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Quick Chat: The Conscious Mind Is The Ego Mind. The Eagle Brain

Stop Trying To Consciously Understand Anyone Outside Of Yourself. Life Is A Single First Person Experience. We Can Only See And Understand Through Our Own Eyes. We All Have Individual Filters For The Waters Of Life. That Filter Is Your Ego/Conscious Mind. When We Consciously Feel And Understand Another, It Is Ultimately A Result Of Multiple Subtle Conclusions We’ve Drawn Using Our Own Filter. Using Your Ego To Understand Someone Else Will Lead You Back To Different Aspects Of Yourself. Projecting. When We Clean Our Filters Then We’re Able To Experience And Understand Others In An Entirely Different Way. Make The Ego Pure So That You May Experience The Many “Supernatural” Truths Of The World. If You Attempt To Make Drinking Water With A Dirty Filter You’ll Get Dirty Drinking Water. Again, The Filter Is Your Ego/Conscious Mind And Water Is Life’s Highest Truth. When The Ego/Filter Is Pure, Water/Life Flows Past It And You Get Truly Filtered Drinking Water. Your Soul Can Connect With Another Like No Other. Having Filtered Drinking Water Is The Equivalent To Having Manifestations That Are Suitable For Soul Connection.

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