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Womb Wisdom: The medical history on the target black womb

The Systematic Racism Of The Medical System Is ,And Always Has, Been Targeting The Black Woman And Her Womb. The Birth Of Negro Medicine And Polygenesis In The 1830s Marked The First Documented Experiments Against Majority Female Slaves. Mainly From That Dickhead J.Marion Sims Who Gets Praised Event Today For Creating The Vaginal Spectrum Used In modern Examinations. By The 1930s During The Immigration Boom, Sterilization And Polygenesis Were Thriving As A Means To Keep Social Order. This Kept Whites At The Top Of The Social Hierarchy. The 1930s Also Birthed The Eugenics Movement In Another Effort To Maintain Social Order And White Superiority. In 1961 Black Activist Fannie Lou Hamer Underwent Surgery To Have A Tumor Removed And Had An Involuntary Hysterectomy. This Was One Of MANY Involuntary Hysterectomies Happening To Our Black Women. This Was Documented As Mississippi Appendectomy. In 1973 The SPLC Uncovered Medical Documentation Proving That About 50k Southern Women Had Been Unwillingly Or Unknowingly Sterilized. In 1990 The FDA Approved A Long Term Birth Control Called Norplant Which Was Promoted By Former KKK Wizard And Politician David Duke. Norplant Was Marketed Heavy To The Black Teenage Women Of Baltimore, They Even Offered An Annual $100 For Black Women To Take Norplant. Latrophobia(fear of doctors and treatment) Is Deeply Rooted In The Black Community But Can Be Combated With Learning And Teaching Natural/Wholistic Personal Healthcare. Ladies, We Must Protect And RESPECT Our Wombs. Men, You Must Help Protect And Respect The Woman’s Womb. There’s Vast Power In The Womb And This Has Been Knows Since The 1800s. 🗣🗣🗣WOMB WISDOM IS VITAL TO THE EVOLUTION OF BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Check Out The PDF Section For More Free Literature On Womb Wisdom, For More Extensive Knowledge Be Sure To Purchase The “Tantric Text” PDf List Sold In The KosmicKaos Store. 

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