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September 2018 Horoscope


Spirit of Isis: Triumph of the Goddess!

"Beloved Initiate, there are times to surrender and let go, but there are never times to give up! Persist with your bold faith and inspired action until the impossible happens. Isis has the spirit of triumph and will never fail in Her quest no matter how bold or impossible it seems. Believe."

Happy Birthday Virgo! Your message for this month is to step into your power and persist at whatever it is you are striving for right now. Virgo, you're not usually a quitter anyway, but you are being encouraged to keep pushing forward even though you may be facing some setbacks or resistance at this time. Your WILL and INTENTION, and the pure LOVE and DESIRE in your heart are your most powerful tools.

"Feminine strength, with endless determination is fueled by loving devotion, nothing less than love would be powerful enough to keep you going on your path long after you have tired of criticism or become even too fatigued to respond to fear anymore. Allow your heart to fuel the fire in your belly and let the Divine Love that is your being give you the energy and passion that you need to pursue your destiny and realize that it is pursuing you too!"

The stars are on your side this month Virgo; know that you are assured success and victory. Don't stop working toward your goals (imagine a Virgo not working lmao), but it's time to kick up your feet and relax a little! The battle is already won, the triumph is yours... celebrate this, and YOURSELF most of all. This is BIG MIRACLE ENERGY.



Ancient Power Mysteries: Hear the Rattle of Isis Playing

"The Rattle of Isis, the Sistrum, is playing in the hand of the goddess now. Can you sense it with your inner hearing? Its vibration reaches through your crown chakra and enters your body, initiating you into great ancient power mysteries of sound, creativity, and healing. This is a time when words and music will become increasingly important on your spiritual path and healing journey."

Libra, September wants you to play, sing, and dance. With the new moon transiting your 12th house, you are being asked to fall heart-first into the Goddess, into the Divine Feminine, into your Yin, your subconscious mind, your right brain, your BODY, your SOUL. You can achieve deep healing of trauma through music and movement, or you can use spoken or written word to conjure and summon any energy or thought-form you desire. Watch what you say, but especially watch what you think... those vibrations are all being made manifest. Listen to your body's responses; if it pulls you in a certain direction, have trust in its wisdom and discernment.

Pray. Chant. Mantra. Affirm.

Create and enjoy the music of the Divine.


Cartouche: Divine Names of Power

"Lady Isis initiates you now into Her special mysteries - the use of sacred intonations. The words that you speak are rapidly gaining power. To benefit from this power rather than be undermined or held back by it, practice thoughtful speech and clear your heart of old 'unforgiveness' which can poison your words unintentionally. As your heart grows in purity, you will be able to speak with spiritual authority and what you speak of will come into being more swiftly and obviously. Isis is initiating you as a master healer in Her sacred tradition of Divine Names of Power."

Scorpio, it's time to let go of any grudge or resentment you have against a person or group of people. It's time for you to understand that, although you are powerful and more than capable, you cannot do what you came here to do by yourself. You need a team... you need partners. Holding onto your ego and the desire to be in control will only alienate you further. Use your words to bring peace and harmony into your environment. Use speech to create balance. Use your voice to banish undesirable energies in yourself, in others, or in your space.


You have the power to curse and hex, or bless and affirm... for yourself and others. This power of course comes with much responsibility. If you must destroy, do it for love, and nothing else.


Abundance of Sothis: Stellar Blessings of the Celestial Goddess of Abundance

"Abundance in many forms is flowing to you now, beloved. Intend right now to receive it. Just decide to do so in your heart this very moment. The Oracle of the Abundance of Sothis comes as guidance to expect increased flow and to continue your good works of building channels through which abundance can be delivered to you. Freely share your talents, love, wisdom and Self and enjoy the abundance responsively flowing to you, in many forms, over and over again."

This month, Sagittarius, you are securing the bag (aye). Expect some developments and progress in financial or career matters. You've been putting in a lot of work (think back to Saturn's recent transit through your sign), and now is the time to reap the rewards of the seeds you have sewn. You're back in the flow. You are no longer restricted... feel free to open yourself up on more and more levels, as you go deeper within. You'll get where you're going much faster when you don't have to worry about carrying along any baggage, so tie up any loose ends.

You are channeling abundance of all forms. An even circulation of energy. Simply open your hands and hold out your arms to receive your blessings. Say yes to the experience. Don't push it away, don't talk down on yourself or your worth.

Appreciation and gratitude. Just say "thank you" and smile.


Serpent of Fire: Priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood

"Isis, Priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood and Queen of the Serpent of Fire, guides you through transformation now as your energy field grows stronger and old energies are burned away in the process of your growth. Trust that you are growing and are more capable than you have been previously. Do not assess your current ability based on past standards, as they no longer apply to you. You are stronger and more powerful now than you have been before. You need to learn afresh what you are capable of - and Isis helps you now."

Capricorn, you are receiving Kundalini upgrades this month. This is a swift download of power and knowing. Pluto and Saturn are in your sign for most of the remainder of the year, and Mars and Saturn are finally stationed direct. All of the heavy hitters are in your corner. You are experiencing accelerated rates of spiritual growth and evolution. Surrender to this force of power. Do not underestimate yourself at this time, don't get caught off guard. You're basically Thanos in Infinity War right now...

It's time to move and act like you are as powerful as we all know you are.

As your Kundalini fire rises up, energies that no longer serve you will be burned away. Things are falling apart for your highest good. Creation and chaos go hand in hand. Embrace unfamiliar feelings. Let go of any desire to control how this power manifests itself in you, channel it through your heart space and trust that wisdom. This is the Phoenix. Shed your old skin and uncover a more purified, whole, and empowered version of yourself.


The Lunar Queen: She of the Celestial Crescent

"There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential balancing to our actions of power and demonstration. You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that you are in a cycle of creation that is about to shift into a new phase. Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it."

Get ready to start moving again, Aquarius. Mars has been retrograde in your sign for some time now, making its way all the way back to Capricorn for a while. Now that Mars is direct and moving forward again, you'll regain a lot of lost or stolen/drained energy. Hopefully you haven't been too self critical during that period of necessary rest and regeneration. Hopefully you used that time to check back in with yourself and your inner worlds. Remember your natural cycles and rhythms. Remember to honor the silence and stillness. Don't forfeit those lessons when the action picks back up again... you'll need to apply what you have learned. Your creative tide is rising once more. All of the inspiration you need is deep inside your subconscious mind, your Divine Feminine wisdom... and you can only hear her in the void.


Lady of the Stars: Priestess of Sirius

"Sirius is a celestial goddess, a star of unconditional love and wisdom at an extremely high vibration. It brings deep Soul awakening, spiritual gifts and a high capacity for Divine Service. Lady of the Stars is also an empowerment of all other Oracles in this deck. She tells you to pay attention because something significant is taking place right now."

Pisces, you are doing divine work this month, as always, but especially with Neptune at home in Pisces opposing a Virgo stellium. You are helping to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth. Your vibration is rapidly accelerating and your power levels are on full blast. Stay in your heart. Fall in love with everything and everyone; send a flood. Your light is so bright and pure that you are likely the target of a significant amount of spiritual attack. Lower vibrations want to suppress your voice and influence. Know that you cannot be stopped by any force outside of you; the only way you can experience "failure" is by doubting yourself and not being in your power. There is no comparison to your level of magic, but if you yourself don't believe in it, it means nothing. Your ability to be unconditionally loving is the strongest medicine there is. Your vulnerability and sensitivity and receptivity are your super powers. Don't let anyone or anything make you forfeit these gifts, it's not worth it. Be inspired to share your heart with others, it could quite literally save their life. Speak about the miracles you see every day. Let the way you live and your life itself be a testament to God. Catch these blessings...

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Power Over Seven Scorpions: Power to Conjure Lower Vibrational Forces

"You are being Initiated into the magick of conjuring, to have power to affect lower vibrational forces through your own will and spoken word. You are guided to use this powerful gift with compassion and discernment, with mercy and non-judgment. You can then manage any toxicity in your life swiftly and with great effect."

Aries, this month you wield a sword of Truth. This sword effectively cuts through all that is false or illusion, and also has the delicacy and precision needed to surgically remove deep-seated traumas and destructive habits. Your sickness, dis-ease, discomfort, imbalance, and illness will be exposed. Rejoice, the poison is identified and has revealed itself... the healing is now that much closer. Now that the problem has made itself obvious, you have the space to begin applying possible solutions. But you don't have to ram the door down... remember, this is an intricate procedure, an extraction of this sensitivity requires a gentle hand, heart, and mind. Have kindness and compassion for yourself and others during this healing experience. Do not judge what you feel. Unclench your hands in the face of your fears, stare them right in the eyes. You are the brave Warrior leading us, pioneering through uncharted wilderness.

The purity of your heart will lead us Home.


Past Life Present Power: The Many Spiritual Faces of You

"When the Soul is growing in service to humanity, in service to the Great Feminine and Her call that all beings be healed and free, it gathers internal resources to assist on the path. These resources include powers and gifts from other lifetimes. You are currently integrating past life abilities and you are guided by the Oracle of Past Life Present Power to be open to shifting internally and in your experience of your own levels of power and spiritual ability. "

Taurus, this month for you is about revisiting repressed or forgotten interests, talents, or hobbies. If you've been feeling the urge to write again after some time, or dance again, or sing, or paint or draw, or if you've been feeling a pull to go visit some place, or enroll in some class, or study some topic, by all means, DO that. You are experiencing a deep transformation on multidimensional levels. Fragments of your true and whole Self are returning to you in the form of memories, deja vu, dreams, and that unexpected yet welcome sensation which is calling you back to someplace familiar. As you integrate and come more and more into alignment, there will inevitably be a purging of old interests, habits, ways of being, and even relationships. Allow this cleansing and purification process to occur, and simply observe your emotions about the experience, don't identify with any label or title, or even with a particular truth or knowing you may have at this time. Timelines are being blurred until they all collapse into one, this timeline, the present moment, now.

Consider exactly what you have and what you could do if all of you could just be right here, right now...


Initiation: Spiritual Testing of Ra and the Lady Isis

"When you are being spiritually initiated into the mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of deep challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge - the learning, growth or wisdom that can be summoned to turn the challenge into an opportunity for healing. Whilst the scorching heat of Ra seeks to burn through any resistance, the Lady Isis with compassion and cleverness will protect you from burning and instead enable you to be nourished and grow from the Light of Ra. Let Isis help you pass the test of intense growth as you thrive with new life."

Gemini, the tension from the square of Virgo this month is putting a lot of pressure on you. You may be feeling isolated, neglected, unappreciated, unsupported... you may be in deep emotional distress or feeling insecure, worried and anxious. You are sensitive and vulnerable right now, be patient and gentle with yourself. Know that these challenges are not for nothing, you are developing a deeper level of empathy and compassion for yourself and others. Remind yourself of the bigger picture when you get overwhelmed. Focus on self-care and on calming the nervous system to manage an increase in stress or anxiety.


Mother of Life: Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother

"We can sometimes fall into existing and doing rather than truly living. We only know that this has happened when suddenly our life seems dry, depleted, filled with tasks or it feels like we are stuck in a rut or habit that may have been comfortable but is becoming stifling and suppressing. Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to restore even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances and people back into life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave, open your arms and receive."

Cancer, it may benefit you this month to focus on nourishing your mind and the minds of your community. As cliche as it sounds, the Mother is doing Her work through you. She is birthing new life through you. In order for you to sustain this life and work, you must create a fertile environment where it can thrive. Clean out the clutter in your mind so that new and better, more efficient and organized thoughts can move in. You are our sustenance... if your mind and thoughts are poisoned, then so are your emotions, and then so are we. Create space for the new and fresh, but first you must address what is old and decaying. New seeds won't sprout in dead old soil. Consider ways that you can intentionally invite new life into your present experience. *cough*GET OUT OF THE PAST*cough*

Clear out the cobwebs. You feel a deep responsibility to provide for the collective, but you can't do so effectively if all your focus, attention and energy is directed toward battling past demons. Look forward to new experiences, new information, new knowledge and wisdom. You might just miss these opportunities if you keep turning back to look behind you. Meet new people, socialize, interact. Leave your assumptions where they belong.


Truths Unveiled: The Revelation of Isis

"There are times when appearances of people, places and things are truly deceptive. You will sense this when something feels uncomfortable within you, when you notice feelings of anxiety or doubt within you. You may think there is something wrong with you but actually you are intuitively sensing that all is not as it appears to be. It is wise to trust your inner feeling rather than being convinced by outward appearance. There is a situation in your life, especially involving relationships, where something is not as it is being made out to be. To avoid undue suffering later on, Isis guides you to truth and revelation now."

Leo, trust your gut. Your sensitivities are heightened right now. and your intuition is signaling to you about a person or situation. Someone may be attempting to take something of value from you... a physical possession, your swag, your time and attention, your energy and love. Question their intentions and trust your feelings. Get to the bottom of it this month, Leo. Shine the light of your So(u)l into the darkness that wishes to consume you. Cut off the leeches, no questions. You know who you are and what you bring to the table, you remember... you know your worth and value, you know what you do and do not align with. You know what you want. Draw those boundaries. Make them clear. What no longer serves you and what does not align with your frequency will vibrate out of your field. Built in hater-repellent energy. You don't have to move, they just move themselves out of your way. Say "no" without saying a word... or actually, just say it, or sing it, or yell it, scream it... whatever. Let the dust settle before you make any final decisions, because with Saturn and Pluto direct in Capricorn, that line is drawn in blood. It can't be undone. No pressure :)

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