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The Subconscious VS. Your Parents

As many of us know, our parents are the first encounter with brainwashing we'll have. They program our subconscious with sayings like "stop crying before I give you something to cry about" which teaches us that crying and emotions are to be felt on an evaluated basis. It imprints the idea that we can't simply cry because we are hurt, but that we must have a good reason for responding to pain with tears. This is brainwashing. Not all brainwashing is done with negative intent, especially when from parents. Enforcing showers before bed is the furthest from negative intent, but is still brainwashing; for the child now goes through life showering before bed without question. As you may be starting to realize, brainwashing comes in many forms and all have had a great impact on our subconscious mind and precious inner child.

For those who don't know, the inner child is who we are at our purest. It is who you were before society and your parents told you who to be. Your subconscious is your infrastructure and ultimately shapes your reality and guides your experience on Earth. The subconscious mind directly affects the inner child and can either push you towards your purest/highest self, or can be the oppressor. What many of us forget is that our inner child is the seed of our existence and inside of every seed is the blueprint for what it can become. The seed of a willow holds the blueprint for the mighty tree but it will only blossom if properly nourished. Think of your inner child as the seed and your subconscious mind as the nourishing water and sun needed for any plant to blossom.

For those seeking a magickal and spiritual lifestyle, it is VITAL that this is your first topic of discussion with self. You must build your spiritual temple upon solid ground and not sand. Addressing childhood trauma and brainwashing is the first step to clearing out the old foundation so that you may lay a more solid one. Since your home was the first place brainwashing occurred, it will be that programming which is the oldest and toughest to rid. Reprogram and take charge of your mind and you’ll reprogram/ take charge of your life

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