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September Tarot Forecast: Balancing the Mind + the Heart in Preparation for the Libra Scale.

Card One (Reflection): Two of Swords Reversed

The energy brought about by Virgo season can manifest itself in a variety of ways depending on the environment of the individual. This energy, no matter what it’s contained in, acts as a conductor for the subconscious mind. The subconscious wants to ground itself, day and night, to find its place in the physical realm more so than usual. We’re sorting through so much information trying to carve out what can be used and tossing away what no longer serves as we sleep and even more so while awake. Without proper direction and conviction it’s entirely too easy for the Ego to crawl its way from the passenger seat to the driver seat. Do not spread yourself thin while trying to tame the primal energies that want to surface. Ground yourself in this energy, allow the ebbs and flows of your subconscious mind to pass through you like a current. Feel it in its entirety, let it shake you. The point now is to accept the fact that your blindfold has been removed in order for you to see the truth, and be open for true communication. Shutting yourself off to the Ego isn’t the goal here. There needs to be an open window of communication between the developed aspects of yourself (Spirit) and the undeveloped aspects of self (Ego) in order to endure the path ahead. One that is being paved based off of the way we consciously decide to operate in the midsts of chaos. In fact, in times of confusion - it isn’t a sin to remain still. There is no shame in grounding yourself in confusion when the intention of clarification through that grounding of self is prominent in the conscious mind. Spirit reminds us with the Two of Swords ® to make peace within ourselves, so that we can move forward to engage with the world in a balanced manner. The canvas of your life is blank once again, what do you intend on creating?

Journal Prompts for the Two of Swords Reversed:

☥ What struggles surface while trying to maintain balance?

☥ What aren’t you facing? How is that knowledge preventing you from making an important decision?

Card Two (Action): Knight of Swords

The reality we presently find ourselves in is a foreign one, filled with opportunity and not-yet-understood ways of being. The key focus now is to allow these new thoughts to naturally form in the mind - without judgement or censorship. You may not yet know it, but the chaos brought forward from the subconscious mind is really just masked inspiration. Your primal self is elated, it recognizes the clear slate and wants nothing more than to create. Creativity cannot be limited, or restrained in any way or it either dies. Again, we’re seeking a natural form of balance between the two. How can we allow our primal self to reign free without destroying any and everything that it touches? Easy, what point are you trying to make? What is it that YOU want to do, without any worldly definitions. What do you want to express to the world? Take that intention and focus all of your energy on making it’s point. Communicate the thoughts that follow that intention, the philosophy behind it and the vehicle you wish to deliver it in. The knight of swords requires you to be assertive with your faith because that is the key ingredient to keeping your Ego as an ally.

Journal Prompts for the Knight of Swords:

☥ What point are you trying to make?

☥ Why are you trying to make it so fast?

☥ What external and internal influences are impatient and careless to your intentions?

Card Three (Mindfulness): The Sun Reversed

In terms of mindfulness, The Sun couldn’t have chosen a better time to pop out of the deck. It signifies optimism, life, and vitality. It’s easy to remember the simplest of facts about the Sun: its energy isn’t just for a specific moment of time but every second, minute, hour of our existence and far beyond it. Each day the Sun rises, presenting new opportunities to feel grateful for this existence and to allow us to leave our Divine marks in this realm for eternity. The reversed position of this card may suggest cloudy days up until now. But, despite the lingering emotions from that time it is blatantly obvious the Sun is shining. That canvas requires the expression of your own vitality to make the paint. If you find yourself at an obstacle of lack, remember that resources are all around you. There are others going through their own internal revolutions, in need of resources to network in order to manifest their own goals. COMMUNICATE: with yourself, with those around you. View the world through the eyes of your inner child, allow the excitement of your primal self to be nurtured through an optimistic mindset and conviction of the path that lies ahead. You’ve found the light encompassed in the dark, now is the time to tend to it.

Journal Prompts for The Sun:

☥ What wholehearted rationalizations have presented themselves to you?

☥ What tools have you manifested recently to move forward?

☥ What joys are you able to appreciate with yourself and others?

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