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October 2018 Horoscope


Spells: Alchemy

"Using spells, you can divine secrets from long ago, look into your destiny, or find things that have been lost. You can also block unwanted energy and keep it from affecting you. By combining intention, herbs, magical tools and crystal potions, along with magical skills and abilities, you can awaken to the esoteric knowledge of this ancient art."
You have the Midas touch this month, Libra. The world is yours, and there is no-thing and no one that can hold you back or hinder you in any way. It's your season, and any power you feel you may have long lost or forgotten is being restored now. Everything is subject to change; if there are any areas of your life in which you have been feeling stuck or dense, stagnant energy, allow the magic of October to breathe life back into those places. Strength you never knew you had is awakening within you for the first time. You have the power to transform, to bend, shape, and mold your reality. Continue to purify your heart and embody even more of your Soul, your Higher Self; channel these new levels of power and ability through the heart space, choose to continue to align your thoughts and actions with TRUTH and with LOVE. Glittering magic drips from your fingertips, use it wisely and with pure intent. Your inner fire burns that much brighter this month, and your loving energy is a source of peace and warmth for those who are lost. You have the opportunity this month to heal deep wounds from the past.GO AHEAD AND FLEX ON US... you know who you are, show us.


Smoke: Prayers

"Originating in ancient Babylon, smoke has long been observed for signs. In ancient Greece, augurs watched to see if the smoke from sacrificial offerings rose directly to the heavens. If so, that was a good sign; but if the smoke hung about or smoldered, that was construed as an omen of uncertainty."
Scorpio, you will have to be patient this month. Trust in divine timing; let go of any anxiety, worry, doubt, fear, or restlessness you may be feeling. Have FAITH in what is coming. Seeing is not believing... but believing is seeing. You must trust and know WITHIN yourself that that which you are praying for, working towards, and expecting is indeed on its way to you now. You feel that, right? That feeling is the only proof you need. Be willing to wait for the manifestation of your desires. Maybe you're doubting yourself and your level of readiness, experience, ability, or power. Channel that anxiety into excitement, enthusiasm, and passion. Your energy is boundless this month, but your perceived limitations and obstacles are coming from the fear of losing control and lingering subconscious self-destructive thought programs. God heard you... the Universe heard you.In the mean time, prepare for the deliverance of your blessings by destroying your shackles and freeing yourself from spiritual bondage.


Dice: Gamble

"One of the oldest forms of divination, the dice we are familiar with today originated in ancient Persia over 5,000 years ago, when knuckle bones were marked and thrown at many religious locations. Primitive dice called 'hakata' were used by the Shona people of Africa. Today, the Dalai Lama uses the six-sided Mo dice in making important decisions for his people."

Sagittarius, this month you will have to make an important decision regarding some of your relationships. It's time for someone to go. It's time for you to walk away and move forward. Deep down you know this, but you're afraid of the risk and the potential pain that comes with experiencing loss. Imagine what you have to gain as you make meaningful sacrifices. You have to break free from the limitations of the person or group of people you belong to or associate with at this time. Their rules are not your rules. Their pain, their trauma, their shame, their guilt... none of that belongs to you. You are not abandoning or leaving anyone behind, you are expanding, experiencing transformation and growth and so you will eventually inevitably outgrow people, habits, places, beliefs, and ways of being. You know you want more, you know things are starting to get stale, maybe you're starting to get bored, maybe you realize that you have been taken advantage of; receive that message without judgement. Liberate yourself. You are ready for new teachers. Mental clarity and insight will come naturally as you move away from your comfort zone and move into the unknown. This is also a good time to do things for your community, branch out, and get to know the people who you share common spaces with. You're not usually one to turn down an invitation, but if you do receive any interesting offers this month say 'yes' and watch as new doors open up right in front of you.

Out with the old and dusty,

in with the new and sparkling.


Coins: Abundance

"Ancient India was one of the earliest issuers of coins, which date back as far as the 6th century B.C. In China, fortune tellers used coins to foretell the future. Roman soldiers preparing for battle used coins to divine who would live and who would die. If you have ever flipped a coin looking to 'heads' or 'tails' to help you make a decision, you have practiced coin divination."
October is opening up more channels for abundance for you, Capricorn. Reap your rewards this harvest season. As always, your work is paying off in big ways. Things have probably felt very heavy for you this year, but rest assured... your efforts do not go unnoticed. Be grateful and appreciative NOW for the blessings on their way to you this month. You're always on a mission to secure the bag, but now is the time to sit back and enjoy the manifestation of your heart's desires. You are unlocking new and deeper levels of power and abandoned or forgotten energy reserves are coming back online. Clear out the cobwebs in your mental and physical spaces; sweep up the dust, open the windows, and let fresh air and sunlight fill you up to the brim. Celebrate. Indulge. Your cup runneth over. You have what you have so that you might share it with the rest of us.You will find extra fulfillment by initiating the flow of abundance in your community and in your relationships.


Tea Leaves: Foresight

"The tradition of tea-leaf reading comes from Asia, the Middle East and ancient Greece. After tea made its way from China to Europe, the nomadic gypsies started reading European people's fortunes from their tea leaves."
Aquarius, this month you are being asked to tap into the deep wisdom within your bloodline. There is strong ancestral power waiting for you to access it, and all that is required from you to do this is present conscious awareness and pure, loving intention. Spend more time with your family or chosen family; observe their qualities and habits and take note of any beliefs or thought programs you share or have inherited from them. Observe common strengths, flaws, and limitations. You are so used to looking forward and ahead, sometimes you fail to see the wisdom and value in what has past, and in what is ancient. In order to predict future results or behavior, look no further than previous behaviors... destructive habits are learned and inherited by receptive impressionable children. This month is bringing your awareness to generational wounds and traumas that are limiting your expansion and stunting your soul growth. When you sift through and release any dense energy or karmic patterns that no longer serve your path, space is created for new powers, gifts, and abilities to flow through you.


Footprints: Direction

"Members of all the ancient tribes knew animal footprints would lead them to water and food sources. In ancient Rome, people were tried by the test of walking a fine line drawn in the earth. If they missed the line, they were classed as guilty and sentenced to death."

Keep purging, Pisces. This month you are expected to continue your work toward releasing deep subconscious fears, beliefs, and thought programs. More and more of your shadow is coming to light and is being exposed. You are in the process of deep soul transformation (but what's new?). Skeletons are coming out of their closets... but there is nothing to be afraid of. You may feel threatened, you may feel under attack at times. This is just the death of your ego. Things tend to scream as they die. Your ego will fight hard before it gives in and surrenders to the will of your soul. Trust that your higher self is guiding you in the right direction, even if it is through the fire. You cannot go down the wrong path, it's impossible for you to be out of alignment with your fate. It may seem scary and dark along certain parts of your journey, and you may doubt if you're going in the right direction at times. Just hold on. Allow your Higher Self to take control, let go, and trust yourSelf.


Dreams: Incubation

"Dream interpretation dates back to over 5,000 years to the Mesopotamians. Both gods and kings paid very close attention to the meanings of their dreams and recorded them on clay tablets. The Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians created dream temples, and placed high value on vivid and significant dreams they believed would help them heal."
Aries, this month you will be opening up to deeper layers of your subconscious mind. Much of the insight and awareness that comes to you at this time will be in the form of dreams or daydreams, visions or moments of deja vu. You will be receiving important guidance and clarity about your past, current, or future relationships. Take note of any specific people you dream about this month; remember that when we dream of certain people, the dream isn't necessarily suggesting that that particular person is meant to be in your life (you know when the ship has sailed), but that the dynamic you had with this person is significant and is under review again, and that it's time you revisit some of those themes and lessons now. There may be some unfinished business you have with someone, or several people. To avoid unnecessary conflict (it is Libra season, after all... we're working on being the peace), you can approach squashing difficult beef in the higher realms and dimensions through dreamwork, meditation, astral projection, etc.


Oracle: Wisdom

"The ancients' oracles were devoted to the mother goddess. The oracle of Per-Wadjet was sacred to the Egyptians and possibly the source of the oracular tradition that spread to Greece from Egypt. Today gurus and oracles await us in far away places - in caves, high mountains and temples waiting to share their wisdom if we choose to listen."
You are really in touch, Taurus. Much of your secret (unconscious) inner knowledge and body-wisdom is awakening this month. Whatever you've been doing lately, keep doing it. You are tapped in to the subtle shifts and energy upgrades we've all been experiencing as a collective, but you especially are seeing a lot of the physical effects first, like a beta test. Pay attention to your BODY right now. It has all of the answers, the keys, the codes... the more connected you are to your body, the more information you have available to you at your fingertips, pun intended. All of the answers to any conceivable problem you could have is in your body. The most subtle messages to the loudest and most conspicuous, your gut instincts are on point. Do not be afraid to speak your truth, say what you feel, and act on what you know... the only reason they can't hear you is because they're not plugged in.


Thunder & Lightning: Power

"In many mythologies, both rumbling thunder and lightning bolts are weapons for the gods. Zeus, king of the Greek Parthenon, and Thor, from Germanic mythology, are among the gods who used lightning for removing obstacles and for regeneration. Being struck by lightning is Spirit's sign that you are a 'heyoka', the sacred jester of the Lakota people, who does everything back to front."
Gemini, it's time to go full God-mode on these hoes. You're coming out of the heavy energy of last month feeling a lot stronger and way more confident. Dust your shoulders off and let yourself have fun now. Know that a tremendous weight is lifting, you have put your faith in the universe and it is providing... trust that it is okay to step up and step out as your pure self again. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you actually know yourself? Do you know what you're capable of? Gas yourself up... it's not bragging if it's real. Of course, when you come into your power so strongly haters will appear to try to throw you off your game and make you doubt yourself, or make you think that what you have to say isn't important. When you come into this much power you become a threat to that which is not based in love. You would do yourself and the world an immense disservice to believe those doubts and not shine your light on all of us. There is something within you that needs to be released for all of our sakes.


Scrying Mirror: Projection

"Mirrors made from iron ore, pyrite and obsidian were used by the Maya, Aztecs and Tarascans. This form of divination was still being practiced at the time of the Spanish conquest. Mirrors were viewed as metaphors for sacred caves and conduits for supernatural forces. Also used in pre-Colombian Mexico to reveal a person's identity."
October will provide you many opportunities to remember that everything happening around you is just your projection, Cancer. When you forget that your words, thoughts, and actions are all driven by a deeper subconscious belief, you forfeit your power as a conscious co-creator and allow your programs to create your reality for you. This month you are being asked to address your insecurities on a deeper level. Are there still spaces in which you do not feel safe and secure? Why? How does what you believe and the things you tell yourself, the actions you take and perpetuate, either feed into or kill those insecure feelings? Some of your goals may be motivated by fear and doubt, not by love and trust... be aware of your intentions and the programs running behind the curtain in your mind. Are you obsessing over achieving your goals from a place of lack? Or are you patiently, calmly, confidently awaiting the arrival of that which you already know is true and real? Focus on grounding yourself this month, and work on building a safe space in your inner worlds so that this is what you project onto your outer worlds, improving your life experiences overall.


Wishbone: Affirmation

"The Etruscans believed that fowls were soothsayers. After a sacred bird was killed, the wishbone was laid in the sun to dry. Then, on the full moon, two priests pulled the wishbone apart. The one who got the longer piece was deemed blessed and gifted."
Speak blessings into your life this month, Leo. October is gifting you the power of Word and Thought, so be mindful and aware of what you are thinking and speaking over your reality. Now is the time to start spreading the word, your message, your truth or perspective, whether this be in conversation, in writing, song, dance, poetry, watercolor paint, etc... The waves in space that are made by the vibrations of your words and thoughts create tangible forms. So what are you bringing new life to? What are you birthing? What are you resurrecting from the dead? A good practice for you this month is saying affirmations, chanting, and/or prayer. Speak with and from your heart. Get familiar with the feeling of the vibration of your words radiating and stretching out through your body. Your flame will catch/ignite/spark the process of creation in the universe. Make a wish,and make it big.Just be mindful of what you wish for because all of it is coming to you, and fast.


Black Cat: Good Luck

"Bast was the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and of cats. The Egyptian people always ensured they had a black cat in their homes. In Japan and the Far East black cats are considered good luck. In the Middle Ages they were deemed wicked and evil as witches' familiars."
Virgo, this month is blessing you with something very special and meaningful. Expect some good news! You could be coming into some extra energy and/or resources; more time, extra cash, heightened creativity... abundance is opening up for you in all ways. Miracles...Windfalls...You've been on a lucky streak since last month and it doesn't look like it's slowing down any time soon. This is because you are really doing the work, Virgo. It's harvest season, and your effort and energy have not gone unnoticed. Accept these rewards with confidence in yourself. You truly deserve it. Allow this positive momentum to push you to even higher heights. Anything is possible now; everything is within your reach, so go for it. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities as they will likely be more frequent this month. Wear black to deflect any hating/jealous energy.
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