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Tantric Visualizations: The Golden Lotus of Abundance

Visualize yourself sitting in full lotus position comfortable and relaxed upon a giant solid gold lotus in full bloom. Breathe deeply, allowing each inhale to flood your lungs with golden lotus dust and travel down through your Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral And Root Chakra. Feel and watch each Chakra radiate golden light with every breath. As you inhale the stem of the giant golden lotus grows, slowly pushing you away from the Earth and closer to the Cosmos. As the lotus carries you off into heaven its solid gold petals begin to fall back to earth, leaving a trail of riches connecting your heaven and earth. Once you’ve reached the peak and the golden lotus is no longer growing, shoot your Heart’s desires up through your Crown and allow it to shower upon you; creating a Cosmic fountain of Love. Fully relax and slip into darkness as the weight of your Cosmic Love fountain pushes the giant golden lotus back to Earth. Rest. Allow your hearts desires to grow abundantly. 

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