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Tantric Dating: Love is Death

I don't think I ever fully explained what the "Tantric Dating" webinar series/consultation was all about, so here we go. In the tantric philosophy love is not an external force but an internal one that stems from the union of the inner masculine & feminine energy (aka yang and yin). Since all things start internally and project themselves outwardly, the (dis)connection between these two determines how our love life looks. My goal with Tantric Dating was to analyze the divine feminine/masculine so that you all could create a holistic love & sex life. In my opinion, until you learn how to truly love yourself you won't find a partner that can truly love you either, so instead of focusing my message toward the effects of love I turned it toward the causes of love. According to the tantric texts, love and surrender are not something that can be taught. Those are energies that must be "accepted and allowed". Because of this, I had to use a roundabout solution: Let's take a look at how you've learned to block yourself off from love and surrender. Tantra itself simply means "technique", so tantra looks at the conscious techniques you use to stop yourself from experiencing the love that is within your own being. The main block to love being what we know today as the ego. In its most basic and benign state, the ego is a defense mechanism used to keep the body alive so that the soul can gain full experience of this realm. As humanity began to evolve, so did the human ego, which ultimately lead to this defense mechanism inflating itself beyond its natural parameters and assuming itself to be a real entity. Now the ego is not innately evil or bad, because after all it is your conscious mind, but it is a limited consciousness. At any given time the ego can only access about 10-15% of the total brain capacity, the rest is subconscious. For this very reason, alkhemy and tantra are geared toward a conscious programming and reprogramming of the subconscious mind because it is directly linked to the universal mind also known as the Akasha. This means that as the ego began to inflate, the amount of universal knowledge we could access began to decrease, ultimately cutting us off from perception of the greater etheric realities. From this place of limited knowledge and understanding the human ego began to make bold claims about what it is and what it isn't, and began to build a reality around those claims. This is the "false I" of humanity that overthrew the "real I" of the soul. This is the Olympians overthrowing the Titans. This is what created the egocentric fear based society that we live in today. Now because the human ego's main function is the preservation of life it cannot move or see beyond the veil of death. So anything that would lead to the destruction or transformation of the reality the ego creates and inhabits is currently considered a death threat. Just to clarify, death is the ultimate surrender, so as it stands now, the ego is unable to surrender to the death of its limited perception of reality. Love is one of the only forces that can transcend all other forces of nature, including life and death. Love is also the primary agent in the process of (evol)ution, which simply means change and transformation over time. Love is a transformation that is beyond death... And thus the human ego as it is now can't surrender to love, because it knows that it will die and be transformed in that process. And the fact that it has no idea what reality on the other side of that transformation will be like, only adds to the resistance. You are your own worst enemy because it is your ego that blocks you from truly feeling love in its most unconditional state. You are your own worst enemy because it is the inflated ego that blocks you from truly knowing/loving yourself on the most intimate levels. It is in fact you who refuses to surrender to the force of your own love. You refuse to die and transform into the truest essence of yourself, the one being that can liberate you from all the bondage and limitations of this realm. Once this primal in-built fear of death on all levels is removed the innate power of your self love takes over and flows thru your entire conscious experience. You become love. Once you become love all you do is project that light into the hall of mirrors we call reality which means that it has to be reflected back onto you. This is the Law of Causality. Once that love starts to reflect back, you'll find yourself creating relationships that truly serve you on the many different dimensions that love exists within including romantically, sexually, platonically, and spiritually. 

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