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What if the soul doesn’t exist as a thing but instead as a process

What if the soul doesn’t exist as a thing but instead as a process. What if the soul is actually the collective process of an individuals life, and that the “souls” of the dead we experience are actually us going through a similar process as someone who’s already completed life. Kinda like running laps around a track. Our soul being the entire experience of running one lap, and connections with souls of the dead being the equivalent of running a lap with the exact same experiences as another runner whose already gone home. Every lap a person runs is different, but if we were to run a lap with the exact experiences as someone who ran before us, wouldn’t that make us connected in a weird intangible way? The process which creates that exact experience would still exist long after the runner went home thus making it immortal and available to happen again.....kinda like our current spiritual understanding of a soul. What if our human bodies play a role in how the process of soul will occur? Kinda like how a taller person could naturally complete a lap quicker than a shorter person with synonymous muscle build. The shorter person would have to exude energy differently than the taller person in order to complete the lap with the same time as the taller person.

What if soul is actually a power fuel for consciousness, and that with stronger fuel the consciousness can drive longer, faster and further. Beyond the body into a form that our human minds couldn’t possible begin to fathom. What if we haven’t been communicating with souls or spirits at all but instead the consciousness of someone who gained enough soul fuel to make itself known to the human sensory system. Like a weird plasma cloud of consciousness whose electrical pulses can interfere with those of our brain. I have so many more thoughts and questions revolving around this and I feel like I need to prove or disprove this for my own sanity. Just when I believe myself to have a grasp on understanding life, shit like this happens Lol the blessings of a mad scientist I suppose. What do you think? I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.


-Mama Kali

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