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Quick Chat: The Sacred Menstruating Woman. A Yoni Magick Intro

Ladies, We're At Our Psychic Peak Right Before And During Our Menstrual Bleeding. Our Womb(The Yoniverse) Is Fully Prepared Physically And Energetically To Receive A Seed Right Before We Shed. That Seed Isn't Always Sperm But Instead Energetic Seeds. Your Womb Will Take Those Seeds And Begin The Gestation Process. If We Don't Set Intentions For Our Creative Menstrual Energy Then It May Run Crazy. PMS Is The Bloody Sekhmet Over Indulging, Easily Angered Or Saddened. In Hopi Tradition A Woman Is Most Sacred During Her Blood Shed, She Is Sought Out For Spiritual Advice And Workings Because Her Womb Is A Direct Reflection Of The Greater Universe When Its Creating. She Is Considered Supreme. Yoni Magick Is The Most Potent Magick, Don't Let Any Man Tell You Otherwise. Add Menstrual Blood To Any Ritual And The Magick Is Amplified By Times Unimaginable. Our Menstrual Bleeding Is The Perfect Time To Learn/Practice Self Love And Healing Because Our Entire Body Is In A Submissive State To Our Womb. Your Entire Body Reacts To How Your Womb Decides To Move. The Estrogen And Progesterone In Our Uterus Walls Are Waxing And Waning (Just Like The Moon) Right Before We Bleed. This Stresses The Body And Weakens The Immune System. Our Bodies Feel Like An Empty Chalice And Nows The Time To Fill It With Your Creations. Many Mystical Woman Have Their Cycles Synchronized With The Full Or New Moon, This Is No Coincidence. The Moon Has A 28 Day Cycle Just Like Our Wombs. Acknowledge This Connection And Watch The Magick Flow Like Never Before. The Moon And Its Lunar Wisdom Is Inside Of You. During Our Blood Shed We MUST Love And Nurture Ourselves Or Else We'll Have Cramps And Bloating From Hell....Right? Nobody Else Can Love Your Cramps Away, Just You. Why? Because Although This Is A Man's World This Is A Woman's Universe And She Is The ULTIMATE Healer And Creator. Ladies, We've Been Doing Magick Since Our First Blood Shed At 12...13...Or Whenever You Bled Lol. 

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