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October Tarot Forecast: Utilizing the Veil.

Wands and their (M)Knight

Core Focus: Easing into the surrounding tensions to create a space for healing and growth.

Card One // Seen (Conscious/Action): Six of Wands

Here’s that sign, the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to revel in your divinity, to walk with conviction. The shell of your former self has been cast into the wind, leaving in its place a map. A map of thoughts, emotions, nerve endings and muscle tissue, all stitched together by your Highest Self with unconditional love and persistence. You’ve been called forward to bring about great change, that much is certain. You're spellbound by your Truest Self to embrace all that showcases your worth. The first step is to harness the love you have for yourself and your talents. Wield them with such conviction that opposing parties seem nothing more than a gnat hovering your fruit. Fear of being targeted can cause extraordinary individuals to bury themselves under the opinions of others. Now isn’t the time to dim your light, or make yourself small for company kept. Follow your passions, love every moment of that journey. Be the example of excellence that the crowd screams for. Revel in what makes you fruitful. Fear of being your true self due to the backlash of others is nothing but a hunger for self love. Do not starve yourself of what makes you unique, nourish the soul with worthiness. Follow your inner compass, by no means should you conform to the expectations of others.

Journal Prompts for the Six of Wands:

☥ In what ways do you embrace your talents?

☥ What aspects of self have you kept hidden due to fear of ridicule?

☥ What can you do today to showcase your abilities?

Card Two // Unseen (Subconscious/Reflection): Knight of Pentacles Reversed

If you’re experiencing any hesitation toward showcasing your soul, know that it’s time to purge. Mindsets, relationships, programs -- the whole bunch. These are the irresponsible aspects of self hellbent on keeping you afraid of your own shadow. Pun intended. It’s okay to be dissatisfied with yourself and others, demand that fresh start. It is not okay, however, to choke your desires with comfortability. This is where a “lack” mindset is born, and can spiral into a multitude of lower energies such as anxiety, lack of motivation and depression. Give yourself the time and patience to discover that these nagging thoughts are the children of your comfort zones. You’ve repressed your desire for experimentation and achievement and in turn lost sight of the magick that makes you who you are. Understand one simple thing: identifying yourself with your functions/programs will allow depression to step in and take hold. When in doubt, REMEMBER YOUR MAGICK. Don’t accept Ego’s whispers as fact, justify yourself to yourself. You are not a product of your environment, you are not a bystander in your own story. You are the creator, the destroyer, and the narrator. Step into your power and destroy any attempts against you. Lesser versions of yourself included. Don’t stop until your chest expands with self gratitude and primal assurance.

Journal Prompts for the Knight of Pentacles (Reversed): ☥ What is your body communicating to you lately? Are you listening? ☥ What negative/nonproductive influences can you remove from your daily life, starting now? ☥ Who can truly stop you?

"Thou shalt separate the Earth from the Fire, the Subtle from the Dense, gently, and with great ingenuity. It rises from Earth to Heaven, and again descends into Earth, and it receives the strength of things above and below." - Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

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