for once and for all?

Aren't you tired of repeating that cycle?

Aren't you ready to move on to something more advanced and fulfilling?

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Take a look at your current teachers, and observe your peer groups...

Does your learning environment reflect your most recent growth and evolution?

Have you been holding yourself back? What you may be missing now is a willingness to commit to seeing certain things through. Just decide on something.

I know... you're good at everything.

You're a good multitasker, and you enjoy the challenge and the excitement that comes from doing many things all at once. It makes you feel accomplished, and rightfully so.

But now, we need your focused vision. We need a detailed and observant eye.

This may be your biggest challenge yet,

but where there is risk there most certainly is Divine reward.

This month is an opportunity for you to graduate to the next level, but before every graduation there is a test... and you've re-taken this test enough times.

Get serious. Get organized.

Fix your awareness on your vision. Get REAL about what it's going to take you to get (us) there.

Stop running on the hamster wheel. Stop stalling your growth.

You don't have to worry about anyone else keeping up with you.

Just do it like Nike.


Chariot of Ascension (Mer Ka Ba): Spiritual Work of the Higher Initiate

"Your Soul wishes to travel more freely between dimensions of higher reality. This is to allow for conscious spirit communication, the free flow of Soul light into the physical body, and the joining in Divine Harmony of heaven and earth. It requires a powerful consciousness to do this. The Mer Ka Ba, Chariot of Ascension and Soul Fire is the spiritual gift to attain these Divine Purposes now, available to you as a High Initiate."

Cancer, dive into your art this month. The higher you ascend, the more creative power becomes available to you. You are pure creation energy embodied. You are safe to explore this world, the depths of others in more intimate relationships, and the depths of your own Heart and Soul.

Your shield and protection is your own aura.

Your Love is so pure that it has the power to easily transmute and transform all dense, low, or negative vibrations and emotions into higher ones.

Your inner Child is here, whole and healed.

You are in alignment with and in full awareness of your inner Being.

What's there to do when you are this present... when you are no longer concerned with the painful past or the uncertain future?

The only thing to do now is play, create, dance, sing, explore to your heart's content.

You are bringing new life into the world.

That new life is inside you, waiting to be expressed and made manifest.

This month marks the birth of the Child that you abandoned years go.

God always gives us more chances... the Mother would never turn Her back on you.

The Child is the Magician.

Your ability to bend reality at will is a power that only pure Hearts, Souls, and Minds are worthy of holding.

Your work is to find out what inspires you, what exhilarates you, what draws you in naturally. Your Heart is your compass, as always.

You are a shining example for us of how to live in and on purpose.

You are fearless.

Success is already yours, failure is not even a possibility.

You are allowed to have fun and enjoy life and living again.

Matthew 18:3 "And he said: 'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'"


Portal of Light: She Glides on Wings through Time and Space

"It is only this physical reality that is bound by time and space. You are a being conscious on levels beyond the physical world. You are guided to work with your healing powers beyond the confines of time and space and to allow your sense of Self to expand. It is safe for you to do this now. You will not become ungrounded through such spiritual growth. You are not leaving your earthly awareness, you are instead adding to it."

Leo, you should use this month to continue the healing of traumas from your past, your bloodline and your ancestry, and your Mother/Child wounds. You are traveling through dimensions of time and space and bringing loving awareness with you everywhere you go. It doesn't matter how long ago or how far ahead you may be looking... you are able to see nothing but Love there now.

You can forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made, and therefore forgive the mistakes of your ancestors, and theirs.

You can find freedom here.

You can create peace now.

You have in your power the ability to rewrite your scripts.

Romeo and Juliet don't always have to die... there's another dimension of time and space where they ran away together and lived long joyful lives in Love.

You're not attached to those old stories anymore. What was, is no longer.

Establish new traditions. Start building and fertilizing on new foundations... in new soil.

You've grown out of whatever has been containing you.

Be loyal to SELF, before all else... do not spend any more time staying loyal to your oppressor.

You are setting down the very first stones of your destined Kingdom, your true Home.

Join an alliance with a Cancer. When you break free of your anchors and chains, your energy and force will quickly speed up. Manifestation happens instantly in higher dimensions than this one.

Talk to the women in your life, talk to the Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters.

They hold special secrets for you during this time.


The Dark Mysteries: Enter the Chamber of the Dark Goddess

"The Dark Goddess calls you to Her inner chamber where She holds a test and a gift for you. The test is your willingness to meet and release the fears within that have been secretly holding you back. The gift is freedom, peace, opportunity and prosperity in all its forms. Will you accept Her call? Your time for deeper initiation is here."

Virgo, this month you are being asked to gain control of your anxieties and self-destructive thoughts. You see very clearly now just how powerful your mind is, and how much more powerful it grows in each moment. Difficult conversations and exchanges will occur more often now, as you are being given the most fortunate opportunity of putting your newly learned coping mechanisms to practical use. It isn't enough to know and understand in theory... you must know and understand in practice as well, or what's the point?

Don't avoid confrontation or conflict. It's uncomfortable until you decide it's not.

You are working out some lingering insecurity issues in some of your relationships at this time.

Consider where you may be failing to be honest and authentic with yourself or others, hoping not to cause discord or disagreement. Be more willing to speak your Truth, you have a powerful mind and a strong voice, let no one, especially your-self, silence you again.

Learn how to love those voices of opposition.

Listen and hear them as motivation instead of criticism or harsh judgement.

Choose to see and hear the Love in it all... and the resistance will simply fade away.

Take your power back in the face of conflict by choosing peace, above all else.

The war ends once you stop fighting in it.

Your power is in your ability trust, in your ability to surrender to Divine Will.

So there cannot be any doubt nor any question.

Know that when you turn to look your fears right in the eyes, the will fall and bow at your feet.


Eye of Horus: Awakening Divine Perception

"The Eye of Horus brings Divine perception, protection and insight. You are gifted with certain spiritual abilities, including Divine Sight, that are awakening and growing now. You have much Divine support and protection so that you may grow your abilities and serve others with your Divine Gifts. Trust your perception and know that you are divinely protected."

Libra, you know what is worthy of your time and energy and what is not. This month you will be asked to continue applying this wisdom to your life and experiences.

Your vision is clear, your discernment is sharp and accurate. Your senses are heightened and refined. You need not engage in extensive study or investigation into people or situations in order to determine their worthiness to you and your journey.

The Mother and Father are united within you once more, and you do not move without their guidance and direction.

You are an example of God's Grace. You are the Hero.

You are the Divine heir to the throne.

Team up with an Aries and get to the bag.

You gotta be nice for what, again?

Listen... we need your fierce honesty.

If anyone has the ability to be the most objective and clear right now, it's you.

You have seen what lays ahead of us over the horizon. You know the steps to get there.

You are a special Soul on this planet, and if you are reading this now you already know just how unique and significant you are. For this reason, you are safe and protected beyond measure by the Universe and by the power of Love in your heart.

Your path is sacred.

Your love is genuine.

Your heart is pure and lighter than a feather.

You have won yet another battle with the dark forces that wished to keep you shackled in fear and insecurity.

You know no enemy. Bestow unto us your Divine gifts of healing.

Love won.

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