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The Universal Deity

In honor of the recent hieros gamos (or solar eclipse) between the sun and moon, i found it appropriate to take a slightly deeper look at our universal deity the sun.

       The sun is easily identified as a supreme cosmic power and the heart of the universe. Everyone see's it and experiences it regardless of their placement on the planet. As Dante said " There is no visible thing, in all the world, more worthy to serve as a symbol of God than the sun, which illuminates with visible life, first itself, then all the celestial and mundane bodies". With the exception of Japanese, Native American, Teutonic and Oceanic symbolism, the sun is consistently represented as the father/masculine energy while the moon is the mother/feminine energy. The sun can be seen represented as three separate entities whom each depict the three phases of the sun in which we call the Solar Trinity, but is more commonly known as the Holy Trinity. The father, the son, and the holy spirit.

       Are you familiar with some Egyptian mythology? I hope so Lol but if not don't worry. Just know that Ra is the mighty father/creator, Horus is the hero/prophet son who defeats "evil", and Osiris is the ruler of the underworld. Those 3 are poppin over in Egypt.....well they were before Jesus Christ superstar hit the scene.

       But let's identify Ra, Horus And Osiris. Horus would be the rising new born sun/son, Ra would be the highest and most powerful point the sun reaches, and Osiris would be the sunset or "death of the sun". If we equate this basic Kemetic Trinity overview to Christianity, we'd have Ra(the father) Horus(the son) and Osiris(the Holy Spirit). See what I just did there?

       So let's look at our superstar Jesus Christ for a second. There's other deep symbolism in his story, but could he ALSO be all three phases of the sun represented in one entity? The prophet son who would rise and save the people, then die on the cross. What do you think?

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