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September 2018 Commitments

Instead of an intention list, I thought it would be more appropriate to channel a list of commitments to help us make the most of these present energies. The dominance of Earth this month makes contracts and binding documents a great way to call in and physically ground desired energies and experiences. Feel free to use this format and the list of commitments in addition to other more personal ones you resonate with at this time. Use any supplementary tools (candles, crystals, herbs, etc.) you wish to support this work.

  • I vow to grow deeper in love with myself, every second of every day, with each breath I take.

  • I promise to honor the highest version of myself at all times, under any circumstance or situation.

  • I promise to always be and do better, at everything, even in moments of weakness.

  • I vow to pull strength from within to accomplish everything I set out to do.

  • I vow to complete everything that I start, no matter how long it takes. I will leave nothing unfinished or undone.

  • I promise to be balanced and neutral toward all things in every action, thought, and emotion.

  • I vow to be more responsible with my resources (money, time, energy), and to invest my resources in people and places that are in alignment with my personal values.

  • I promise to be a beacon of love.

  • I promise to work to uncover any self-sabotaging behaviors, and to replace those behaviors with productive, constructive, healthy habits.

  • I vow to align my day to day lifestyle with my spiritual beliefs and values.

  • I vow to honor the Divine Feminine and Masculine within me at all times to bring harmony into my inner and outer worlds.

  • I promise to continue growing, expanding, and learning.

  • I promise to live and embody my truth even in the face of fear.

  • I vow to always forgive myself for mistakes I make along the way.

  • I promise to remember that my human is not perfect, but my soul is... and that I am always in alignment even if I feel otherwise.

  • I promise to always remain strong in my faith, to always believe in myself, my gut, my inner guidance, and body wisdom, above all else.

  • I vow to work everyday to ensure that I abide by the terms of these commitments.

And so it is.

Blessed September!

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