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Yoni Magick Intro Pt.2 (A Sample Meditation)

When You Feel Your Period Approaching Do This Meditation.(Trust Me, I've Gotten Instant Results) Lay Comfy With Your Hands Holding Your Womb And Imagine ONE Scene Of Pleasure. And Pleasure Is Not Limited To Sex, Freaky Ass Lol. Imagine Every Detail Of Just One Scene Of Pleasure. Example: Imagine How It Would Feel To Wait In Line At The Bank To Withdraw 2k From Your "Fun Money" Bank Account. Channel All Of Your Visions Of Pleasure And Love Into Your Womb, Give Her The Seed She Is Seeking. Then Let It Go, Forget About Everything You Just Envisioned. Allow It To Fall Into The Blackhole That Is Your Womb. Now Your ONLY Job Is To Love And Nurture Yourself. Allow Your Womb To Gestate The Seeds You Planted In Meditation And Respect Yourself Enough To Know It'll Flourish.

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