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Seven Chakra Projections for March 2019

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Numerology of this Month/Reading: 8, ABUNDANCE through the balance between the spiritual and physical realm.

Crown/Sahasrara - (25) Threefold Riddle

“This is a riddle card, a seduction through the mystery of a self which is concealed.” If the Crown Chakra represents awareness, a general sense of “knowing” then, consider the presence of Threefold Riddle as a blatant message to TRUST that in which we do not know at this time. The 3 veiled figures act as guardians to the realm of Mahamaya, the Great Illusion. The questions that are now being posed by the subconscious mind are not to be chipped away until the questioner becomes exhausted and beaten down. But, instead to be left alone. To linger in the depths of our minds. The answers will be revealed as we progress this month, as we dedicate ourselves to the path ahead.

3rd Eye/Ajna - (53) Tree Spirit: Yakshi

The significance of this card falling into the seat of the 3rd eye weighs heavily on the overall essence of this month’s forecast. Animism is known as a popular doctrine of indigenous people. It states that all inanimate objects, as well as natural phenomena possess a spiritual essence. If we consciously apply this doctrine to the 3rd eye - it becomes clear that although we may need to disregard the explicit details rushing to cloud our vision, it’s important to see the basic nature of present reality and respect the natural cycle of Mama Earth’s cycles. Our True Vision this month locks in on elemental forces - what is OF the mind, body and soul. Disregard all in which you no longer identify with, or simply never have. By placing faith in the unknown, we grant ourselves the ability to vibrate higher - to see, think and feel with a new sense of abundance. To align ourselves with the most high. All will be revealed as it was meant to. Placing time limits and expectations on nature will leave you as credible as the weatherman.

Throat/Vishuddha - (36) Guardian

Mahakala is a tantric guardian and occult personification of Great Time. His protection grants wealth, longevity, power and a deeper knowledge in the dark arts. The Gods have placed a specific emphasis on the Throat Chakra by revealing Guardian as its representative.

He appears to us in the seat of the Throat Chakra as a protector against psychic attack. This deity devours enemies of the truth. He burns illusions and swallows patterns of destiny as well as creates them. He will be our main guide this Mercury RX season. I’ve discovered that the collective struggles more with themselves during this astrological transit as a result of being dishonest with themselves. Placing unreasonable expectation on situations that were always subjects of circumstance. Guardian has arrived to not only protect us from external psychic attack, but to put and end to our bullshit. To show us that the only way to truly manifest abundance in this reality is to hold ourselves accountable for not falling into the flow of nature’s cycles. For disrespecting the natural order. Guided meditations and mantras are crucial this month. Reprogram your mind to align with the venom that drips from your tongue - stop wielding your words so foolishly.

Heart/Anahata - (38) A-Musement

A-Musement signifies the presence of Shakti in her purest form, the embodiment of female wisdom-energy. The appreciation of the female principle grants its worshiper a potent mystical experience… one that always leads to fulfillment. We are asked to utilize the power of Shakti through deep adoration for the feminine energy that resides within us, and around us. Spring is near. As we watch the Earth slowly awaken, she begins to blossom. Creation knows no bounds, because of that we are given a potent and vegetative landscape. Through all of the mystery and likely turbulence felt in the higher chakras, we must maintain a deep love and respect for the feminine energy within ourselves. Do not dishonor Shakti by shunning your desires, or needs. Allow her to work hand in hand with Shiva, through their unification all fruits are born.

Solar Plexus/Manipura - (64) The Last Laugh/The Future

We’re breaking through all blocks in March. Ancestral curses, self inflicted hexes, doubt, guilt, you fucking name it. Mahamaya can be seen laughing down at all things we take too seriously. All of the hamster wheels we choose to run inside, filled with worry and persecution of our Higher Selves. If she’s laughing, why aren’t we? Why have we been feeding ourselves to the idea of fate? WHY? Because we’ve been conditioned to suffer. Society breeds us to survive instead of thrive. There will be a brutal transformation of the solar plexus this month, and our main tool? LAUGHTER. Again, trust in the cycles of Shakti. Allow humor and lightheartedness to reign supreme while undergoing the necessary steps of self care. Your power depends on where you choose to focus your attention. You can laugh at the bullshit and focus on self perseverance and preservation or hand your power over to circumstantial elements. A psychological breakthrough is upon us, and the other side is abundance and all things Holy.

Sacral/Svadhisthana - (45) Like a Bubble

Where creativity is concerned, we must give up expectations and replace it with a spontaneous nature. Allow your creative spikes to rise on their own, fueled by joyful ecstasy. Focus your minds eye on the potency of those experiences, they will come and go as they please - it is our ability to cherish and appreciate the moments we do have with them. Allowing our art, and our creative nature to flow when it is full and not a moment sooner. Visualization, meditation and appreciation will filter out any blockages in the Sacral. Replenish this energy center with stimulating experiences of the mind, body and soul.

Root/Muladhara - (62) Dangerous Pussy/The Past

There have been endless references to the left-hand path, which “stresses that there should be no hesitation to perform potent acts provided one is prepared to handle the consequences.” We are the masters of our reality, it is only when we place our power into external forces that we are subject to defeat. Each cell contributes to the entire makeup of the body. Each neuron has a job that contributes to the overall neurological function of the mind. We each have a responsibility, in this moment to better ourselves for the overall benefit of the collective. Do not allow the past to plague you, reclaim your power and utilize pain and experience as fuel. As a tool extending into the present. Keep in mind, it is important not to misuse sexual energy during this time. Your power is YOURS to wield, yours to distribute, do so wisely.

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