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Quick Chat: The Quantum World

Every Particle Is Formless And Every Wave Is Spiral. This Means The Earth Is Neither Flat Nor Round. It Is Formless Until We Attempt To View It, Then We’re Only Able To “See” What Our Eyes Are Programmed To See. Quantum Theorist See A Flat Plane, Others See A Sphere. Spirals Are The Only True “Form” That Exist, Waves Are A 2D View Of Spirals. Everything Beyond The Physical Is A Spiral. We’re Locked Into A Linear Way Of Life When We Don’t Acknowledge The Spiral Of Life. We’re Running In Concentric Cycles Of Time Because Of Our Love For The Gregorian Calendar. Think For A Moment, How Tf Is There 360 Degrees In A Circle Yet We Have 365 Days In A Year Allegedly Based On The Degrees Of A Circle.....The Mayan Had A Better Way Of Doing This Calendar Shit Lol But We Have A Vid Coming For That. 

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