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Sigil Magic: The Quantum CodeBreaker

One of the easiest ways I've come across to reprogram the subconscious is sigils. You can fit a lot of meaning into one tiny symbol. There are many different ways to make and activate sigils, but I'll go over the ground level shit to get y'all going in the right direction. Mind you, this is a meditative process, so along with pencil/pen and paper, you're going to need a quiet space and focused intent.

Step 1. Write out your desired goal/intent. It can range from a sentence, to a paragraph, or just key phrases.

Step 2. Remove all vowels. Vowels are used to define words and in order for this to slip past your conscious mind you must "forget" the true meaning of the sigil.

Step 3. Remove any duplicate consonants. These can be distracting and you won't know what to do with em anyway. Keep it clean.

Step 4. Use the remaining letters to draw out your symbol. You don't need to be a great artist or anything like that. Just find a way to connect each letter. Creativity is key. It's your symbol. However you want it to look is perfectly fine so have fun.

Step 5. Give your sigil a border. Squares, circles and triangles are the most common but each shape has different abilities so research. This is how you're going to confine the energy of the sigil.

Step 6. Activation. You can color it, place it in the sun, place it around crystals, and/or meditate on it. But if you really wanna manifest that shit ASAP, you'll masturbate to it. Specifically you'll look at it while you cum. Sexual energy is the animating force.

Now how do sigils work? Simple... They speak directly to your subconscious mind, which manifests your conscious reality. The subconscious mind speaks in symbols (such as dreams, signs, visions, etc), and can be (re)programmed thru symbols, trauma, and/or repetition. Sigils take advantage of the fact that your subconscious mind speaks in symbols in order to get message directly into the subconscious without the interference of the ego. Once that message is received it becomes a thought-seed that then grows within your psyche until that energy you called upon with the sigil becomes one with your very being. And with this you'll automatically finding your self magnetized to your desired outcome. 

The reason I call this the Quantum CodeBreaker is due to that fact that until we begin to directly manipulate the basic coding that generates our unique reality (aka DNA), we will continue to repeat the cycles of karma that keep us earthbound. The ruling elite are very aware of the subconscious coding, how it operates, and how sigils/sacred symbols impact the effectiveness of that operation. Through their different control systems (such as government, religion, corporations, and media) they've completely warped our conscious perception of reality by installing concepts like fear, shame, poverty, separation, limitation and judgment directly into our DNA. Understand that while these energies are a natural part of consciousness development, they were never meant to be our foundation for interacting with the universe around and within us. Through the understanding and practical application of sigil magic, we can place ourselves in the position of primary code creator. This position allows us to uninstall these dangerous low vibrational programs so that we can return to our optimal level of conscious functioning. They also present us with a way to create internal "firewalls" that make sure we can never be reinfected with those viruses ever again. It's very clear to see that humanity needs a factory reset, and sigil magic is step one toward making that a reality. 

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