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Quick Chat: Basics Of Mayan Astrology

Mayan Calendar Is Hands Down The Worlds Most Accurate Calendar 🔥 Their Understanding Of Galactic Time And Time Acceleration Is Superior 🙌🏾Their Calendar Is Made Of 3 Separate Parts. The Tzolkin( Divine 260 Calendar) The Haab (Everyday 365 Calendar) And The Long Count ( Universal Cycle) The Tzolkin Is The Sacred Aspect That's Used In Mayan Divination And Astrology. Its A 260 Day Calendar With 20 Periods Of 13 Days Used To Determine Ceremonial Events. It Has 20 Day Signs/Glyphs And 13 Tones.......Be Sure To Check Out Our Daily Mayan Tzolkin For More Insight And Book Your Mayan Astrology Consultation Today. An In-Depth Video Will Be Coming Soon.


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