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Quick Chat: Are All Men Trash? Or Are You Emotionally Unintelligent?

Y'all really don't have to be boot lickers to take accountability for the way you treat/mistreat women. Just change your behavior and stop all this simp shit. "All men are trash" is an illogical statement babygirl. Statistically impossible. What you mean to say is "White AngloSaxon Patriarchy and its supporters are trash" cause women definitely help uphold this fuckery too but that phrase doesn't look cute as a hashtag. I see thru you. "All men are trash" bitch how when all men don't control how we are socialized in this modern era? This isn't a gender war (or at least it shouldn't be) cause your real issue is with the way men and women are TRAINED to interact with one another. The behavior you see from all humanity right now is the byproduct of the people in the ruling class (wypipo) imposing their moral and societal standards (or lack there of) thru colonization and oppression. I could sit here and be like "all women are trash cause y'all have no feminine energy whatsoever anymore. Just grown niggas with a pussy" but I understand that there is a social programming and engineering at play causing a lot of the fuckshit. This isn't a free pass. Just like I became aware of the social programming and decided to adjust my behavior toward women as a man, you have the option to do the same. You have to make that choice tho. You have to make that choice to humble yourself enough to hear these women out, while understanding it's not really YOU they're mad at but the SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION that YOU may or may not be perpetuating. Ladies, lemme say this to y'all... Using emotions to make your point isn't gonna do shit. Gotta be more logical in your approach. "All men are trash" is an emotional argument which can be easy brushed off as "who hurt you? 😂" "The White AngloSaxon Patriarchal system is trash" is a much more sound argument because 1. ITS THE TRUTH and 2. Now you're addressing the real issue of socialization which ultimately is fucking us all up. This is what it looks like to have an objective view on something. No hyper-emotionalizing. Just facts presented clearly. Looking deep into both sides of the argument without attaching to either one.

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