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Quick Chat: Genetic Alchemy

Y'all niggas love talking bout all this magical shit but never addressed the fact that magic is based heavily on bloodline/ancestry... That's why there's "black" magic and "white" magic...The indigenous/aboriginal melanated beings of this planet (aka "black" people) are the progenitors all the magical/spiritual systems we see today. That's a fact.All that Wiccan shit you niggas think is magic is only the system that Europeans created for themselves based on the energies they could handle from the information they stole out of Africa, starting with the Romans. Literally whitewashed af. Well lemme not say they stole everything... That would be discrediting the work my Moorish ancestors put in to civilize Europe. But back to the main point... The potency of your magic is based on the potency of your melanin. Pheomelanin cannot handle radiation above the visible light range (UV and above), where as Eumelanin can deal with all EMF. That means nueromelanin that comprised of Eumelanin has greater access and influence in the unseen realms. Pheomelanin breaks down beyond visible light which means the people who have a dominance of Pheomelanin (those of European descent) usually get stuck on the most surface level aspect of spirituality and magic... Aka all that new age love and light bullshit. With this in mind, you might be able to understand why the Roman Catholic Church demonized every culture outside of their paradigm as "pagans" yet gentrified all of their holy days and practices. Why do you think the Gypsies are hated so much in Europe? The magic they practice is from Egypt... It's literally in their fucking name. Wake up. In case you wanna do some research: https://youtu.be/cE-nzz94H5Q

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