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The Alchemical Apocalypse: A Perspective On Dooms Day

There Are Multiple Acts Of Creation And Multiple Acts Of Destruction. There’s No One Dooms Day, But Many. There’s An Apocalypse Or “Dooms Day” For Every Creation Of Ignorance Thats Professed As Absolute/ Highest Truth. Imagine That “Cosmic Law” And The Purest Truth Was Given To Or Laid Across Pangaea In The Form Of One Piece Of Paper. This Paper Would Have Been Ripped Into Multiple Pieces During The Split Of Pangaea, Leaving Every Continent With Just A Piece Of The “Cosmic Law”. The People Of The Divided Land Then Attempt To Recreate The Completed Paper Or “Cosmic Law” Using Their One Original Piece As The Foundation; Creating Amendments Around Their Piece Of The Cosmic Paper Formed From Ignorance. The Amendments That Aren’t Created From Source Are Destroyed During The Apocalypse. In Alchemy Aqua Fortis Or “Nitric Acid” Is Used In Testing The Authenticity Of Gold, This Substance Will Dissolve Almost Everything But Gold. This Type Of “Litmus Test” Is The Apocalypse; Every Apocalypse Is The Manifestation Of The Alchemical Transmutation Occurring To One Of The Many Ignorant Gospels.

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