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QuickChat: Every Deity Is A Portal

Every Deity Is A Portal To A Specific Faction Of Knowledge, Just Like Your Chakras And The Planets. 

🧠Tehuti Inducts You Into Cosmic Wisdom 💎Aner-En-Rekh Teaches The Sacred Science Of Alchemy, The Philosophers Stone 💧Nebt-Het Teaches Putrefaction And The Importance Of Death And The Life Giving Tears. 🔮Ajna Teaches You How To See Past The Spiritual Veil. 💙 Vishuddha Teaches The Power Of Your Words. Using Your Words To Weave Your Reality 🍊 Svadhishthana Teaches The Sacred Sexuality 🌊Neptune Gives Access To Deep Psychic Knowledge. ☠️Pluto Gives You Sacred Underworld Knowledge 🔥Mars Gives You Understanding Of Desires And The Physical Force Needed To Manifest Them. 

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